Nexus 7 Sleeve

Google has a slick 25-percent off sale on some Nexus (and a Chromebook) cases going on right now at Google Play.

We saw these go on sale back in January, but if you missed your chance to pick one up you have a second chance. Here's what's on sale:

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eahinrichsen says:

Even at 25% off, those are terrible prices.

A895 says:


Ikeman90 says:

Aint it a shame. Why don't these oem make better cases even if not more affordable. but you see the options on ebay and amazon for quality cases and they dont make the officials ones at least half as good. no protection wise but features. like a kick stand, card holder.

And was the red bumper ever available? when it was announced it wasn't havnt looked since.

ACADM says:

Well I got the red case for my Nexus5, and I paid full price and shipping. Ouch!

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eahinrichsen says:

Ouch indeed! I hope the case is at least pretty good.

LadyRapunzel says:

Well, I've been watching the red for a month, and I haven't seen it in all that time. And it's Google's loss, because I am one of those fools who is willing to overpay for a case that is exactly what I want...but I'm done waiting now. I'm too clumsy to let my phone go naked. I'll stick it out until the end of this sale, but I have another case by a different company picked out because I don't feel like waiting anymore.

bez54 says:

Just got a Nexus 7 case last week at full price :-( I need a chromebook case now.

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edyts says:

Does it have the sleep magnet? The nexus 7 case only works with wired charging it says on their website. I got the poetic slimline for mine and it works with my wireless charger seems silly to make an OEM case that doesn't support the features in your product

tomh1979 says:

Perfect, just on the day i bought my Nexus 5 to replace my aging, but still capable and lovable Gnex.

datterboy says:

Don't mind paying top dollar if I'm getting a top dollar accessory. I can't believe how hard it is for OEMs to make decent accessory options at affordable prices. For the Nexus 7 and 10$ you can get a much better case from Poetic and others. I'm sure the Nexus 5 has similar opportunities as well.

Wobblin30 says:

Nearly $28 for a neoprene sleeve with tax and shipping is ridiculous

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chrismage says:

I think it's only for the US site, not showing sale on Canadian site.

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ACADM says:

The discount is on the UK site, not sure why it's not available in Canada.

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