Seesmic for AndroidSeesmic for Android

Seesmic for Android -- the Twitter client of choice for a certain Android Central editor -- just got an update to Version 1.5. And if you haven't tried Seesmic yet, it's time to rectify that. With the update you now have:

  • A new UI: Refresh, compose and search buttons are front and center, no longer hidden under menu button.
  • Post to Salesforce Chatter.
  • Autocomplete usernames when you type @xxxxx.
  • Improved attachment uploader.
  • Ability to change avatar from the app.
  • Now available in eight languages.

And that's in addition to the usual excellent support for Facebook Google Buzz and multiple Twitter accounts. Seesmic's free, and download locations and video of it in action are after the break. [Seesmic blog]

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VMdoug says:

Better than Hootsuite?

ezun says:

How does this affect battery life?

ediTLJ says:

You should see an improvement on battery life. We've optimized a lot of things.

ambrodsky says:

What excellent Facebook support? I switched to Tweet Deck so I could have both Twitter and Facebook in one stream but I like Seesmic's interface better but it has no facebook support. I just looked again to make sure I wasn't crazy. Just Twitter, Buzz and Sales Force. Am I missing something?

bubbatex says:

No you are not missing anything - there is no FB support on the Android app.

D'oh. You're right. Was mixing up with Seesmic Desktop. Fixed it. (And added Buzz)

bubbatex says:

I use the desktop version also and wonder why they can't add FB to the Andriod app. But I like Seemic overall. The UI is really easy on the eyes.

ambrodsky says:

Thought I wasn't crazy. But was hoping I was. I really like the Seesmic interface and notifications better than TweetDeck, but I love how I have a single timeline of Twitter and Facebook. If they added Facebook support I'd switch back.

dklimah says:

Way better now.

justin_aga says:

anyone know why when I push menu, I have no option to compose? I always have to push the button up on top to make a new message

mrdavis55 says:

anyone notice that this app is off the charts on partial wake???? Drains battery fast...

T1Pimp says:

I just noticed this... it's completely off the charts. I've disabled background updates and it appears to have chilled out.