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Secret today received an update that will let you snoop in on secrets in the broader world. Initially, Secret was only limited to what a stream of your friends and what they liked and shared. But now with the latest update to Secret you can now look out beyond your friends to see what gossip is anonymously spreading in the world and around you in the Explore stream.

The Explore stream lets you see what's happening widely on Secret, or you can look at nearby posts and popular posts. Additionally, the user interface for Secret has been tweaked and improved.

Moving to greater openness in Secret will no doubt help with adoption — a service that only works when your friends are also signed up can be hard to get into if your friends haven't signed up or aren't using it. Access to the broader world and nearby posts will no doubt help to spurn adoption — or at least accelerate the spread of wild gossip, speculation, and rumors.

Secret is available for free from Google Play and requires Android 4.1 or higher.


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Secret expands exploration and improves interface


Actually, the app had allowed this for some time now. Hopefully they will take this app out of its current buggy, "beta-ish" state and offer a stable build. Other than that, I love the concept and only hope the community will remember to stay focused on what it's really for, secrets -- not asking for relationship advice and/or where they should for dinner! #needsmoderators

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AC is my favorite geek site (no trolls).. Only thing I would love to see is, to start adding pictures of the apps and what's new like in AP.. This way articles will look so much better and entertaining.. :-)