Secret is a popular iOS app that lets you share things with others without having your name added to whatever is published. Today's news is not only has the service managed to pull off $10 million in funding, but we'll be seeing an Android app released in the future as well as more markets added to the supported list. Think of this a an anonymous social network. Currently, Secret operates in the US.

The move from the US will take Secret to other English-speaking markets, including the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. It makes sense for the company to expand its horizons and tackle Android and more regions. The mobile platform has captured most of the smartphone market and there's scope for penetration with millions of potential users.

Our friends over on iMore previously reviewed the app. The question is: are you interested in Secret coming to Android?

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Secret expanding its anonymous messaging to Android and new global markets


Yup, that's just what the Internet needs:more perceived anonymity. Awful on so many levels. It won't be truly anonymous, it will be hacked, it encourages trolls, worse, it *begets* trolls since mainstream users will suddenly discover they can be an ass and get away with it. It generates another whole level of accusatory behaviour...really, it's the gift that keeps on giving.

I agree. If you are afraid to let people know that something is your opinion, then you probably shouldn't have that opinion.

Pretty much the type of users/posts I expected would be on an annonymous social networking site. No thanks. Guess it could be great for leaks though.

I wish this "article" actually told me what the app does more than a 1-sentence vague statement. I'm not giving another click-through to find information that should have appeared in this article. This is the 2nd non-article I've read in a row here.

There's not much more to say. It lets you make text posts that can be seen by your contacts, but with no personally identifying markers on the post, so (in theory) no one knows who it's coming from.

Are they going to market to 14 yo girls?? No self respecting adult should be getting this app. This world doesn't need another barrier to effective communication. Texting has gotten impersonal enough; making it anonymous is just asking for trouble.

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While I agree with you that self-respecting adults shouldn't need this, the reality is that there are too many childish adults in the world and the mature ones will have to interact with the childish ones at some point in time. Unfortunately, I see a need for this app. It could be great for those who need to deliver bad news, but the receiver would shoot the messenger rather than deal with the problem.

From a purely geek perspective, how does this work?
I join secret. Add my friends from my phone Contacts.
Some of my contacts join, some don't

How am I anonymous if my friends don't have any friends that join? Are my friends and my friends friends joined?

Found my own answer here ( This is actually well thought out.;

"As a user with few or no friends, many secrets from people you may know are not visible. Once you have enough friends, we show you a little more, such as the fact that a particular secret comes from within “Your circle,” which is defined as “Friend” or “Friend of friend.” Then, after quite a few more, we show you whether or not a particular post came from a friend or not. This is critical to establishing a connection without knowing someone’s identity."