The Samsung Galaxy NX appears to be one hell of an Android-powered camera, and as such it deserves a second look. 

First, the broad strokes for those just joining the fun: The NX sports a 20.3MP sensor and interchangeable lenses, a 4.8-inch display and runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean with a custom UI. And it's got full Wifi and LTE capability, so you'll be sharing pictures all over the place in addition to whatever other Android goodness is added (or hacked) into this thing.

In a word, it's a beast.

Our colleague Daniel Rubino from WPCentral is no stranger when it comes to digital photography, and he gave the camera a quick go this week as well. And be sure to check out our first look at the camera on the floor of the London event, too.


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Second look: The Samsung Galaxy NX camera


Well this make sense. Must cut down on the r&d costs. A camera now is a little computer to process the images and adjust settings. Why not use android. Samsung already has programmers employed working on the camera app for phones why have a separate staff working the software for cameras too?

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"Image processing" means different things to different people. Depends on what you are doing, you may need a large screen and dedicated programs to manipulate your image. If you are posting to most social media sites, I doubt that people will get to see the full size image (20 megapixels). I prefer to do filters after the picture is taken, so I can change my mind and try different ones to fit what I want to do. Personally, I would rather have the S4 Zoom camera with the S4 internals and screen to share images and as a "one" device, it looks pocketable. I have a micro 4/3 camera with multiple lens, I need to plan to carry it. It's not always with me.

From my understanding this does have similar internals to the galaxy s4 but with a better cmos sensor (probably the same sensor that is in the samsung nx1000 4/3 camera which takes far better pictures than the similar nikon 1 series. It looks like they took the nx1000 and merged it with the s4 so you can upload and share pics instantly as well as edit. Throw in the capability to do other things like geo tag or gps to find a better location or Google photography tips because we all know the best camera is the camera you have on you and the more they can put a device in your hand the more likely you are to use the camera function.

I'd really like to know what manufacturer is making that "army" of lenses. I'm highly intrigued by this device as my old Nikon D40 is in need of an update.

it appears that samsung makes them themselves

If you do a search for "who makes lenses for samsung" and go to the photorumors link (5th one down for me) there is a write up about the lenses themselves from the official announcement.

For the camera geeks:

This camera has a crop (APS-C) sensor and a shutter speed of 1/6,000th of a second and 8.6fps shooting.

Impressive. I do not know who makes the glass (I hope it isn't Samsung) but the specs look promising.

Canon and Nikon will certainly be watching closely..

By Nikon, Canon, or even Sony/Minolta standards, there is not an army of lenses. There might be a platoon, but it's fresh out of boot camp.

There's nothing in the NX stable that approaches pro needs. Maybe prosumer, if you squint right.

Until someone makes an equivalent 24-70 f/2.8 and 70-200 f/4 (if not f/2.8), it'll be for Android fans who want something better than a point & shoot.

That said, if Samsung is marginally successful here, you can be sure Olympus and Panasonic are ready to jump in with some MFT love. Sony's already halfway there with the NEX-6, which would be an amazing piece of hardware if it ran Android.

By choosing a new lens mount rather than hopping on the MFT train, Samsung really hurt its chances of breaking into the evil league of EVIL cameras.

Bottom line: Only buy one of these if you're trying to make a statement to the other guys. Otherwise, wait.

I really want to see this head to head with other entry level DSLR's like the canon t3i / t2i and such but not just on picture quality. I am really curious about how long it takes to focus and take a pic. I know with my t2i its practically instantaneous. If samsung can pull off the same kind of user experience i would be interested, but not unless its at least AS good as my t2i (which to be fair is a couple generations old now i do believe)

All the kit at the London bash look interesting, yet none of it grabbed at my wallet - why? Perhaps the pervasive smell of compromise is putting me off. Did you see the "Manual" exposure controls on this thing? No sale.

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