Android CentralYesterday we reported on the first CyanogenMod 9 build for the (international) Samsung Galaxy Note, noting that it was still early days, and that a couple of major bugs would make it a non-starter for many users. In particular, the lack of working phone calls was a deal-breaker for us. However, the devs at TeamHacksung have followed up with a second build today, fixing most of the serious glitches, including voice calls and video recording.

There are still some issues to be ironed out, including DSP Manager and Movie Studio, but kudos to the developers for moving so quickly to squish bugs. If you're rocking an international (GT-N7000) Galaxy Note and are comfortable with experimental custom ROMs, then hit the links below to get started.

Source: TeamHacksung, XDA; Thanks @android_indian!


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Second CM9 build for Galaxy Note looks a bit more functional


Although i've stuck ROMS on many devices over the years, i seem to find myself waiting for the OEM ICS for the Note.

Yeah, I agree. I love how my ATT Note runs with Unofficial v1.5 (GB based ROM), but would much rather wait for the dev's to tweak the official release of ICS and then flash it.

same here. i've been happy enough with my phone that i have found no nees to root. first time ever and i've owned 10 previous android phones.

I just rooted this weekend. Sad to find out rom manager is officially supported. Petty happy with stock but would love to try some ice cream sandwich. Fyi touch clockwork mod is working great!

I don't have time to experiment but mostly am only anxious for ICS update to use Chrome. I would prefer a stock ICS UI, but not enough to bother with trying new ROMs and setting everything up repeatedly. Still nice to see CM9 reaching more devices. Hope it makes it to N1 soon