Line-up Samsung Galaxy S, SE X10, HTC Desire

AMOLED screens look amazing, whether the 3.5 inch variety or something a little bigger like the new breed of television sets.  Their big letdown when compared to traditional LCD displays has been the washed out hazy look when viewed in direct sunlight.  Samsung has been touting the virtues of Super AMOLED ever since we first had a chance to see the Galaxy S at MWC, saying that the newer generation will be much more readable in the sun.  No, we still haven't been able to get our hands on one to test it ourselves, but you lucky folks across the pond have had the Galaxy S for a few days now, and we finally get to see a matchup of what's currently available in the Android phone screen department.

In the picture above you're looking at (from left to right) the Galaxy S (Super AMOLED), an HTC Desire (AMOLED), and the SE X10 (LCD) all lined up and under the hot Greek sun. Easy to see that the Super AMOLED screen really outshines its older cousin the AMOLED display, and looks to match up really well against the LCD screen.  To be honest, I still would rather not have to work with any of these in the sun, but it's nice to know that I could -- but only if I had a Super AMOLED or LCD display.  Really shows the Achilles heel of AMOLED screens when you line them up like that.   We also have a video after the break if you need a bit more proof that Super AMOLED delivers on the promises. [TechBlog (in Greek) via Engadget]



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Screen showdown -- AMOLED vs. LCD vs. SAMOLED in direct sunlight


Are the SAMOLED screens going to be higher in color density than the current 16 bit AMOLED versions? It's disappointing that in order to get some bright colors, you have to give up others. I am keeping my LCDs until I see an actual improvement in color range with these new displays. They can be as "vivid" as they want, if they can't even come close to a good range of visible color (as LCD does) who is that going to fool? They look way too saturated, like an old school broadcast TV picture.

huge difference for those that work out doors. left blackberry 2 months ago and I have to say I miss the battery life and outdoor screen visibility. BB works great for the construction and public safety fields due to these factors. If Android wishes to get business in these areas, they HAVE to improve on these two things.

so I have a Samsung Moment, and go to a beautiful sunny california community college that involves a lot of wandering around in the sun with nothing to do but play with my phone. The Moment's AMOLED screen is AWESOME. To save battery life I have the brightness constantly at half-mast. In the sunlight it becomes impossible to leave it like that, I have to bring the brightness all the way up to even attempt to see what's going on on my Android buddy (I even named him!). I can't wait for the Galaxy S Pro, I've been hearing from other sites that it's a lot easier to deal with in the sun than the Moment. STOKED!

EDIT: that the Galaxy S is easier to deal with in the sun, of course.

My Droid Incredible is complete CRAP in the sun here in Arizona. So bad in fact, that I went back to the iPhone for daily use. I tried to stick it out, I really did. But between my Nexus One and the Incredible I wasted enough time and money on trying to move to an Android based phone.

You my friend are not a very intelligent man. You try the Nexus 1 and don't like it because of the screen. Then you buy the Incredible that has the exact same screen and then say you are done with Android?!?! I say your attempt at trying out Android was a complete fail. Maybe next time you should research the phone before you buy it. I for one would never buy an AMOLED phone because of the problems it has in the sun light. Super-AMOLED on the other hand looks to be a winner but still, I'm am perfectly happy right now with my LCD phone.

Yeah....because Android devices depend all on the screen. You are a complete idiot for getting the N1 and not liking it for its screen, then you get the Incredible...IT HAS THE SAME F***ING SCREEN!!!

So....they all suck terribly but some just not as bad as others.

Its clear that they are trying but not very hard. They are all good enough to get by or adapt to. Just nothing to get excited about.

More importantly, how about a direct comparison of the Super AMOLED screen vs. the iPhone 4 and it's "Super Retina" display in direct sunlight?

I have an HTC Incredible and while the screen can be difficult to see in bright sunlight, it is not impossible. I simply turn my back to the sun and use my own shadow to make things legible. Or maybe I use one hand for shading the phone. I geocache using only this phone so I also try to see if there are any trees around whose shadows I can use.

I have yet to be unable to use the phone because of sunlight. It might be more difficult, but not impossible. And it's not like I use the phone in direct, bright sunlight more than maybe 10% of the time.

BS whom use their phone under direct sunlight? Maybe 3% of the day time a least you work on the street ...however I have the Incredible and with the full bright setting I am able to read pretty good under direct sunlight ...;)

SAMOLED screens all seem to have splotches in them, I have been reading about this all over the place, and it's not brand specific. UGH, when it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. My Razr Maxx suffers the splotches, and every replacement I have received since. It's annoying.