Motorola Xoom 16GB

We broke the news about an upcoming 16GB version Motorola Xoom in the Android Central Forums early this week. (Another reason why it's the place to be, folks.) And we've now got more confirmation of that, thanks to a leaked screen shot. There's nothing there we haven't already told you -- it'll be an LTE device (eventually) and not Wifi-only, with 16GB of on-board storage. It's a 16GB Xoom, no more, no less. No word on pricing or availability, either. But with the announcement of a $350 Wifi-only 16GB Samsung Galaxy Tab, we'd love to see this in the $450 range. [Droid-Life]


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Screen shot confirms 16GB Xoom coming


Most of the problems are Honeycomb (HC) eing not finished and are not the Xoom's fault.

1) Lack of USB storage mode- HC issue
2) Lack of SD card- HC issue
3) Gallery that doesn't understand sub-dirs- HC issue
4) Market flakiness- HC issue

Motorola better do the pricing right after Asus' 16GB Transformer pricing. Nonetheless, I'm still going for the Asus.

And yeah, will it be "finished" this time?

PS - kind of funny to see "Y" under "E911" on a tablet specs listing.

If Motorola's usual pricing strategy is in force here, this will be $499. By the time they put out a 16GB wifi-only version, it'll be too late to complete with Acer, Asus and Samsung.

Who in their right mind would actually sign a 2-year contract for a tablet? Not only is it cheaper to tether to an actual phone, but the Xoom will be obsolete in a few months.

I can't wait to see all the suckers who buy it whining in 6 months about Android fragmentation and how dare they come out with newer tablets only a few months after they were suckered.

If it's not a wifi only 16gb, I'm not interested. Release a 16gb wifi version with pricing competitive with the impending Asus Transformer, and we'll talk.

Until then, sorry Moto.

I'd pay $450 for a 3G soon to be LTE enabled Xoom in place of my first-gen iPad in a heartbeat. Bugs or no bugs.. its better than my iPad.

i hope they finish it this time but the price better be low if they want to make some money out of this. then again i feel they should have release all the models of the XOOM together.