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Back in June, Socialscope became simply Scope, and progressed to the beta stage of development with a huge update to the application. All in all, we really like it, it does a fantastic job of managing your social feeds, and looks great into the bargain. 

Word has just reached us from the guys at Scope, that they are readying a new release of the app. And, along with it also begins their VIP program. The program is designed to give Scope for Android users the chance to get access to the latest builds of the application before release, and then provide feedback to the developers. Sounds great, and interested parties can sign up by hitting the link below. Be quick though, as to keep the program manageable, registrations will only be accepted for 24 hours. You do have to be an existing user though, this doesn't provide you with an invite code. 

Sign up to Scope for Android VIP program now!


Reader comments

Scope opening up VIP program, but you only have 24 hours to register


I'm not sure how this will differ from the closed beta program where some got every update and others were kept on an old build for months without explanation.

Does anyone know if there's still a way to get into this program after the 24 hours are up? I was traveling and can't believe I missed it!

i signed up and got nothing. except a new update notification that wont let me update.and been using the app since my old blackberry days too.