Sceptre TV Soundbar

Sceptre's new SB301524W sound bar brings Android and a pre-packaged sound system to your existing HDTV

There's plenty of ways to bring Android to your big screen television, but until now they have all been stand alone appliances designed to work with your existing equipment. But maybe you want an inexpensive way to marry Android to that spare TV in your house, and don't want to fool with A/V receivers or other "premium" methods to provide something that sounds a little better than the tinny speakers built into the TV itself. That's where something like Spectre's new Android-powered smart TV sound bar comes in.

At $299 it offers a plug and play solution to get Android and Google Play on your TV, with zero set-up or hassle. Complete with touch-sensitive controls and a LED screen to display all your settings, you'll be able to access content like games, music and movies from Google Play without any wires or assembly.

The Spectre sound bar features Android 4.0 running on a 1GHz ARM processor, with 1GB of RAM, with two USB ports and an SD card slot for expansion and accessories. The unit itself features SRS WOW HD audio technology, delivered through two front-facing speakers and a 35 watt subwoofer. Designed for 42-inch or larger televisions, it looks like an easy way to turn that old TV into something smarter and more fun. Look for it at retailers like Newegg, Amazon, Walmart, Tiger Direct, Sears and K-Mart. Hit the break for the press release.

Sceptre Turns your Big Screen HDTV into a Smart TV with a Sound Bar 2.1 with Android™

Sound Bar 2.1 with built-in subwoofer and Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 enables users to connect to the internet and download apps from Google Play Store

City of Industry, CA – June 27, 2013 – Sceptre, superior manufacturers of world class LED and LCD HDTVs and PC displays, unveils the SB301524W Speaker Sound Bar 2.1 with built-in subwoofer, Android platform and Wi-Fi connection to turn your ordinary HDTV into a smart TV through plug and play technology, enabling users to access movies, music, apps and games.

Sceptre’s newest Sound Bar 2.1 includes Android’s interactive media operating system to create the perfect entertainment atmosphere with the support of Wi-Fi and Android Platform. With the Android OS, users can access the Google Play™ Store to download thousands of songs, games, movies and apps to enhance their TV experience. 

The SB301524W Sound Bar 2.1 incorporates a variety of technologies and components to produce room filling surround sound, including a 35W subwoofer with passive radiator, SRS WOW HD™ audio technology and dual front facing speakers.  SRS WOW HD, developed by DTS technologies, improves the audio by widening the sound field, raising the vertical sound image and retrieving lost audio information during the mixing process to create a more natural surround sound experience.

Elegantly designed to complement HDTVs 42-inches and above, the SB301524W sound bar features a trendy touch sensor control panel to easily adjust volume, preset modes or sound sources, an auto-dimming LED screen that displays current settings and a remote control compatible with multiple Sceptre HDTVs.  It is also the ideal replacement for expensive and bulky surround sound systems, eliminating unsightly wires, expensive adaptors and the need to have a separate subwoofer. 

“The Sound Bar 2.1 with built-in subwoofer and Android Platform turns your traditional HDTV into a Smart TV at a fraction of the cost,” said Cathy Chou, Sceptre’s vice president of operations.  “Our newest addition to the family of sound bars not only enhances your HDTV experience, but also brings people closer by giving you access to the same applications as a computer, including Skype, Facebook, Instant Messenger and more.”

To enhance the overall experience, Sceptre offers an optional smart remote control that replicates the functionality of a traditional mouse and keyboard.  The SB301524W sound bar can be easily wall-mounted using only two screws and is currently available for $299.99 at Walmart, Amazon, Tiger Direct, Sears, K-Mart and NewEgg. 


Reader comments

Sceptre releases an Android TV sound bar


Wow... if this sound-bar could come with bluetooth you could pair any bluetooth game controller and it will be a lot of MORE FUN !!!

While I know this sounds cool, adding an OS to something like a sound bar is clearly doing it wrong.

Despite the 1.5-2 yr upgrade cycle people expect with cellular telephones, they don't want to have to do that with their media components. If you still don't see why this is a problem, just think about how well existing manufaturers release OS updates to their non-current Google TV (or other Android) product line. Yeah... You shouldn't have to upgrade your speakers to get the latest and greatest in Google TV.

Someone needs to release a Google Media Bridge device that combines Google TV and an LCD for when you don't want to have to turn on the TV to play music. Or that can stream from your handheld device. Something like the old SqueezeBox, but with HDMI output. I have a feeling Google realized this too and that's what the next Nexus Q will be like.

Your point is a good one regarding Sceptre's ability to maintain OS levels and provide a simple update stream to avoid "planned obsolescence".

On a side note, for anyone unfamiliar with the Sceptre brand, I too had not heard of them until a couple of years ago when showed a 32" Sceptre HDTV for $179 at WalMart. Usually a lethal combo for me, unknown quantity and WallyWorld usually equals money down the drain.

I'm happy to report this TV has been flawless and has a great picture. It does suffer from the usual lack of good sound fidelity found in most flat screens especially at smaller screen sizes but I use this as an external monitor connected to my PC for gaming (works perfectly via HDMI from my Nvidia 660TI video card) and also works great with my cable box.

So if the Sceptre branding is causing any hesitation in buying the product being touted here I can tell you the build quality is very good on this TV and I would expect that should carry over to this sound bar.

Your mileage may vary of course. I'm sure there will be some reviews on the audio output quality before long. Again, I do agree that they need to make it clear how they intend to maintain an upgrade path for Google TV if they expect to make a splash in the marketplace with this device.

IMO - for the price. If the speakers are any good you are getting more for your money then if you bought any other 2.1 soundbar.

FYI: can't find that model number @ any of those websites for sale.
Is it a brick and mortar thing only? not yet released?