Samsung Unpacked

The theme of Samsung's press event at CTIA last March was "Unpacked." That's where we got the Galaxy S phones. And a few sneaky readers have hit up recently and noticed that it's been updated for a Feb. 13 event at Mobile World Congress, where we'll see that "Something big is coming," "discover the next evolution in Samsung Mobile" and "Evolution is FATE."

What is it? Heck if we know. Place your bets now, folks. We'll find out in a few weeks. [SamsungUnpacked] Thanks, Cesar!

Update: Sammy tells us there will be another event at MWC that will have some sort of U.S. focus. Stay tuned!


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Samung Mobile promising 'the next evolution' at Mobile World Congress


Ugh I would never by a phone from samsung. What phone have they released has been updated to the latest software? I would buy one off ebay simply for modding but sammy will never get my money. They are sport horrible at taking care if there customers. My X and Evo were froyo'd out in no time allowing me to toot and rom to my hearts content with no need for leaked oem software. Samsung could easily be the best android hardware provider if they would drop TW give moreof a real ANDROID experience and support after the sale.

Gingerbread for all Galaxy S phones would be really big but that's highly unlikely. Maybe it will be a 4.3 inch super amoled + dual core phone with 1gig of RAM running Eclair.

at this point gingerbread would be a nice suprise but I wont hold my breath as it seems us galaxy s owners are stuck with 2.1 till our contracts expire and we can buy phones from manufactures that are willing to include os upgrades.

Didn't Samsung say expect dual core phones at MWC??

So that's where I'd put my money on.. the biggest question is what chips are they rocking?? If their just tegra2, they better hurry cuz moto and LG got em beat. But if their new orion chips.. well that could make things very interesting indeed.. especially for multi platform games such as those on iPhone as I understand they both use very similar GPU's and orion apparently kicks tegra's ass in that department..

I really, really hope it's an announcement of 2.2 for all US Galaxy S phones. I hate being stuck in this zone of being angry at my phone's maker, but they just haven't delivered on their promises to "be different this time."

Feeling like a Behold II owner sucks.

If it's an announcement for 2.2 that's still aways off. They should release it sooner especially after all the outcry. Also, if they make a promise for 2.3 on Feb, when will we actually receive it? Probably another promise just to keep us hooked long enough. Disappointed!

They'll remind everyone that they sold millions of galaxy s phones and will dance around questions as to why they haven't provided any support. Galaxy S 2 will be out and will have the same specs but will come with gingerbread (oh wait, they already did that with the nexus s)

What does it really matter in terms of the future when you can't even honor the existing phone's software updates? Samsung = fail.

Dissapointed in Samsung.

I'm assuming its going to be dualcore/tablet. Something along the lines. And maybe more promises to update to 2.2 or 2.3. Who knows. We'll never know when that'll happen no matter what they say.

I've read many complaints and thought people were exaggerating about Samsungs horrible updating. So I bought the Fascinate anyway. I'm thinking that that may be the reason Verizon allowed it to be a 2nd tier device now. Hardware wise it is as strong as any device currently available in America. Support wise, it sucks. Back to Droid X or iPhone I guess...

You screwed those with samsung phones over, no one wants your products two chances(brhold and galaxy s) and you are even telling tmo not to release the froyo uodate yet good thing I went with the mytouch 4g may galaxy s owners get froyo soon and learn from not getting samsung, at least sony realized their mistake and is trying to do better

I'm sure this will be some new phone that won't receive updates. Eff you Sammy, Eff you. I like my fascinate, but their blatant disregard for current customers it's just plain disheartening. It's a real shame

Why don't they upgrade their crap they already sold. I think they are more focused on selling that supporting.

The big surprise is the Samsung Infuse for AT&T as it will be released very shortly for all to salivate over. I hate AT&T but I will be buying this phone outright as a new toy for my vast collection:0.....Droooooiiiid!I am not worried about carrier upgrades as i will just root and upgrade the phone myself so the OTA process can kick waves.

They could come out with a laser shooting, unicorn killing, gold making super phone. I would not buy it after the Fascinate. Samsung is junk. Do yourself a favor a buy HTC or MOTO.

I will own nothing but HTC phones. Samsung just flat out sucks. Wayyyyy lagging on updates. HTC is Jonny on the spot and they build a solid, quality, durable phone. Nuff said......

To bad I will never buy a Samsung phone again, after what happen with Froyo for US variants of Galaxy S.. Maybe they will surprise us with a 2.3 announcement at MWC for US variants of Galaxy S, I kind of doubt this will happen.

I sure hope the people at Samsung are listening to all of the rants. It's not just us Fascinate owners but everyone else that owns a Galaxy S phone on Sprint and AT&T as well. "Hello... McFly....Are you listening???" If you want any chance of keeping your customers you better take care of them rather than push them to the curve.

Current Samsung owners are saying "Never again" and those that might be on the fence about purchasing a Samsung phone (or ANY Samsung product) may see all of this and think twice.

Who cares, Samsung is garbage. All that hype on a phone and it's running an OS version that is now 2 versions behind.
You guys should really do your research before you buy a phone, Samsung has always been this way, shady, they wont' change because enough silly people look at the bright colors and think "oh shiny" and buy their junk.

Samsung? The "Next Evolution"??? Give me a break. How about they evolve their brand new but apparently already "old" phones by keeping REMOTELY current with updates?

I would *never* buy a Samsung Android product, based on their track record. Obviously, all they care about is pushing a new device in your hand and walking away.

This event on Feb. 13 which has U.S. focus better be the 2.2 update for the Galaxy S phones. If this event turns out to be an announcement for a new phone, then all I can say is that Samsung just doesn't have their priorities organized.

It's amazing and unfortunate the power the internet has to sway opinions. No one yet has "leaked" a believable story explaining why the Galaxy S devices on the Big 4 haven't been slated to receive FroYo. But, looking at the support Samsung has offered that line elsewhere, I have no issues buying and recommending their devices to others and am somewhat eager to see what they will be bringing to the MWC.

I hope the news of this is spreading, but to all you current Samsung smartphone users (like me--Captivate) and potential future Samsung owners, we are NEVER getting Android updates. Ever. In a nutshell, Samsung is trying to shake down the US carriers a fee to develop updates to the Android OS... updates that are provided for free from Google via the Android Open Source Project.

Don't believe me? Read this:

I'm not one to defend the carriers, but it is outrageous on Samsung's part.

I don't believe it's true but how is it 'outrageous' that they would charge for their work. If that story is true it was put in the contract before the phone even was made available by the carrier. If they didn't want to pay for it, they shouldn't have gotten the phone.

That kind of contract is pretty standard in a lot of industries. A web designer will usually stipulate very similar things in their contract. Free bug fixes but any major updates will cost you.

If this is true, then it means that every carrier outside of the US did pay. So why not put your blame on the carriers who make billions, but won't pay to get you your update.

The update your all too lazy to do yourself and just root your damn phone.

Samsung will announce that all US Carriers will get the same model phone, no minor differences, then follow up with the comment "This way we can provide updates more quickly and smoothly due to the lack of fragmentation"

Hey we can not support the Galaxy S line, so buy our new phone that we won’t support either. Instead of updating OS’s Samsung has discovered they can make more money if they do not update the OS on their phones, instead making customers buy new phones to upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2

That's gonna be a new unupdateable phone. The one that you won't NEED any updates for, 'cause it's gonna be so "evolved".

I think the only acceptable thing at this point to hear from Sammy is, "We understand the customer disappointments in support for our Galaxy S phone series in the US. While we cannot change the past delays that we've had with updating these phones we can make it up to those who invested in those products and our company. Today, we are pleased to announce that all Samsung Galaxy S phones sold by Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile are being pushed Gingerbread (Android 2.3) starting within the next 2 hours. . ."

I can dream can't I???

lol - yeah, a nice dream my friend, but we all know Samsung only looks forward in sales. This is good for the short term, but I, for one, will never buy a Samsung again.

In the meantime... Keep hope alive :)

When the phone first came out, I overlooked how

1) Sammy had very little tier-1 phone Android experience prior to SGS
2) They weren't known for support
3) Phone came with Eclair with "promised Froyo update around the corner"
4) It was Bing'ed out
5) It certainly wasn't the most aesthetically appealing phone when compared to Droid Incredible
6) It had no LED indicator light
7) GPS was broken
8) setCPU was not working as intended.
and some other moot features (or lack of). I even went out of my way to root the phone to debing it (which is pain in the ass I might add). I had to justify my love for the phone.