Galaxy Note Edge accessories

IFA 2014 With the announcement of any major Galaxy handset comes the inevitable tidal wave of accessories, and that's exactly what we've seen today at Samsung Unpacked in Berlin. Along with the usual assortment of cases for the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge, the company showed off Qi wireless charging backs, Montblanc-branded S Pens and covers, and of course the Gear VR in various colors.

Check past the break to see the new Note 4 and Note Edge accessories in our gallery.


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Samsung's new Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge accessories


I'm getting a wireless charging back and external battery charger. I feel like that's all I need. No case this time around. I wanna show off the beauty of the back without that faux leather stitching.

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Hopefully the Qi back cover will fit in most cases or at the very least samsung makes a rugged case to fit phones with their Qi back cover.... It has been very irritating that I have not been able to use Qi wireless charging with my S4 or Note3 because there are no good rugged cases that work with the Qi back covers!!

Use the wireless card. Amazon has them. They fit under your Original back cover and are super thin. I use one. It works great. You can leave it there all the time.

Okay, if you like your beautiful back of your phone, you can keep the beautiful back of your phone! But I can almost guarantee you, you'll end up with a cracked screen eventually! I'm too clumsy to do without a Ballistic case. It has saved me hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars in repair bills and replacements! So it's your choice, show the beauty and pay for it when it cracks, or protect it from cracking in the first place!

Or like many of us don't be clumsy in having owed 6 previous smartphones I have never cracked or broken a screen and have no need to bury my phone in a huge pointless case.

it sure looks like the flip case for the edge dows not cover the glass edge by much. one good drop on the open side and OH WELL warranty time

I like the idea but wouldn't that make it extremely easy for crud to get under and to the screen and scratch it to hell?

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@Alex, can you tell us how many hits you received for the site today? Must have been busy day for the hosting servers.
Just curious, nothing that I would gain/lose out of it..

Interesting s-pen accessories... not sure that it would make the pen any more portable than it already is, but much more stylish!

The Wireless charging back for N3 is too bulky, so I hope they (somehow) made this one thinner. It really makes it harder to hold and all of the protective cases become useless.

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IMHO, wireless charging is a great feature that should be included in the design of the phone. I have yet to see a wireless charging case that makes sense.

Many will disagree, of course, but lack of built-in wireless charging is a strike against the Note.

It's standard though. Look at the G3. All the other countries have it included but the US was excluded. Sucks to be us

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yes it should be built already, but those receiver coils, that go under back good to go. or they could slim down the bulk of the ones they make, surely samsung can figure that out.

No S-View cases? Was looking forward to that. I'm sure they'll show off something I'll like before the release.

Nothing special here, I'll wait a week for the third party accessories to start rolling out. I'm more interested in an extended battery case or a truly rugged one. Not sure that one will do. Otterbox or ZeroLemon hopefully will have something soon.

All I have to say is if AT&T pulls the same thing they did with the wireless charging on the G3 they'll lose a customer.

So what's going be the cost of one of those fancy pens....maybe as much as the phone ?? A thicker pen would be a nice addition for the Note model phones. I guess only the Suisse can afford them.
What would be nice, if Samsung gave us Note 3 users a software download of some of the Note 4 improvements.
And a free Mont Blanc pen
Wonder if you can Root in these improvements as was done with the S5

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There are 2 Montblanc pens. They are running $525 and $350. The 2 cases are $245. You can see them on the Montblanc site.

Interestingly look at the fact there is no View case with a window for the note 4. Looks like they want people to pony up the money for the note edge, and going forward this could be their differentiator over the view cases on htc and LG phones. I could see them having a similar deal with the galaxy s 6.

If case manufacturers for the note edge come up with a way to absorb a front faced drop, I'm jumping on the Note Edge boat and I won't look back

My Spiegen Note 2 case is super---and I looooove the leather feel and fragrance. I will definitely go first to Spiegen for my Note 4 case :)

Does the wireless back make the phone thicker like in the Note 3? That's very annoying because it limits the number of cases that it can fit in.

Yes, not by much, but enough to prevent most cases from fitting properly. Same with Note Edge which also has a wireless charging back cover available.