Samsung S Life

To say Samsung went all out with its announcement of the Galaxy S (see our initial hands-on and software walkthrough) would be an understatement, first with the tease at the Day 1 keynote, then the full-fledged presentation immediately thereafter.

We've seen highlights of the events, and after the break we show you what it was like to be in the front row for the full 18-minute (yeah, it was that long, but entertaining) explainer of how Samsung's S Life is supposed to work for you. The video's in two parts, so make sure you check them both out.


Reader comments

Samsung's Galaxy S presentation at CTIA


-this presentation looks pretty damn gay
-ya, effin gay man
-fast forwarded the whole thing...dumb as hell. just give me hardware specs and what OS version and I will tell the phone what O want to do, not the other way around.
-this has reminded me of the aqua teen episode called "e-dork". classic. everyon on this site should watch it.

next video:
-is this a commercial for a phone, or applications?
-16 gig huh? thats interesting, wouldnt have to get a MicroSD, but it also includes the option.(unlike lame ass iphone and windows izune)
-S life? really? feels like im being brainwashed
-uugghh. why did i even watch this. i am not getting a samsung iphone lookalike anyway(dont even try to deny it). would have to take 50% of the software off anyway. doesnt have a 4.3 screen...zzzzzzzzzzz

Ummm yes please! Probably won't be coming to AT&T. I would do some VERY VERY dirty things to get my hands on one of these... VERY DIRTY INDEED!!