As Samsung prepares to launch its latest flagship smartphone, the company has today released a new promotional trailer showcasing the Galaxy S5's multitude of features. The video focuses mainly on the GS5's new photographic capabilities and fitness features, such as the built-in heart rate monitor and Gear smartwatch integration, while also giving a bit of face time to some of the GS5's lesser-known features, like the new Ultra power saving and download boost modes.

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Samsung's first Galaxy S5 promo video is all about the features


More features, less functionality...
Samsung, this is why I'm sticking with my GS3 until I find something better from another OEM.

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What I meant to say is "Samsung don't take away more of my precious storage space to give me a mode to save battery power". I will gladly pay $40 yo $50 dollars after purchase for a battery that's triple the size of the stock crap that gets thrown in these phones.
These OEMs want to charge a $100 premium for double the storage, maybe they should do the same for triple the battery.
The Motorola Droid phones got high praise for adding a fraction of the stock battery to the regular battery and calling it a Maxx! Think what could happen if an OEM added double the capacity of the stock battery to the stock battery.
Maybe its just me and the fact that I like having all day power without worrying about if I brought my charger with me. Or maybe the masses that buy phones with these short comings are not tech-savy (SMART) enough to realize the reality of their situations.
Stupid people make life harder for Tech-Savy (SMART) people.
Negative replys on this comment will give a nice meteric justification on if stupid people are hiding amongst us Trch-Savy (SMART) people on this site.

Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3 Maxx...!!!
(ZeroLemon 7000mA battery and ZeroShock Case)

I like how you end you're rant with "if you don't agree with me, you're the problem". Cool story. It's a phone. Life is bigger than this. You mad Bro. #wishiwasntaSMARTperson

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If you're going to intimate that you're a smart person then you might want to learn how to spell...just sayin

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About three times that...I use a Zerolemon extended battery because my S3 would drain after about 4 hours of calls and email. (All work related).

I'm probably getting this, but will order my extended battery the same day.

Almost made me wanna leave my iPhone. Almost. Maybe if it had better hardware. I can't get with that back of that phone and the icons used in touch wiz.

Reason you haven't left your iPhone is not because you don't like Samsung. There are plenty of android phones out there that run circles around the iPhone.

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The HTC One has a lot more attractively designed and has a more similar feel to the iPhone, I think. In my opinion, the One is the only major Android phone (well, the Moto X, too) whose build quality and hand feel are as good as the iPhone.

Do you use a case? The build quality stuff doesn't matter if you use a case bc you're feeling the case anyway...

The icons are a simple download to change...

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At first..I had some hate for it because I expected more..but now I had grew some love for it..oh yeah I'm sold! Looking forward to get it April 11.
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Until now I kinda hated the S5. I wouldn't really mind showing this to my girlfriend so she can upgrade from her S4. Good job with your marketing Sammy, still not for me, but definitely for others.

I have to say im not a fan of the design of the s5 but they sure know how to market their phones.

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True that. That actually kinda made me like it. And yes I'm one of the haters so far but I'm open to liking it at any point. And that video really peaked my interest for some reason. I think as long as touchwiz doesn't show that its bogging down the hardware and the battery life is good enough, it seems pretty nice. The amount of storage bugs me quite a bit, however. And that won't just change on their end either.

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Sorry I didn't see that in your last comment but hopefully that is the day it's released. I'm looking forward to buying this phone.

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As someone who has disliked Samsung since I had the Fascinate, I really want this phone. I've stayed away from Samsung but this is going to bring me back.

It's a very intriguing phone. The more I look at it the more I like it. Only reason I won't buy is because I need more memory internally, especially with Google changing the way phones read internal and external memory. Sorry, but a 16gb phone should still have at least 11 to 13gb left for the user. Hopefully they'll update this somehow but with all these features I doubt it.

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Yeah is expected globally on every carriers april.11. I do too want the 32 g..cause the 16g is not enough on Samsung phones..

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Do they usually release both versions on the same day? I'm going to be new to Android and Samsung so I don't know how these releases usually go.

Not necessarily. Let's say sprint just starts off by selling the 16gb version first. And the 32gb may come later. Or maybe sprint will have them at the same time. Who knows. (Sprint was just an example)

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You can't uninstall the Samsung bloatware? I'm going to be a new user to Android and Samsung so I didn't know that.

You can disable most things which it won't give you your storage back it will stop it from processing to save ram

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They have gotten a lot better recently and almost everything can be Uninstalled or disabled

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I've dumped my iPhone in favor of and Android-powered device (S4 in this case) and so far I couldn't be happier. Which being said - in real-life most of the "features" which make S5 better than S4 and S4 better than S3 end up being disabled in favor of longer battery life.

And guys are right - if you dig deep enough - most of Samsung's crap can be disabled. It's still annoying.

Biggest advantage of Android over iOS is freedom - THE FREEDOM!!! But you still get stuck with some garbage that Samsung (and others) are trying to impose on you. Give me a break! Had enough of Apple telling me how i'm supposed to take a piss!!!

The S5 has some very compelling features and capabilities as a replacement for my Galaxy Nexus. I'm really looking forward to some intensive reviews of the S5, to see how it actually performs, rather than just the glossy marketing hype in the ads. If it can deliver what it promises, it's a strong contender against the N5 and the upcoming HTC One iteration.

What a great problem to have - deciding between 3 terrific new phones.

I don't have anything really against the n5 but it in not even close to the class of this or the m8. If for no other reason it is because it is an older model.

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Great ad. I really like that power saving mode. I have the Note 3 so the smaller screen isn't for me, but it does make me excited about the future of the Note line. I plan on holding out until the Note 5...this will be the first time in a long time that I haven't upgraded yearly. (I'll probably get the note 4 hahaha)

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That add is why Samsung blows HTC out of the water. For people like us on sites like this, we see that add as pure fluff and look beyond the hype. However, we are a very small percentage of smartphone buyers and a large majority will fall head over heels for that add and they are still scratching their heads trying to figure out what Robert Downey Junior was trying to sell them.

Stop fooling yourself. The general public don't fall for this marketing BS that aluminium is a premium material. Seems like the people who visit sites like this are the stupid one who fall into that marketing BS.

Hate this nonsense that aluminum is premium

What in the world are you talking about? The ad is for Samsung, not HTC. Samsung doesn't even use aluminum. Have you already started drinking today? My entire comment was about how bad HTC's marketing is. Also, the general public falls for just about anything put in front of them. I've worked in marketing for 20+ years and I've seen it first hand over and over again. How many products do you really think are new and improved? The only change for most is the packaging.

Agreed. The Robert Downy Jr. Campaign was horrible.. This is much better. Shit.. I've found out that many android users don't even know what Google now is or how they can use voice commands or hangouts. Too many android commercials are too futuristic robotish (Verizon droid) and don't show users anything about the phone.

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That's interesting that Samsung is promoting the S5 as having slim bezels, it doesn't look as slim as the LG G2.

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Yeah, but it doesn't have to.
Some..if not most ppl still dont know the G2 exists.

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Wait, you can use both LTE and wi-fi at the same time? That's...not really something I've heard of before. Is this a new thing for phones or have others had this? I'm kinda looking forward to the Note 4 now. Hope it gets this as well.

Typically only mms messages use your actual data like pictures and videos. Using both to increase data speeds i don't think it's possible. I was going to get technical but my brain is durping lol

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I love how it says it's about improving your life like the features make your life easier then it goes on about specs. Interesting

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SO i was really hating on the S5 before BUT that commercial was pretty freakin cool, as samsung has always done, i really think its the overall simplicity of the marketing ,they never say their specs just put some on the screen for a few seconds, allowing most folks to stay mesmerized by the shiny object. but once again we are not like everyone else. ,as "bump" said its mostly fluff, but damn if that didn't soften me up to the s5, i mean i would actually tell people to ditch there s3 or s4 , and i still have reasons why i wouldn't change my phone, i'm a fan of the note line have a note 3 wouldnt change it for the world, but if i were to ever switch it would be the htc one hands down, just to add i loved the htc commercial but people thought it was a new iron man movie add or Robert Downey Junior , watching trolls wash a car dressed as hipsters

your wrong i like all Andriod phones when they are right and not a big disappointment as this phone is. i have phones from samsung,sony,HTC,LG

And this is why Samsung sells so many phones. It's the same reason (among others) that Apple sells so many iPhones. Marketing. Well done, Sammy. I'm not a big fan of Galaxy devices, and this video made me consider buying one this summer.

I'm waiting to see what the HTC M8 or whatever they will call it will have. That video definitely made me think twice about the S5 so we will see.

What Samsung does best is to show people what their phones can do. While HTC and others obsess about how pretty their phones look. On how pretty your phone look will only please the hipsters but it comes with low sales. The general public see a phone as a tool not something to make love with

Hate this nonsense that aluminum is premium

The worst marketing was for the Moto X. The only ads I saw featured a woman bejeweling a man representing her phone, when MotoMaker was an AT&T exclusive for months. The features that the tech world found interesting (always listening, trusted bluetooth, active display) were not even in the commercials! At least the HTC One commercials featured BoomSound and the G2 comercials featured its cameras. Why is marketing/advertising so hard?

I'm most excited about that Download booster!! Hopefully this gets adopted industry-wide soon. It's brilliant!

Also that camera is probably the tits as well. I love my Nexus 5, but the camera is just okay.


Seriously I wanted nothing to do with a Samsung product anymore but man they sure do know how to market a phone and give you what they think you want.

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Damn this commercial. I hate bloaty Galaxy phones to the core but this video really tempted me to buy one.

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I would still get the Note 3 over this. Clever brain-washing ad tho.
I still hate Samsung because their updates are Slow. Did the Note 3 ever get 4.2.2?

Cut them some slack, they're clearly trying to get better. In Poland they started to roll out the 4.4.2 updated for the Note 3 on January 13th. That's not soo bad; at least way faster than earlier updates.
It's not quite as fast as Motorola, but considering all the extra stuff in Touchwiz, I think it's a decent speed. (Whether you like Touchwiz or not, is another question, though ;))

This is Tier 1 marketing and a big reason Samsung is top dog. Night and day difference to HTC's marketing. BIG difference!

Why won't they show us the front of the gold. Is it white or black. That is going to make my wife's decision for her and nothing shows the front of the gold. Frustrating.

Noting the world one S-Pen at a time

I honestly really like the power saving mode, its probably my favourite feature. i need to learn more about what makes the camera such a big deal and i dont need a finger scanner or a heart rate monitor. also does anyone know what processor is in this? ive seen sites claim its the snapdragon 805 and other sites saying its the 801.