Post sounds familiar right? Well, this time it's for real and we're guessing the files won't get pulled down a second time around. Samsung has decided to give folks in Canada some finalized Froyo love on their Samsung Vibrants and Fascinates. If you've not already upgraded your device now would be a good time to do so. However, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention the fact that we've heard of Samsung customer support representatives still suggesting against the update.

Maybe they never got the memo about it being ok? Has anyone else called Samsung only to be advised not to do the update? Let us know in the comments if you've been advised against updating. With that disclosure out of the way if you're willing to try it out, you can find the files available on the Samsung website. In the meantime, we're gonna give Samsung a call and see what we get advised to do. [Samsung via Engadget]


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Samsung Vibrant and Fascinate Froyo available in Canada - for real


Froyo for the Verizon Fascinate would've been an awful nice Christmas gift. But listen up Verizon/Samsung, you guys still have time to finish it up for a release on New Years!

Man its so annoying why the hell cant they just give us a date for the froyo update in US. Well i bet tmobile vibrants are going to be the last ones to get an update :(

It's Canada. All 14 cell phones in the country now have 2.2. VZW is slowly but surely losing me and my company as a customer.

Verizon is historically slower because they have their own rigorous additional QA. Anyway, if you get that upset about updates to a cellphone, you should consider other options like Nexus One, Nexus S or exec the iPhone since they don't need to wait.

The Verizon Samsung Fascinate is starting to remind me of the HTC Eris...... Why can't Verizon get a true Google phone, that is not hampered by Verizon when it comes to updating the device? IT sucks because I have owned almost all of the android phones on Verizon and the Fascinate hits the sweet spot when it comes to size and feel.....too bad it is not getting the treament from Verizon it deserves....I want my 2.2, better yet 2.3

I installed the update on my Bell Vibrant a little while ago. I was running the broken FroYo JK4 that got pulled. The new build is notably faster (apps open quicker, etc). I have also noticed an improvement in camera picture quality and voice call quality. Now if I can keep it from bricking, we're good!

I have been playing with it for a while now and media card access is definitely much faster. It used to take forever to show picture thumbs when I opened the picture folder, now it's instant. Whatever crappy i/o drivers they were using initially they seem to have updated with this release.

CAPTIVATE? How can they release this for the Fascinate and Vibrant and not the Captivate? Aren't they really the same phones? C'mon.

Sigh. My vz fascinate GPS is officially not locking in anymore. I find it inexcusable that 2.2 hasn't been released yet. Congratulations to the Canadian galaxy owners.

Evanture - ok so I just phoned Samsung (Canada). Support told me that although it's true that they had released Froyo for the Fascinate and Vibrant (NOT yet for the Captivate though), they pulled the update due to it causing more problems than fixes. No date yet for a new release. At least she sounded honest.