Galaxy Alpha

Samsung's 'next evolution' of smartphone design is the long-awaited metal Galaxy phone

After a short flurry of leaks, Samsung has this morning taken the wraps off a new metal-clad Android smartphone, the Galaxy Alpha. Boasting a metal frame and a 4.7-inch display, the Galaxy Alpha represents a departure from Samsung's predominantly plastic-focused lineup, with a squared-off design furnished in more premium materials. It's also thinner than any other Samsung flagship, measuring in at 6.7mm. The display itself is a 4.7-inch SuperAMOLED offering, giving a pixel density of 312ppi — a little less than we're used to seeing from flagship devices, but still sharp enough for most use cases.

On the inside, the Galaxy Alpha is powered by an octa-core Exynos CPU with four cores at 1.8GHz and four at 1.3GHz, with 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and a 12-megapixel rear camera, along with a 1,860mAh battery. The device runs Android 4.4.4 KitKat with Samsung's latest TouchWiz UI and all the features you'd expect from a modern Samsung phone: Ultra-Power Saving Mode, S Health, fingerprint Scanner, and Private Mode, among others.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha will be available "at the beginning of September," Samsung says, in black, white, gold, silver and blue, depending on market. In the UK, retailer Carphone Warehouse says it'll stock the Galaxy Alpha, and that it'll carry the blue color exclusively. Carriers EE and Three have also confirmed that they'll range the device.

We've got more images and Samsung's official promo video down below.


So, are you tempted by Samsung's latest metal-clad offering? Shout out in the comments!

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Samsung unveils metal-framed Galaxy Alpha, available September


If I were a salesperson, I sell this to anyone asking for an iPhone.
"You should really check out Samsung's new iPhone... it's awesome and it runs Android!"

I think they might be targeting iPhone users with this phone and that's why it looks similar to Apple's design and specs.

Posted via Android Central App

But would it confuse the buying customers. If not, there isn't really a case to be made. There is enough difference that I don't think it confuses people who are actually buying the device. Besides it just shows how effective Apple's marketing is, if they can shape people's design expectations so much.
The biggest irritation I have is them keeping the clicky home button.

Posted via Android Central App

Yup, totally looks like the 4.7" iPhone that's...not...out...yet. But when it is they'll totally retroactively be copying them!

Posted via Android Central App

Ummm...the dummy models they send out to case manufacturers are proof enough, among other leaks.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah, I had to look closely at this picture to figure out that this wasn't a joke where an iPhone picture was used to talk about a Samsung phone. SMH.

No, they said, "Hey, I bet ya $50 if we drop the specs and use a metal frame, we can get some of those iPhone nerds to buy an over-priced Android phone!"

Except it's 4.7". And doesn't have a metal back. And has a completely different shaped home button. And has a centered camera lens. And has a large protruding square frame around the camera lens. And doesn't have a 2 tone back. And has a dimpled back. And says Samsung prominently on the FRONT and back...but I guess you're right, despite those many prominent differences it looks EXACTLY like an iPhone. (sarcasm intended).

Agreed. Let's all keep talking about how Apple "invented" chamfers. By this logic, Moto 360 is a total iPhone copy. I have a dresser in my bedroom that has a chamfered edge...can't believe Ikea designed my dresser to look just like an iPhone.

You mean the iPhone that looks like a HTC one?

The Alpha looks good. Hope they carry this design over to the S6 and Note 4 series.

It looks like a smartphone. This is how they look. There are only so many variations you can have when you need a display on the front, as well as a speaker. You can make it boxy or curvy. Smartphones prior to the iPhone looked similar to the iPhone, except they came first. Get over it, it's a design that naturally makes sense given the hardware requirements.

Yep. I've never really bought into the whole "Samsung copies Apple" stuff before, but this model certainly looks like a larger iPhone.

If the screen were bigger and there was a gp Edition, then I'd give it a second look. Otherwise, it looks as if they tried to beat Apple to the next iPhone haha. I'll admit I like the way it looks. Looks like a premium Samsung phone. Finally!

Posted via Android Central App

It's probably not that gimped in comparison, because it requires less horsepower to drive a screen with ~half as many pixels.

Posted via Android Central App

There is nothing worse than that crappy Nexus 5 with it's piss poor battery life and crappy camera.

Now they want to invade in a territory they know nothing of a area made prominent by Samsung who owns the Global Worldwide market share.

The world phablet and Nexus is a pure joke whoever heard of it battery draining Nexus phablet.

I can't wait to laugh come November at that battery draining Nexus phablet running Android L.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

I'm sure there are thousands of people on here who would disagree with that comment. Good luck with that lag and all that wasted space filled with Samsung junk that you will only use once to show your friends so they can think you're cool for once.

You know L improves battery life? The Nexus 5 got another hour and a half of battery life on the L preview alone.

Posted via the Android Central App

LOL you're the joke! Latest leak on the Nexus 6 are SIIIIIICK!!! Moto Shamu = 5.2" QHD display (was never going to be a phablet...c'mon), 805 @ 2.6ghz, 3GB, 32GB, 13MP OIS+/2.1MP, 2800mAH battery, Android L. Nexus just keeps getting better and better!! Keeps me on the cutting edge and coupled with Tmoble it's a darn cheap.

If those specs are close (I doubt the 1440 and the 3GB) I might have to like it.

The Nexus 4 is still crap and the 5 isn't half bad ... we shall see

Nah, screw that. I love the feel of my Nexus 5. I don't feel like I'm going to drop it every time I pick it up. I can't say the same for my EVO 4G LTE... That damned thing squirts right out of my hand, and has resulted in a cracked screen before I bought a TPU case for it.

i wonder who was first...Xiaomi or Samsung(just looking at the speaker grill), the chicken...or the egg...personally i think is was a hermaphrodite rooster LOL

I am highly disappointed. Glad I jumped to the G3. This phone should have been the premium S5 with better specs not this

Posted via Android Central App

Oh look! Another samsung bashing coming from HTC die hard!!!!! What a surprise!!!!!!!!

Posted via Android Central App

I actually think it looks great! Still not enough to pull me away from my G3. But I'd be happy as hell to use the alpha over any iPhone. Straight up!!!

Posted from my LG G3 or Nexus 5

Me to. I hate Samsung phones, but I would take this over an iPhone any day of the week

Posted via Android Central App on the Moto X

I see what Samsung is doing here. The new iPhones are coming out soon, 4.7 and 5.5 inch. They now have 2 flagships to compete with them. (Alpha and Note 4). Then they also have the GS5. I can't say I like what they're doing here until the iPhones come out.

Posted with my Nexus 7 2012 or Moto X via the Android Central App

Are they all out of idea's? Why 4.7 are samsung headed for nill point? The note 3 and the galaxy nexus are the only 2 Sam phones I've bought and I don't see me buying again from em.

from my old note3 which i had to sell my soul for;)

I won't deny the it looks good but apparently it doesn't have a micro SD card slot. I also wonder if it has a removable battery.

Posted from my S5

It has a removable battery but its lack of a MicroSD slot is a deal-breaker and makes them lose a sale with me.

No SD????

No thanks. I'd skip a removable battery before a removable SD. (Note, I have a Nexus 5 that's a work phone. I didn't shell out cash for it)

All the trolls come running every time Samsung is mentioned on here. They're easily identified as pathetic haters, with their repetitive ignorance. Most of the times they don't read what they reply to. Maybe that's because they're to stupid to read, or maybe it's just because their ignorance compels them to start hating before they can manage finish reading a sentence.

The specs are probably what they are because it's so thin. 1080p with that battery size would give it pretty bad battery life, you know the error HTC and Sony always made up until about a year ago. Funny how quick ignorant haters like their trolls and shills forget that.

Alright I'll make this a bit clearer because you clearly didn't read into what I wrote before you proceeded to rant. Samsung didn't want to put the engineering effort into putting flagship specs into a smaller body, because all that they do when they want to cram more in there is make the phone bigger, much to my (and many other's) chagrin. One thing that I will grant apple, as much as I think they're silly, is that they put some well thought out engineering into their products, unlike Android OEMs.

Posted via Android Central App

*Sigh* sticking chips in phones requires design work as well. Do us a favour an hush up

Posted via Android Central App

they should have went with this design years ago. I think it looks good, but does that mean they will continue the Galaxy range for 2015 as well as the Alpha range

Looks good but a bit disappointed. I expected that there would have been some specs to drool over when Sammy finally went full metal. Here's to hoping that the Note 4 will be metal too

Posted via Android Central App

It's not full metal. It's still majority plastic. That's what's so stupid about it.

Posted via Android Central App on the Moto X

You have to remember, most of them are probably HTC and Sony sales reps, i.e. they really don't have much useful things to do to fill their time with during the day, as no one ever calls their sales departments. Then we of course have the odd, insecure Apple troll frequenting this site....

Or many of them have owned Samsung products and are disappointed by the lack of effort Samsung is putting into holding on to the Android OEM crown they took from HTC before they started their decline. The S3 was a brilliant phone, the S4 was basically just a bigger S3 with a spec bump, the S5 threw in more bloatware with a spec bump and a couple of actually useful hardware tweaks with a disappointing design. Samsung is sliding down the hill slowly but surely. LG had hits with the Nexus 4, G2, Nexus 5 and more recently the G3.

I got S5's for my mother-in-law and wife. They both loved their S3's and are both resistant to change, so I got them the S5's. The S5 (like its predecessors) is overloaded with software that no one uses (over a months time, the average user only used Samsung apps for 7 minutes on S3's and S4's The camera won't take photos quickly without disabling the stabilization (search for slow S5 camera if you're a non-believer) and the thing doesn't have OIS. So despite a great camera, the experience blows on that phone. Sammy support (and T-Mo for that matter) were no help in getting the phone fixed when two days after we got it we noticed moisture in the camera (Baltimore is humid). Samsung said exactly that we couldn't prove it was a manufacturing defect, so we ended up having to pay for an insurance swap on a brand new device. I will say that the screen is gorgeous, the dimpled back isn't as terrible as it looks in pictures but still looks a bit tacky.

So while you might say that some of us are trolling, I think you're more likely dealing with a bunch of disgruntled people. My philosophy on phones basically falls to, "Does it do what I want, when I want in the way I want it to?" If I can answer yes, then the manufacturer matters less unless it's horribly ugly and even then, a case can do wonders. But if it puts usability roadblocks in my way, doesn't do what I want it to do, and is coming from a company that for the past couple of generations of phones has clearly cared less and less about what they're doing and more about the cash grab? Well then I'm just going to move on to one that will meet what I'm looking for.

That strategy analyst thing you posted is surprisingly ignoring the most commonly used Samsung app types... Hard to take it serious.

And then you start listing utter bollocks again. You enable image stabilisation, you don't disable it. And yes, the first pic will be slow if you have it enabled, as it'll need to create a reference for the stabilisation.

I don't say SOME are trolling. I'm saying MOST are trolling. There's a huge difference.

I think you only believe that most are trolling because it would rock your world view if you were to admit to yourself that an awful lot of readers on here dislike Samsung products

Posted via Android Central App

I will grant you this: you're a much better Samsung plugger than Richard Yarrell, they must have given you a nicer contract

Posted via Android Central App

Hahaha Hans, I'm no plant like yourself to sell anybody anything. I raised my criticism of Samsung just as I raise it for HTC, BlackBerry, Sony, OnePlus, and just about every other OEM. Nobody's made the perfect phone for me, so I voice my disappointment. You on the other hand, are busy piddling around the comment section accusing all those who disagree with you of trolling.
Troll on my friend, Troll on

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah, keep lying to make an argument. Troll.

I have criticised Samsung for a lot, like their watches. Their previous tablet strategy. and a lot of other things.

Again. Troll. The reason I called all the fecking annoying trolls out is because that is exactly what you are. Fecking annoying, ignorant, hating people. Repeating mindless hate written by others. Some of you are doing it because you really are stupid, most of you are doing it because you're envious that your employer or favourite brand isn't half as successful as Samsung.

Fix you basic attitude yourself, and I won't call you out as the troll you are, "Ernst".

You know what, fine continue your delusion. Excuse me while I go do something with my life "Hans"

Posted via Android Central App

I don't dislike Samsung products. They make solid hardware, and I can root/rom them so that their bad software choices don't really affect me.

That being said, I don't really like this thing very much.

Well, not much to say to someone clearly set in their opinion. I say if you enjoy Samsung products, that's great. It's a disappointing experience for many people who use their products. The analytics report goes more into detail about people using other apps (charts aren't everything). The image stabilization is meant to replace OIS, I understand its purpose and that it's meant to be on, but it's not fast enough to catch a 3 year old doing something cute which is the primary purpose of our phone cameras in the house (and according to many of the forums, what other people want to use their cameras for). Regardless, I suppose we'll have to agree to disagree about how many are trolling just to hate on Samsung. When they come out with something worth the money I put down for it, I'll be ready, until then, it's a big ecosystem out there.

OIS is hardware, the image stabilization on the S5 is software and not considered OIS since it is digital, not optical. It's the same difference as an optical zoom and digital zoom on regular cameras, one is hardware and one is software. I can't control OIS on my Nexus 5 because it's a floating lens in the camera whereas on the S5 it's a digital toggle switch. That said the image stabilization in the S5 works fine in light or dark for us, it's just too slow.

IF you want the worst examples. Look at daylight pictures from Nokia smartphones. They're generally somewhere in between pretty bad horrible, as the phone cant lock the OIS.

Oh look who's hating now. Haha you really crack me up. Never understood why people have have such a hard on for certain phone companies. They don't give a rats rear end about you.

Personally, I use whatever phone works best for me. I had a Galaxy S4 and a Galaxy Tab 3, but got rid of them because their build was terrible and Touchwhiz is just an utter disaster. I got the Moto X and the LG Gpad GPE, and love them both. If Samsung turns around what their doing and makes decent product again I will give them another shot. This Galaxy Alpha is not a step in the right direction though.

All that being said, if you like Samsung more power to you. Just tone down your loyalty a bit. You are sounding more like a troll than those people you are complaining about.

Posted via Android Central App on the Moto X

I'm not hating. I'm stating the obvious.

Nokia's solution to that known problem was...... ta-daa! Software image stabilisation by using a 41 megapixel sensor to digitally create a 5 megapixel image...

Tempted? Not out here in Android land mister. Where people have IQs and phones have real specs.... Not a chance.

Posted via Android Central App

Wow. Very underwhelming specs. And I'm sure they will charge the hell for this phone just because it has metal added to it.

Posted via Android Central App on my Nexus 5

I'm interested just for the size. 4.7 is totally the sweet spot and it's awesome to see another solid phone at that size. kinda does look like an iPhone, and it still has Samsung software. Plus, despite having a nice metal frame, there's still a plastic back. Disappointing.

The Moto X is 4.7 inches and it's smaller than the alpha. If you don't already have a 4.7 inch phone you like I would highly recommend the Moto X. I love mine. It's nothing like their crappy Droid line of phones. Even the newest droid phones fall short in my opinion. The first and last good droid phone was the OG Droid that debuted Android on Verizon. Ironically I got an iPhone after owning that phone because I felt android was still to immature, but I quickly found out that switch was a mistake. Anyway, Moto X FTW. 4.7 is definitely the sweet spot.

Posted via Android Central App on the Moto X

Wow, not the phone but the comments. The specs may be a little weak, but everyone said... Sammy needed a better build quality... Here it is and nope, still hating.

I said that battery is gonna stink the other day and got shouted down, so I guess we will see.

Does it look like an iPhone? Maybe. But that is their design language all along so I am gonna say no, it is a metal Samsung.

Even so, with Apple directly competing with Samsung in September, did you not think that Samsung wasn't going to respond?

Posted via Android Central App

Looks like a metal Samsung to me. The edge is definitely i-ish. But at this point I just see yet another iteration of the (IMO) increasingly stale Samsung design language (much like iphone design language is beyond stale).

However it's good news for fans of the look for sure. And of course the size is meant to compete against the upcoming iphone; no brainer there. They already have several solutions for folks who find 4.7" too small.

I always perfered the s2 squarish look over the s3,4 and 5 . The Alpha looks the part and design looks nice they just kind of gimped it on the specs. This phone will still sell very well with good marketing. Battery is the probably the worst feature on this but at least its inter changeable.

Posted via Android Central App

I think this model took a lot more design cues from the iPhone than previous Galaxy models did. I don't really give a shit, though. The iPhone's a great-looking device, and I think this looks like Samsung's most attractively designed phone to date.

The only big problem here is the battery. Even with the 720p screen at 4.7" (which is absolutely nothing to complain about, by the way), that's going to be an issue.

Based on my experience with Samsung phones and that tiny battery, this should definitely get about an hour of screen on time before it dies.

Posted via Android Central App

LOL my ass, the Nexus 5 got so much better battery life with Android L. Good luck with an 1860 mAh battery and TouchWiz.

Posted via the OnePlus One

I'm pretty sure that this phone will get zero interest from most of the people on this site.

I guess the target is the ones who hate plastic and want something metal and are not that interested in specs. It looks ok, but I would've liked to see Sammy come up with a different design away from the standard they have used for the last few years.

With it being smaller, it may grab a few people who don't like how big the S5/Note 3/M8/Z3 are.

Whereas the Note 4 will stand on it's own merits whenever it's released, Sammy will need to get the Alpha in the shops before the new iphone goes on sale, as I don't think they have much chance of selling many if it comes out after the media iphone-love in begins.

Looks more like an s2 which I prefer over the more rounded and big bezzeled s5. The Alpha looks good I think people are disappointed about the battery and display.

Posted via Android Central App

So, samsung profits and shipments dropped by 25% and they think design and materials are the reasons for that. Talk about being in a bubble. It can't possibly be because they offer nothing unique in the android ecosystem and that the chinese oem's are offering just about the same for a lot less. That design language seem rather familiar though. Samsung, keep selling yourself on that idea and keep making ads dissing the iphone, I am sure those will reverse the trend /s.

Year over year profit decline is not 25%.... sigh..... you are talking about QoQ change and it means NOTHING

Posted via Android Central App

Apple fan no surprise and yet apple had higher profits in earlier years than this year with only one phone but he won't mention that of course

You know I have had many phones the past few years from the Galaxy S2 to the Z10 and the M8 with a few in between, I am a happy to see the step away from the plastic. I just wish they had changed their form factor a little. I mean Apple did dothe edge thing first, but they don't have to be the only ones... Just wish it were a little different.

Posted via Android Central App

I use to be (still am in some ways) a supporter of Samsung products. Specifically, I bought 6 Samsung devices (Moment, Epic 4G, Epic 4G Touch, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition). I was with every person that said that none of their devices looked anywhere similar to apple iDevices. That debate just ended for me, because there is no way in H.E.Double Hockeysticks, that this device does not look like an iPhone. The shape of it and the sides definitely reminds me of an iPhone. However, if the Samsung logo were removed and the home button were shrunk, it would definitely be a iPhone. Nevertheless, that is just my opinion on the matter.

You had the Moment? My condolences. (Fellow sufferer here)

I got out after the Epic 4G Touch and went over to the EVO 4G LTE, and am still there. So far, it's been a solid phone with minimal issues.

I agree, this looks like a Chinese rip off of an iPhone. Poor choices on Sammy's part.

I get it now that Samsung and apple wont sue each other out side the U.S. they now copy the Iphone body style. The phone looks nice, Would have been better if they could have put a little better screen, but it still looks good would like to see how it does in the hand.

Meh, it looks like a Galaxy S5 with a metal ring around it as opposed to the plastic chrome ring. Samsung is really sucking here-- especially since they gave it worse specs than the S5.

The HTC One M8 is clearly a better looking phone.

Posted via Android Central App

It looks like a cheesy iPhone. What's the point of having a metal band around the phone if it's only got the same cheesy plastic back.

Posted via Android Central App on the Moto X

I like the looks I think what Sammy was trying to shot for is a smaller form factor and a premium look there nothing wrong with the idea apple doesn't own that I would definitely think about it as a backup to my note 3 which I like the larger form factor don't think I've heard so many Sammy bashes in my life is this apple central? ?

Posted via Android Central App

Although I'm not fond of Samsung, I got a bit excited when I saw 4.7". That quickly dwindled when I saw 1860mah. If it makes it more than 6 hours of moderate use and still active I'll be surprised.

Posted via Android Central App

Watch this:

I don't know why Samsung bothered making this thinner and wrapped this in cheap soda can aluminum. Since nearly 90% (I made that # up) of smartphone users are going to just slap a case on it and render the thinness and "premium" material useless.

^^^ that sounds so familiar. Which topics have I read those statements before? Was it HTC topics?

Posted via Android Central App

People seem to be forgetting that we were begging for smaller flagship phones. I guess this is nice to see. And don't give me crap that this is only 720p. Some people (like myself) are quite happy with 720 at sub 5" and 1080 at over 5".

No 1080p and no micro-sd slot makes this a no buy for me. What a shame. Love the size.

Posted via Android Central App

I could live without 1080p but I agree that the lack of a MicroSD slot is a deal-breaker. As would a non-removable battery, but they got that right at least. Still, no sale for me.

Tell you the truth i really like this phone. It's not ment for me though...i have a G3. THis is perfect for my GF who will be coming from the GS3 this year. pretty much same screen size and res but much better specs. This thing just looks great and premium and since it has touch wiz she will already know how it works. this is the first time in a couple years that i will give props to samsung.

Guys, please stop bashing samsung
It does resemble an iPhone, but this is samsung's style. This phone looks a lot like my GS5, so just because it is metal doesn't mean you need to go calling this an iPhone with a Samsung logo
But seriously, what the heck is up with that 1860 maH battery?

Posted via Android Central App with my Samsung Galaxy S5


If they're planning on actually calling this phone a flagship product and charging flagship prices,I wouldn't want to be on that team working at Samsung.

It may resemble a iPhone in a certain extent but I seriously doubt that it will in feel or performance.

What I don't understand is why bring it out with that small of battery,or sd cards,or a 1080 p screen? Maybe this one was on the books for so long that they just pulled it out,dusted it off and put it into production now that they and Apple have called a truce.

IDK but it sure doesn't make any sense to me for the specs.

Posted via Android Central App on my HTC M8

I would think that this phone is for those coming off the S3...abt the same size, same screen res.,but having a bump up in specs and better build...

Posted via Android Central App

The back is terrible. Like why just put a metal rim around the outside (and copy apple with the chamfered edges), and then just have std plastic everywhere else. also, camera sticks out, so it won't sit flat.


They could've put a slightly bigger battery in there and a micro sd slot. It definitely looks BETTER than the iPhone 5S. I guess if they'd put front-facing speakers on it there wouldn't be as many outcries that it's an iPhone clone...

Not only does it look like an iPhone, the ad is thematically the same (but not as good as) one of the iPhone 5s ads. What a disappointment from Samsung.

Posted via Android Central App

well now that they've moved on from plastic, their next move should be to move on from touchwiz.

Posted via the Android Central App

It looks like a cheesy iPhone. What's the point of having a metal band around the phone if it's only got the same cheesy plastic back.

Posted via Android Central App on the Moto X

People laugh at this phone like they did at the Moto X, but then we're proved wrong. Prove more people wrong, Samsung.

Posted via Android Central App

Well, it is better looking than all the other Samsung phones, I liked the silver one.
Why are you guys comparing it to the IPhone? It's not the first time Samsung does that and won't be the last.

What I really like about it is the standard 32gb version, in my opinion the 16gb model should only be offered on mid/low end devices. I don't care much about microsd cards.

Posted via the Android Central App

It looks nice to be frank. I have always liked iPhone design. Prefer Android than iOS though. This might be good for Samsung. But then again, I don't like TW and the occasional lag. Well maybe not lag, but not buttery smooth like my Nexus 4. And that 1860 mAh battery is doubtful to be better than Nexus 4's battery. Samsung in the past 2 or 3 years have better battery optimization than Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, and Nexus 5. But for a 4.7 inch 720p phone, I think should require minimum 2000 mAh..

Posted via Android Central App on Nexus 4

I actually prefer the 4.7" screen size. The "sweet spot" for me is 4.5 to 4.7" for one handed use.

But I'm disappointed that Sammy is still intent on ruining the UX with their hard-to-reach hardware buttons below the display. I had a GS4 and found reaching for those buttons during one handed use infuriating. Better to have the on-screen home, back and recent buttons. They're easier to reach.

And yes... it looks like an iPhone. Make mine HTC, thank you.

So it is rectangular and looks like any other smartphone out there, all smartphones today look the same to me. You people really have nothing else to do but whine and moan about the looks of a phone.

Posted via Android Central App

Everyone's like "LOOKS LIKE IPHONE", but maybe Iphone was just the inspiration for Samsung? I always liked Apple's design, so I think it's a great combination with Samsung's functionality!

I just came here to lolz at all these comments Hahaha brilliant. I could sit here all night reading all of these arguments.

Posted via Android Central App

Is it just me, or is that battery not painfully small for a display that size?

Posted via Android Central App

Given its only a 4.7 super amoled screen I'm gonna have to say yes. I agree it is rather small. My guess is overall thickness of the phone has something to do with it.

Posted via the Android Central App

This is just pitiful by Samsung. I've been fan of Samsung for years but they are losing me here...

Posted via Android Central App

So, now it really looks like an iphone and that pathetic battery is going to need to hug some wall chargers. Even with ultra power saving mode that small of a battery is an automatic "not gonna buy" for me. I'm too used to Motorola's 3500 mah batteries.

That's one sexy ass phone! I was thinking about getting the note 4 but I don't want anymore fake leather from Sammy. I'll keep my S5 for now and hopefully the S6 will have a frame as sexy as the alpha...

Posted via My (unlimited everything) T-Mobile Galaxy S5...

Why can't Samsung stop making all these random phones and focus on the ones they do have? I have a note 3.

Posted via Samsung Note 3