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Samsung has set-up a new teaser site, complete with 31 seconds of video that leaves us all gold and glittery inside.  Of course they are touting their next generation Galaxy S, which gets more than a few ears perked up.  Still nothing new from this latest video, but we now have a countdown to Samsung Mobile Unpacked on Feb. 13 in Barcelona (we'll be there, of course).  Hit the source link to learn that "Something big is coming!" [Samsung Mobile Unpacked]


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Samsung teases the next-gen Galaxy S at Samsung Mobile Unpacked


Super AMOLED Plus, and they aren't giving them up. Also, I have an official update, actually, they've put out 3 on my phone.

I feel like HTC is behind on the screen tech. All their competition is tooting their high quality screens and HTC seems to be dead silent. Hopefully that changes.

Samsung has definitely burned a bridge with me on this lack of attention they are giving their galaxy S phones. I mean seriously how do you not read all these online reports about millions upon millions of galaxy S phones being sold but don't do anything to update them? Then Samsung has the balls and nerve to reveal, advertise and tout their new line of devices. That is like starting a relationship with a new girl and not breaking up with the old but just hoping she gets the hint and goes away. Middle finger you Samsung!

I see all this Samsung commercials n I feel bad for my wife with her epic still waiting for Froyo...oh well I told her to get the evo

*GIANT MIDDLE FINGER* to Samsung. Maybe the next Galaxy S is the current Galaxy S with Froyo. Oh its good to dream though right........???

Wow Samsung. If this can ships with 2.2 then what is the reason why there current GS lines haven't got it. Man I wish Android would do something, I hate seeing this BS!!!! Americans can't shell out $400+ to buy every new phone to get the newest software. I really wish Android would do something, sheeeeesh anything!! Capitalism(lol) sucks

I own the HTC Hero, and I'm glad & content it has 2.1 considering it came with 1.5. I salute HTC FOR THAT. Hopefully many people are voicing their opinions,,,

Shame on you Samsung;You should be put on time out until you can learn to play nice with others,bad Samsung,bad !

This is going to end up like galaxy tab that nobody buys, everyone knows better that it wont get any updates. Give me my froyo for the epic now. POS samsuck.

Here's why Sammy doesn't care what we think of them:
The vast majority of galaxy S users don't read androidcentral. To most of these people, its just their phone. Its not a hobby like it is for us. Many of them don't know that they don't have the latest version of android, and many of those that do know, don't really care. They don't know what froyo is, or what they're missing.

Meanwhile, most of the people who pay close attention like we do, are motivated and knowledgeable to root and update to froyo manually. I did it with my Epic, it works great, and it was easy.

So most of the samsung users without froyo don't care, and those that do care can just root. Well played, samsung. Well played.

Yeah. Pretty.much screw samsung. No updates. So so user interface... I will wait for htc to release their next cool hanset on sprint.

We can finally stick it to samschmuck by never buying another one of their non-upgradeable phones. We need to spread the word why updates are so important so that the average android user can understand why they should never buy another sanschmuck phone. The android community is much stronger that they realize.

The sad thing is, I bet this phone will be everything I want in a phone. I am worried about the updates, but maybe Samsung is actually taking all the criticism to heart. This could be the perfect phone. It looks crazy thin in the video!!

samsung doesnt have a heart. theyve continued to lie to their customers and promise updates that they never deliver and they DONT CARE. now they want as to dish out another 500 bucks for this phone, which in all likelihood WILL HAVE FROYO...of course only Samsung would screw over their customers like this..........

lol keep telling yourself that.

That is exactly what we Galaxy S costumers first said to ourselves. That's how they get you: they put out a big show and trick you into thinking they've changed. (Sounds like a lot of people I know)

Be prepared to tell yourself that for the next 7 months when they don't update the phone and then tell you to buy a "new" $500 phone with the update.

Or you can go ahead, try to root it, void your warranty and risk bricking your phone.

Your call.

"Risk bricking your phone"?

You do realize the Galaxy S series is damn near unbrickable? The rooting process is painless. Run an app, reboot, hit a button and done. I doubt you could brick during that process.

Now as to loading ROMs, yeah... if you flashed something made for another phone- like maybe a Droid 2, yeah, you could brick. But then, if you're silly enough to be flashing ROMs made for other phones maybe you shouldn't root.

Now, if you've got the ability to follow simple instructions, rooting and custom ROMs are easy... and the dev teams over at XDA make incredible ROMs. Should you decide to go ahead and root and install a custom ROM, I'm sure you'll realize your phone runs way better (and longer, mine can last 2+ days on 1 charge with light usage) than it ever did stock.

Fact is, Samsung's hardware is pretty top notch. And the hacking community's devs more than compensate for Samsung's lacking in software updates/crappy UI.

@cyberdan, that's what so many of us said about first wave of galaxy S phones. People warned saying Sammy isn't good about updates to their phones. But everyone said, "ohhhh, super amoled..yummy, sammy us putting do much in to this new galaxy S line, there's no way they won't update, it will be ok." (me included)

Now, 9 months later, no froyo, though prior post is right, putting froyo on Epic isn't that hard. I will think long and hard about buying any other samsung phone (love my sammy bluray and hdtv, but I don't have to worry cuz they don't need updates) and I doubt I every will get another samsung.

Htc seems good about updates. Motorola has locked boot loader issues, but they do a good job of updating their phones' firmware so doesn't really matter except to nerds (like us)

ive had a stock dk28 froyo with launcher pro+ running for like 2? months now, was pretty happy with it. over the weekend i took the plunge- rooted, installed cwm3 and installed epic rebirth 1.2 rom. its like night and day! now my epic is very stable, unbelievably fast and looks awesone too. let me tell you something... the most difficult part was waiting for some downloads to finish (and im just an average user).

moral is... if a bunch of developers can do wonders like that, then samsung and sprint certainly can in no time. now i know 10'000% that samsung and sprint are holding out froyo from us ON PURPOSE!

I had the Instinct on opening day. They (Samsung) are way lacking on updates. EVO player now and HTC builds and supports the best phones around. I'm a lifer with HTC unless they go stupid.....just sayin

I can't use the audio out jack of my Samsung dock because the Samsung Epic needs 2.2 froyo update from Samsung to enable the innovative Samsung feature of audio through microUSB Port.

Now the 'New' Samsung Nexus S is out with 2.3 . That 'New' cpu gpu ram and 4 inch screen really make this Epic owner envious .

Perhaps this New Samsung product will innovate again and feature 4G capability !

not envious of nexus s at all. in fact, i dont like that the screen is curved. aside from OS i dont see any advantages that nexus s has over epic.

What the hell are you guys talking about? My (Swedish) GalaxyS came with 2.2 pre-installed. Are you sure it isn't your providers who are holding the updates?

yes, thats why us US users are so upset. there is NO reason why we shouldn't have it by now, but "someone" is holding it back from us.

If it's purely the carriers fault then how did all of the high end HTC and Motorola phones in the US get Froyo updates so quickly? Clearly some of the blame is on Samsung

This is my theory... Agreed with above. This is capitalism. Samsung and the carriers need to hold back on OS upgrade to help ensure people purchase the newer phone which way Samsung "hit their numbers" at the right time so their stock price goes up. For example iPad 1 didn't have a front facing camera. iPad 2 will now that it's past the holiday spending season. Based on that logic Samsung will come out with 2.2 update to the older Samsung phones after 2 month after they announce their new phones after the new phones start to sell. "Why get the new phone when the old cheaper phone does just as much?"

All you anti capitalist IDIOTS on here who think that capitalism has prevented you from getting a Froyo update are absolutely the epitome of stupid. What the HELL do you think brought you these amazing technologies to begin with?! CAPITALISM! You think in your socialist/communist utopia that companies will make this kind of stuff out of the goodness of their heart for "the collective"? You are spoiled petulant brats who have NO IDEA why you are afforded the luxuries of even having one of these phones, much less of living in the USA. You are despicable.

@ scoinva - I completely agree. I said something similar in a fascinate thread yesterday. In addition to our collective theories, I have this thought. Babybear293 said if this ships w/ 2.2, then there's no reason the current Galaxy S phones don't have it.

Any chance Verizon is simply going to push an OTA of 2.2 for both on the new ones release day. Two birds with one stone for Verizon. Upgrade the old one w/ a little older hardware, and have the OTA for the new one sitting out there for when reps set up your new on at the Verizon store. Is that possible or is the code that much different between the two that this cannot work.

I'm sorry but mix of Hardware failier , bad battery life , cheap-looking casing & no updates doesn't worth the SuperAmlod screen
I'm perfectly happy with my TFT-screen in my MileStone 1 (if it wasn't for the Atrix I wouldn't change it)
If I wanted a great screen , I would get an iPhone 4 , but the screen isn't everything in the phone

Exactly !!!!!
I just dont understand all this Samsung hate. The Galaxy S around the world have 2.2. updates rolled out !!

Blame your carriers -__-

Cant wait for the Samsung galaxy s2 !!!
from where i come from, Samsung always update their phones ! hell yea its in U.A.E, Dubai =)

Sure this thing will ship with Froyo... But don't count on Gingerbread until December or so.

I really like my Samsung Fascinate BUT ONLY BECAUSE OF THE DEVS. If it wasn't for the dev community it would have gone back to Verizon in a flash.

As they've said on the podcast, the real update us Galaxy S owners need is Gingerbread.

Gosh you people are all a bunch of whiney b*****s!!! The galaxy s IS the best phone on the market right now, hands down. This next gen galaxy s will blow everyone away.

hahaha, what a bunch of cry babies cry cry cry, all of you are a hole bunch of lazy cry baby, i have a Samsung vibrant and been on froyo for months now, if they do not give you something just go get it your self people, rooting your phone is not illegal, plus you can revert to stock if you want to, so please stop the laziness.

No working Froyo ROM for Fascinate yet. [edit] Litereally right after I made this comment the release of Froyo from the devs went on the front page of AC. Huzzah!

1. not everyone is a tech nerd
2. not everyone wants to run the risk of bricking their phone, or run into problems later down the road.

stop complaining about people with legitimate complaints.

I don't know about you, but the next phone I buy will have stock Honeycomb. No reason to buy anything less at this point, especially when Honeycomb has hardware requirements.

How can you anyone Blame the carriers in this situation?! The CELL PHONE MANUFACTORERS ARE THE ONES WHO MAKE THESE PHONES & puts the SOFTWARE IN THE PHONE, the carrier only provides CALL & data services.. I THINK A LOT OF YOU ARE IN DENIAL IF YOU THINK IT'S ANYONE BESIDES SAMSUNG HOLDING THIS UPDATE BACK,,, WHO PROFITS FROM CELL PHONE SALES? SAMSUNG! Carriers only care about new customers, that's new contracts & more guaranteed money,,,
And you people calling the commentarers names, call down,,, you all look & sound childish.

why is it that almost all other carriers around the world have 2.2 or 2.2.1? It's the carriers "rigorous testing" and desire for compatibility of their own carrier branding such as their own apps and specific software locks which hinder it for you Americans. It's funny because the same thing applies to us Canadians but we still got our update for 2.2 and we don't just one type but 3 different variants: the Vibrant (SGH-I9000M) the Captivate (SGH-T959D) and the Fascinate (SGH-T959D).
Samsung has to work with the carriers due to their exclusivity agreements and Samsung has to abide by the companies decision in the end. Heavy carrier branding and other carrier policies are to blame, stop ignoring all the evidence it's there and it's visible to the rest of the world..

That was a tease video? Cmon Samsung, you gotta do better than that, there was no substance there whatsoever. :-(

Umm name a phone other than the Nexus S with official Android 2.3 updates that HAVE been released? none..

Why is it that Canada, Europe and Asia all have Android 2.2 and 2.2.1 on their Galaxy S.. Does it still not compute? Is Samsung at fault?.. read up will you, its your CARRIERS and their exclusivity contracts that Samsung has signed with them therefore leaving the decisions up to the carrier not Samsung..

BTW Canada has other variants of the Galaxy S too, the Vibrant, Captivate and Fascinate and all now have 2.2..

Stop with your BS already... you're the same person posting this nonsense on other sites. Samsung is the one holding the updates back, not the carriers. If anyone should read it's you, read T-Mobiles rant, which they clearly call out Samsung on the fact Samsung refuses to release Froyo/2.2 update for the Vibrant for fear it will hurt the Vibrant 4G sales. HTC, Motorola etc., develop the software, carriers and Google help to push them out, it's that simple.

for all the retards that say its carriers fault. please explain how motorola htc and even lg in america got update for froyo? they all have the carrier specify crapware on it and some are more complicated coding than the galaxy has. its purely the sheet team in samsung software engineer department and their incompetent workers. its not a conspiracy all carrier want to delay froyo update to give samsung bad name. its 10000% samusungs fault. They brought it upon themselves. I hope they wont sell more than 500000 new galaxy2 here in usa and hurt their revenue.

THANK YOU!!! It's the bloody CELL MANUFACTORERS !!!!
The carriers aren't losing money from updating the phones!!!
Carriers make money from CONTRACTS!!!!

Then explain all the updates for the Galaxy S up in Canada and other countries in Europe and Asia. They are also carrier specific as well.

Has anyone realize the they fail at Photoshop.. Between 12 and 13. The girl reflect at the mirror the actual phone hehhehehe