Looks like our friends in Cupertino have taken an issue with some of Samsung's products, namely the Galaxy S-line, Nexus S, Epic 4G, and Galaxy Tab, and they're looking to take them to court over it.

Says Apple:

“Rather than innovate and develop its own technology and a unique Samsung style for its smart phone products and computer tablets, Samsung chose to copy Apple’s technology, user interface and innovative style in these infringing products."

There haven't been any public comments from either company as of yet, but we can only imagine this one will continue to heat up as both continue to defend their stance.

Does Apple have a case on their hands? Should Samsung settle out of court if they're given the chance? Or is Samsung in the right and Apple's just trying to quash some of their Android competition? Give us your take either in the comments or the forums. [WSJ]

Update - More from Apple: 

“It’s no coincidence that Samsung’s latest products look a lot like the iPhone and iPad, from the shape of the hardware to the user interface and even the packaging,” an Apple representative told Mobilized. “This kind of blatant copying is wrong, and we need to protect Apple’s intellectual property when companies steal our ideas.” [Mobilized]


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Samsung sued by Apple -- Galaxy S, Nexus S, Galaxy Tab at the crux [Update: more from Apple]


At first I thought it was the obvious (although HORRIBLE) ripoff that is Touchwiz UI, but, Nexus S? I don't know..

I thought a petent protected a "method of manufacture" - not an idea. The Android is a significantly different design of phone that achieves similar results. That is called competition. Apple's response is due to the competition winning because it actually improved on the original Apple concept - with a larger screen and faster processor.

Wonder if I can patent the idea of buildings?

weird, considering iOS has no widgets whatsoever and most android phones come with dozens of widgets pre-programmed in their UI ... how is that similar to Apple?

Yeah I was wondering exactly what they think Samsung copied that other android phones didn't copy.

The interface is totally different.

I hate it when people play dumb like the Touchwiz launcher looks nothing like iOS in general.

I mean c'mon last week I traded my Droid X for a iPhone 4 so I'm on the other side of the fence but Apple has a case here when it comes to software. Hardware... Not so much.

Well the phone in the picture does have the iPhone shape and touchwiz does have the similiar 4 icons at the bottom of the screen and the app drawer is side swiping pages instead of the android scrolladex.

Not saying apples right cause like usual I think they're big babies and whining about nothing, but I do see a couple similarities.

Just because there may be similarities doesn't mean that its actionable. Apple sued MS and said they couldn't use a trash can in their OS. They lost. They will lose again. Some innovations are obvious and natural evolutions of interfaces.

I can see them all. While the Nexus S is running Stock Gingerbread, the casing has some minor resemblances to the 3g and 3gs i think. Sad fact is, while i think these are all great android devices, I think apple does have a bit of footing there, even if not legally in court. First time i saw the Galaxy S in person my head instantly jumped back to how similar it was to my old 3GS. The tab runs similar touchwiz, much like IOS being on the iPad.

So now Apple gets to sue based on the shape of a device and the dimensions of a cardboard box? Get real. They are going to waste a lot of money on this one and in the end they will look like fools.

Normally, I am never on the side of Apple. However, TouchWiz is a knockoff of iOS, without a question. I don't see how the Nexus S fits in to that suit though.

And if this is the case then they need to go after LG aswell.
This is nonsense everyone loves sue these days whats the same about it, because it has a flat shiny surface? because there is a button in the center? because the app drawer is horizontal. Nonsense. The inventer of the car should sue everyone for having wheels, motors , seats.

Samsung strategy is to copy the product that works! and sometimes try some new move but at least they don't have only 1 product iPhone so everyone can find a device :)

Huh? I have a Tab and did have a Pad (until I tossed it for the Tab). Similar? That's like calling Apple's OS the same as Windows OS. Of course they look alike, they are based off the same theory of operation. I honestly can't see any other resemblance, what am I missing?

And what most people DON'T know... is Apple copied LG's Prada phone with the Iphone. Then they turn around and have the audacity to sue someone else over copying their copy. I love it. Rot in Hell Apple.

The Prada was officially announced in December 2006, which your link clearly shows. Your link also goes into more detail, explaining that the device's design was publicly shown for a design award in September 2006, and that LG has claimed that Apple used their idea. Did you not even bother to read your own sources?

And this proves what? Just because something was released before some other product, doesn't mean it precedes it in concept or design.

It doesn't prove anything except that LG did unveil a capacitive touchscreen phone before Apple did, and that LG has complained about it. Feel free to draw your own conclusions, but gdbjr attempting to show that the iPhone was shown before the Prada is explicitly misleading.

I find it funny Apple is suing Samsung. First doesn't Samsung supply components to Apple. Second Touchwiz only similar feature to iOS is 4 icons on the dock. I dont recall any Android features like app drawer, drop down notifications, customizations and etc. Maybe Apple is jealous that Samsung made a phone that was very well consider Cellphone of 2010. Since it done so well worldwide. US owners blame carriers since they like to damage the end user with delay of updates. Currently so far the rest of the world is doing very well.

yes its a ripoff but Apple is playing with fire, after all they get most of their supplies from Samsung (a4,a5 processors, lcds, memory, etc)

Who do you thing Samsung makes more money off of? The few Android phones they sell or all the millions of parts to apple?

I wouldn't call 25 million units "a few" and lets see how apple is gonna cope without samsung supplies

What? That is really odd, specially that they would try to sue now. Why not a while back, when touchwiz actually resembled apple? The current newest touch wiz (4.0) and direction they are going looks NOTHING like apple at all.

The timing of the suing makes it obvious that Apple is simply feeling threatened by samsung right now. Samsung Galaxy S 2 perhaps? *shrugs*

I dont think they can even include galaxy s2 since it's not even out yet. I understand the first gen GS, but the Nexus S really throw me off there.

Phones are little 4-5 inch black slabs of plastic! After a whille there isn't much room for change. Should HTC sue Moto cause the x has the same size screen as the evo?! This is nuts!!

Exactly. The same "shape"???? Give me a break! Almost all phones are the same "shape", a rectangle with rounded corners. What, do they think they own that concept too? I suppose competitors should be restricted to round or triangular shaped devices?

Well Apple-fanboys, unless Apple can find a new supplier, get ready for some iPhone 5 delays.

(That side-scrolling app-drawer totally reminds of an iPhone though... just saying.)

The android homescreen as a whole operates that way, swipe left and right to navigate. HTC Sense for WM had left and right swiping of the homescreen too. WebOS does it as well for their app drawer. It's a logical method of navigation. It isn't my preferred method.. but widely used.

Apple is getting worse and worse. They are very pissed off over their 2nd place drop in the cell phone market place. This is a fact, Why would anyone with any positive and forward thinking want to buy a phone that you are so restricted. Once you try a high powered Android device that has been rooted you will never go back. Granted battery life is the weak point but that will change as technology with batteries gets better. With the dual core devices the batteries do much better. Anyways let Apple cry and ponder as they take 2nd place and soon very soon the difference between 1st and 2nd place in this market will get larger and larger. Apple will never be able to catch The Android Machine. Apple is for the consumer who likes to be told what and how to think. Android is for the free thinker, I like to be a free thinker, Thank You Android.

I kind of agree with the statement about them being pissed they are 2nd now. But how can you say well try an android device that does everything then root it and you'll be blown away. And an iPhone does nothing. Well let me ask you to compare a jailbroken iPhone to a rooted android device. A jailbroken iPhone does everything a rooted android device does. I personally like both OS's but a jailbroken iPhone4 is a speed demon, the battery lasts and it does pretty much everything. Just sayin not hatin.

Also iOS vs android, yes android stock for stock allows you to far more than iOS. But you are comparing a hacked android device to a stock iOS device.

Actually, there is one thing that a Jail Broken iPhone does that a rooted android phone doesnt do: It locks you back down again when you apply an update!

Have you much experience in rooted Android phones?

My roommate had a jailbroken iPhone 4, I've got a rooted Samsung Vibrant. He unjailbroke due to a massive onset of lag, and the fact that he still couldn't do things like wifi tether without having to purchase an app. Not to mention he was still lacking in widgets and the overall level of customizability he hoped to attain.

Whatmore, no iPhone, jailbroken or stock, has custom ROM's, which is, in my opinion the real amazing part about a rooted Android. My battery can last upwards of 18 hours with moderate usage, and drains less than 1%/hr on standby. This is also overclocked to 1.2 GHz... trust me, it's fast.

Not hating on iOS, but as far as customizability and hackability/optimizability, it can't touch android. I really can't wait to see how the Galaxy S2 turns out after developers get their hands on it. :D


As to this story: Hardware-wise all smartphones look basically the same. Software-wise, Touchwiz looks iPhoney on the surface, but use it for 5 minutes and you'll clearly see it is not anything like iOS. It's still not my launcher of choice.... but whatever.

And goodluck to Apple on getting ahold of all the hardware you need to build those iPhone 5s without Samsung as a supplier.

If you knew anything about apple you would know they don't care about place. They care about making money. And they are making tons of money. Android phones are not going to keep apple from making money.

I really dont see how touch wiz is a knock off of ios. Then again i've never owned an iphone. But I will say that the design of the galaxy s IS very similar to the iphone 3gs...

They cant sue for the epic 4g as no idevice has a sliding keyboard, or the rumors are true about a iPhone with sliding keyboard coming out n they need to use the epic 4g shape n form of the phone.

You're kidding me right? Is Apple hurting that much that they need to sue others to make a profit? Pretty sure Crapple can take their lawsuit and shove it.

Confuzzled. How can you run ads with the theme "if you don't have an iphone you don't have..." and then sue somebody for copying the technology.

Lawsuits aren't filed over night. This could easily have been started last summer when the Galaxy S i9000 was released. I bought one of those last July, and it's a great phone with the proper launcher applied and a decent ROM, but it was CLEARLY a clone of the iPhone, in both physical appearance (the flat black screen with a single button at the bottom center) and you could argue software-wise with the VERY iPhone-like TouchWiz that it shipped with.

The Nexus S charge is laughable. That thing looks like any other Android phone (only sexier) and doesn't have a hint of iOS in the operating system.

Of course apple has the right to sue...after all, they invented the touch screen! So any phone with a touch screen is infringing on the thing that apple invented. (wait until the copy and paste lawsuits start flying!!)


ughhh ok? Its the android Dominance that they fear. I could understand the whole touch wiz, but they didn't decide to sue until mow. Touchwiz was in development in 2008 and released in 2009 in sdk form. Nexus s is running STOCK 2.3. If i was Samsung i would stop supplying all hardware parts to The whole IOS market. Issues with that of course is that again Jobs would sue again.

2nd most ridiculous lawsuit. 1st is the man that tried to sue himself.

Apple, you are dancing in the fire with your major component supplier.

Samsung: Oh Jobs you so funny! How about we raise price on components and take more money since our phones are doing so well!

Jobs: but... I AM JOBS!!! (Spartan outfit included)

Oh good god! There are going to be fundamental similarities in any piece of touch-screen technology. There are only so many different ways you can handle that kind of platform. If Apple had their way, they would be the ONLY touch-screen device. Guess what? That's not going to happen. Samsung has done an amazing job with their phones and tablets (aside from their slow push on updates). MANY of my friends are iphone users. I own an Epic. There is zero similarity except for the side-scrolling app drawer. So what? If that's the whole reason Apple is suing, they may as well try and sue book publishers for having pages that turn because it's similar and Apple has the patent. Ridiculous.
Apple, you're shooting yourself in the foot over and over...and it's why you're loosing your grip on the market. Everyone is tired of your antics. The end!

Apple has lost this game before in the past, and won it. But the argument that Sammy's most likely going to make is "inevitable progression." Apple tried to go after other OS makers to stop them from making a pinch-to-zoom interface and the judge basically laughed them out of court.

I'm interested in seeing exactly what aspects they say are copies. Is it hardware? Software interface? UI? Background process? It will be interesting to see more as this comes into the open.

I'd like to see Sammy respond by saying, "OK, you can sue us, but we're going to stop selling you hardware." And see how Apple responds to a suply chain halt...

Update: So, I just saw a bit more on this. It appears that the primary complaint is actually that the hardware looks similar. That's going to be a hard case to actually win. I mean, my dell Latitude looks a lot like a Sammy business line computer, looks pretty similar to *any* other black laptop.... so I'm not sure if they will get far with this... but who knows. Apple is still a darling in the Tech world despite the fact that they are becoming more and more of a bully...

This is more or less a lawsuit against Android. They are really saying that Android is the mimic of iOS. So is Rim and Sybian. Those companies are next ;)

RIM's biggest problem is that they are nothing like Apple. They can't innovate into something that the general consumer wants these days and the "business user" is getting more and more mixed in with the rest of us.

Sybian, is Nokia, and Nokia pretty much shut down Sybian a few weeks ago. Because they were losing market share with the OS. They said they'd support WP7 on future smart phone devices.

As was mentioned here, this is an Apple vs. Android thing. No one else can compete at the moment, so they want to try to hit a big competitor if they can... only time will tell if they're successful.

Good! Samsung needs to get sue! I was sicken when I saw the Vibrant and thought Samsung needed to step up the plate and stop ripping off Apple. Companies are trying too hard to look like apple product.

And you need your head examined. All phones are gonna look close to each other. There rectangle. Televisions are rectangular to should they be sueing each other to.

I'm wondering their partnership how long will it last?

Maybe Samsung turned down the 7.8Billion from apple, then apple sued them lol.

Maybe this lawsuit will force Samsung to inject some innovation into their company culture XD

In all seriousness though, this is all business and there is no ethics here. Apple is just trying to squeeze some dollars from Samsung and/or trying to get better deals on Samsung's parts.

As a Fascinate owner I agree with Apple, if not just to push Samsung to really start thinking through their interface and hire some designers to make it a beautiful experience. They are copying Apple (Gawd knows why) and not even well.

"They are copying Apple (Gawd knows why) and not even well."

They are so bad at it, that it's completely different. That's how bad.

As a DX owner i know nothing about touchwiz... but with so many smart phones out there, aren't there going to be tons of similarities? It's almost impossible to be orignal at this point with icon layouts and swipe gestures. There would be no competition if otherwise. Am I wrong?

Didn't Apple try and sue Microsoft for copying their "Look and Feel" and creating a "Windowed Environment"?

They lost with the opinion "Apple cannot get patent-like protection for the idea of a graphical user interface, or the idea of a desktop metaphor [under copyright law]".

Looks like they are trying to claim the interface is similar. If Samsung stole actual icons, that could be sued over, but just a launcher "feel" has no merit.

I remember that suit. I had a Commodore Amiga at the time (I'm dating myself but I was a teen), which came out a year after the first Mac. It was far more similar to the Mac OS than anything Microsoft would put for years after. Yet, Apple didn't bother trying to sue Commodore. I guess they were too small a fish to bother with.

I guess Apple is so scared of the competition and know they can't win on product alone.

>>Didn't Apple try and sue Microsoft for copying their "Look and Feel" and creating a "Windowed Environment"?

Yes, and Apple forgot to mention that they stole their UI from Xerox PARC, who had a mouse-like input device and a GUI before Apple was "creating" the Lisa environment, the precursor to the Mac.

With all the blatant knock offs coming out China that are real "infringements", Steve has got his underwear in a bunch over Samsung? No one is going to mistake an android Galaxy for an iPhone. Not going to happen. If iOS is so unique, what's he worried about? Yeah and if he can get away with it, he'll probably go after HTC next...

But the Epic is a part of the Galaxy S line. Come on, AC. Get it together. We know you never cared about the Galaxy S line, but this is poor.

Touchwiz UI not only has the 4 icons at the bottom, side scrolling apps.. but look at the way they do their icons. Looks really Apple-ish to me.

I'm not buying the Nexus S part tho. I mean, come on.. there are only so many shapes you can make a phone out of. They gonna sue everything with 4 corners and a screen now?

You guys can't honestly say you don't see the the obvious IOS ripoff that Crapwiz UI is.. come on now, don't be THAT guy.

Apple is getting scared !!! The 800 lb gorilla is afraid it may actually lose the fight. Instead of improving the UI on iOS (really hasn't changed since the first iPhone), they want to spend their time doing this. What a wonderful waste of time and resources. Maybe the OHA should sue apple on copying home screen folders..... wait, microsoft could sue both of them for that, as well as for copy and paste !! I better check if Apple has patented a way on eating a sandwich before my next meal.

Hopefully this is the end of the touchwiz. That's one of the things i don't like about samsung. but i don't get the nexus s though

I hope google and webOS sue apple for any copycat features the next iphone and ios have. Like notifications and other stuff apple will be playing catchup on.
Also hope samsung stops providing hardware to apple for this. Like processors.

I agree with most above about the Galaxy S having a similar look to the iPhone, main reason I didn't get my daughter a white Fascinate. Would of looked even more like an Apple! And as far as the icons, really agree! Reason I don't like Samsung, the colors and icons are too bright and fruity for my taste. Great for my daughter, not me. Reason why Charge isn't in my plans even if Bionic is dead. But also agree that all this lawsuit crap has to stop somewhere!

The obvious problem is that most of you have no clue how these type of lawsuits work. Let say that Samsung did copy apple (and I am not saying they are or aren't) and apple does nothing about it. Now lets say LG, for example, copies apple iphone. Apple really has no leg to stand to to sue LG since they let Samsung do it without suing. It is all about protecting your intellectual property. Companies can't pick and choose who they want to sue. If they want to protect their IP they have to sue anyone who they think is stealing it, otherwise they lose the right to sue in the future.

You would be correct except for one problem. Companies are really selective about who they sue. They only sue people with deep pockets or companies where they can gain a strategic advantage.

For instance, on the Market there is a non-free theme for ADW that makes your phone look like an iPhone, down to the water droplet background and square cartoony icons. Should Apple sue them? Why haven't they?

It all comes down to money and leverage. That's why people sue, not to preserve their right to sue others.

I am somewhat glad this happen since the only thing I have absolutely hate about this phone is that it resembles the iphone too closely.

Ok, I'm a huge Apple fan. I admit it 100%; however, this is totally uncalled for. Samsung is definitely unique in their own way. When I held the Vibrant for the first time, I really, REALLY liked it. Yes, it SORTA looks like Apple's stuff, but c'mon it is unique in its own way. I've been against software patents since the early 2000s, when I started to understand this type of stuff. I despise companies that horde patents and sue. Hardware patents, sure I can understand them, but when software is mentioned, no, uh-uh, not at all.

Apple, I love your products, but just shut up for once! You have billions of dollars and could most likely have your own country. Let people and other companies enjoy some fame by your inspirations. After all, they aren't Chinese rip-offs, but legitimately tweaked designs.

Shame on you!

Isn't this just sport for these manufacturers and designers? Didn't Apple sue Google for android's 'infringement' on their innovations?
And didn't Apple sue Microsoft for the same reason?
And didn't Microsoft sue Google for the same reason?

I think this is just what these companies do when they're bored or want to throw a company-wide pizza party.

"Hey, it's Steve's birthday next week! Where are we gonna get money for all the lambic?"
"Let's sue somebody! Uh, how about...SAMSUNG! They did pretty well last year! They'll probably settle fast!"
"This is gonna be a great party."
"Yeah, but only if Steve doesn't show up."

In other news, McDonald's has filed suit against Burger King, Wendy's and Hardee's/Carl Jr's. Reasons named in the suit include:

- Selling "hamburgers", which include "cheese", "pickles", "onions", "tomatoes", and "ketchup" as potential "condiments".
- Listing food items on picture board menus using "combos" numbered 1 through 10.
- Offering "breakfast" in a fast-food environment.
- Providing convenient "drive-thru" service.
- Harboring "value menu" items for as little as $.99 or $1.
- Occupying "restaurants" containing "tables", "chairs", "cash registers", and "bathrooms".

the funniest thing samsung makes the screen and nand flash memory and the main board for apples higher end mobile devices samsungf will drop production on there shiz and kill apple temporarialy

Wow Samsung could counter Sue just with that picture. Apple might have a slim chance in hell on the tablets but they're screwed on the phone part. Hey Apple you better start looking for a new supplier once your contract is up cause Samsung might tell you to go f@#$ yourself. Good luck finding a manufacturer who makes all the parts that Samsung makes for you. The iPhone will go up in cost or they'll have to drop down their huge markup cause you will need 2-3 manufacturers to make up for the lose of Samsung.

Seems like Apple needs to get the stick out of it's tush. There's only so many ways you can do "icons on a screen" and "Metallic bits inside a box."

Seems like they're insulting themselves by saying that Galaxy S copied the iPhone, because the phone in the pic is hella ugly.

Apple doesn't REALLY care that the Galaxy S looks like the iPhone. They just realised they might be able to lower the costs for Samsung parts used in Apple products...

The Galaxy S in all its "iPhonyness" has existed for a year, it's not like it evolved into looking more like the iPhone over time. If this was at all about protecting intellectual property they would have filed a lawsuit when the first pictures of the SGS reached them...

It's not often I side with Apple but in this case they have a point or two.
Whether its the horizontal app draw, the four icons at the footer of the screen or more importantly the physical look of their popular Samsung Galaxy S the line has to be drawn somewhere.

I agree with @mickeko the timing is well off in regards to the 3GS design but maybe its good timing so they can kick up a fuss about upcoming Samsung products.
The Samsung Galaxy S 2 and the super thin TAB highlight Apples concerns further more and LG aren't free from sin either.

To me it highlights the amount of confidence these manufacturers have in their products when they can't simply rely on their own designs.
Hopefully some new hardware styles will be the outcome which is great for android in the long run.

Any similarities between the Samsung products and Apple's are superficial. There is a long precedent that shows that you can't sue over this sort of thing. There's only so many ways that you can make a touchscreen phone and a limited number of ways you can interact with it. You can't patent the natural innovation of interfaces. Apple has tried suing over this before with the Mac, and lost. They will lose again if it goes all the way to a judgment.

I didn't know you can patent a rectangular shape with rounded corners and icons that have square backgrounds.

In reality, you can get skins for any Android device that will make it superficially resemble the iOS interface. So what? The OS still behaves like an Android phone with all of its nuances. Do you really want one company to be able to own the concept of swiping through pages of icons? Really?

Have you ever noticed that a Toyota Corolla looks a lot like a Honda Civic? They both have four wheels, headlights on the front (in about the same place), brake lights on the back (also in about the same place on both cars), the engine's under the front hood, the cargo compartment is at the back... The list of similarities goes on and on. Clearly, Toyota is just copying Honda.

Or wait, maybe they both copied Ford. Or GM. Or...

This is absurd. A smartphone has some basic physical requirements: it needs to fit in a human hand, which limits the maximum practical size. It also needs to be able to be held up to an ear and have the other end project past the cheek in order to pick up sounds from the mouth, limiting the minimum practical size. Which means that all smartphones will look roughly alike. Add to that the fact that there's only so many places to put the buttons on the case, and you'll get phones with buttons in similar places, just as cars have headlights, brake lights, etc., in similar places.

I don't know what Apple is thinking. Do they really think they'll win this lawsuit? And even if they do, do they think the gains from the lawsuit will balance out the customer goodwill this is going to cost them?

You are exactly correct. Apple doesn't think they can win, because they can't. They are trying to exert pressure. Unfortunately, a ton of litigation is used just for this purpose. Our justice system is perverted but what are you going to do?

I can’t believe Apple got a patent for something as generic as rows of icons with rounded corners and a fixed bar of icons at the bottom.
So tomorrow if Apple comes up with widgets or multiple homescreens on iOS, then should Google and Android handset manufacturers sue Apple for this? Seems just about as plausible as this lawsuit.

I can’t believe Apple got a patent for something as generic as rows of icons with rounded corners and a fixed bar of icons at the bottom.
So tomorrow if Apple comes up with widgets or multiple homescreens on iOS, then should Google and Android handset manufacturers sue Apple for this? Seems just about as plausible as this lawsuit.

Apple needs to sue the apple for taking the shape of it's apple logo and using the Apple name.

lol i spent 15 minutes reading all this comment and i cant stop cracking up....this is too funny, but i must say apple has a point regarding the way it looks from far,any average Joe would buy it just because its similar to the iphone, now for us that know about phones.......come on guys seriously??? u know how much better the galaxy s phones are? and what you can do with them? goshh apple fans!! you guys are on the wrong website...i think you should check out http://www.tipb.com/?utm_source=topbar&utm_medium=topbar&utm_term=sitename

steve jobs needs to calm the F**K down. "OH! but they stole my rectangular form factor!" "they put a front facing camera also" "they have a new UI that has sexy rectangular icons in the appdrawer! sexy rectangles is MY THING."

da f**k outta heeeere

Don't know if Samsung is a company Apple would want to piss of in a major way.

-Samsung is one of the only Mobile makers that can cheaply make a phone from start to finish without sourcing parts (unlike Moto or HTC). Thats processors, ram, battery, screens assembly and so on.

-Despite popular belief Samsung is still the top provider of "handsets" in the USA (remember smartphones is still a small segment of total)

-Samsung sink crazy amounts of money into R&D for screen, RAM camera and battery tech each, to name a few.

-It has proprietary interest in a lot of its parts and has first dibbs on what ever innovation it makes

-The galaxy S line is by far most successful android based handset in the US and by all accounts the S2 and tabs look to be the first proper competitors.

-Super Amoled alone is a major differentiator. Pixel density works great for apple but once you go Super Amoled you can't got back to anything else, it all just looks washed out. Especially HTC or Moto.

-The Galaxy brand now carries enough weight that if Samsung redesigned it all in it would still gain attention

-Samsung has a better less stringent relationship with the carriers, large and small. Demonstrated by all the different Galaxy pre and post paid handsets on all the different providers.

-Due to its scope and experience in the mobile and portable industry, Samsung would likely have way more patents than apple, which is the most important thing in these cases.

-Sure if samsung cut off apple (ignoring obvious breach of contract issues) they would lose a huge customer but also how much time do you think it would take apple to source new parts, negotiate deals, redesign the product to work with the parts and re-market it to consumers? And we are not just talking smartphones. Ipads, Ipods, and their laptops have samsung components. Especially at a time where its competitors have really step up their game.

-There are a lot of companies that would love to get in bed with apple if Samsung stopped supplying them, however there are very few companies out there that can actually supply the quantities Apple requires. Even Sony would struggle with such orders.

-Samsung built a factory just to support the parts apple needs. Going to be pretty hard for apple to find another manufacture that can output that much for them without possibly creating another manufacturing plant.

- Lastly if Samsung Hypothetically cut off Apple, it could recoup most of its losses by reselling components to other OEM's at higher pricing rather than the ridiculously discounted contractual price it has with apple, using the component for itself and selling mode devices. Apples add's up to almost, 7% of Samsung Electronic's total business. Probably less then 3% of Samsung Group. Apple on the other hand would have to source components, likely at a higher price.

Theres a lot of back room considerations when looking at the tech market, I suspect the only reason a company like Samsung wouldn't just out spec everyone (including android competitors) by miles and do it cheaply is restraint. It needs to stay on par with everyone and not miss out on the ability to sell and incremental handset upgrade.

For example Look at the GS2 and the new Galaxy Tabs. They saw how thin the ipad 2 was, said i will beat it and came back 1 month later with a thinner and lighter product. I think thats a very clear example of the kind of production muscle that Samsung can flex if they put their minds to it.

Point is I think samsung is one of the only manufacturers out there that can compete with apple tit for tat, specs, size, and pricing

Wrote a paper on Samsung and IBM and they are probably two of the most innovative companies out there, however a lot of their innovations are not marketed to consumers

Samsung needs to sink some R&D in case design and materials. They feel cheap in your hands and that was the main reason I went HTC. Light is only good up to the point where the item starts to feel like a toy instead of a $500 piece of sophisticated electronics. This aspect, Apple has gotten 100% right.

i don't know why nobody noticed this but the i9000 (galaxy s) design is practicaly evolved from the i900 (omnia). If the i900 was "inspired" from apple's toy, it's a whole other discution. The thing is copying features and designs is part of consumer electronics since the beginning of the industry and will always be. But when you think about it, we, the consumers benefit the most.

Honestly Apple is just threatened by the growing Android market share. I own an Epic 4G and it works great, but it isn't an Apple, and can't be confused for an Apple. Once again Apple has backed themselves into a corner by failing to recognize the value of licensing, and found themselves in a position of weakness as far as mass market viability. Just like Windows, Android is putting Apple into the novelty market. That is why they are suing because instead of recognizing their own shortcoming of vision, they now want to put the blame on others for their failure of vision.

im with aford777 apple is just mad from the massive loss of users switching to android because android is truly better.lets face it apple is just going downhill from the time android first appeared. i also own an EPIC 4G and you can't even begin to put an apple product for comparison that would be like trying to compare av8 to a 4 cylinder lol. great job samsung keep up the great work. ;)