Samsung Stratosphere 2.

When Verizon and Samsung announced the Stratosphere II (full annoying name is Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere 2) a couple weeks ago, the only clue we got as to availability was the ever-ambiguous "coming soon." Turns out, it's available now. In addition to being listed on Verizon's website ($129 on contract, $449 outright), Android Central reader Steve picked one up at his local Radio Shack for his wife, who "loves it," he writes. "She has to have a keyboard phone so she's thrilled to finally have a new phone."

Steve brings us a pretty good look at the QWERTY smartphone, with its five-row silder keyboard hidden behind the display when not in use.

Note that it's running Android 4.0.4 out of the box, is sporting a 4-inch Super AMOLED display powered by a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and has NFC and is ISIS-ready, plus a microSD card.

We've got more pics of the Stratosphere 2 after the break.

Thanks, Steve!


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Samsung Stratosphere 2 quietly goes on sale - here's your first look!


Hunh? That's the screen protector that's on just about every new phone ... Also points out what all the buttons do for first-timers, and then you take it off.

Lol Now, that I'm seeing this picture in full, on my laptop, I feel like a dummy. Surprised the community didn't roast me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Glad to see Samsung,as well as Motorola, are still committed to offering physical keyboards to those who want them.Design diversty should always be one of Android's hallmarks.

I was surprised that they had it for sale yesterday, Free with 2 year contract. I was more surprised that they activated it and off I went. Verizon doesn't even recognize it on my account right now, it's just a blank picture with no phone name.
It's very quick with the dual core processor, screen is very bright and sharp, and my wife loves the full qwerty keyboard. She's upgrading from a Droid2, so this is a big improvement and change in Android versions.
Thanks for posting my info in this story, not sure when the official release is going to be but for now I keep telling her she's the only one in the world with that phone........LOL


I have a Strat1 and am thinking about upgrading. What is the battery model? (trying to figure out if it uses the same battery)

Nt sure of the actuall battery size but much better. I had the first one and started only getting half a day. Just got the new one a few days ago but it has a lot lot better battery life...If this helps FYI

Man, Brad, if you have both and you could check, I (and I'm sure others here) would really appreciate it. If I knew it had interchangeable batteries, I'd pull the trigger and buy a Strat2 today. If I could upgrade and still be able to use the spare batteries I bought, that'd be a dealmaker for me.

When are these sliders going to have 5 inch screens and 1.4 - 1.6 GHZ quad core processors with 2 gigs of ram??

then i will get one.

When sliders become the "IT" again which doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon since most people( as shown through sales) prefer phones without keyboards. Plus who needs a keyboard with a 5 inch screen? that thing would be massive and thick.

It's not a bad looking phone for someone who needs a phone with a keyboard. Plus it has pretty decent specs that should keep it running smoothly.

I know there are people who can type very fast on touchscreen keypads. I'm not one of them.

However, I am able to type 50 to 60 WPM on a physical keyboard on a phone, using just my
two thumbs. In fact, I can type WITHOUT looking. (i.e. you can blindfold me and I can
still type on the phone's physical keyboard) By comparison, I can only type 20WPM on
a touchscreen keyboard.

It would be so cool if Samsung combines Galaxy S3 with a physical keyboard! :D (yes, I know
that will never happen)