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Fingerprint and activity information on the Samsung Galaxy S5 now open to developers

App developers interested in making use of the Samsung Galaxy S5's fingerprint scanner or heart rate monitor only need to download the recently-updated Samsung Mobile SDK. Version 1.51 beta of the software development kit rolled out with access to accessory data (like that spiffy new Gear Fit) and health (including food and heart rate data). Fingerprint scanning actions are being called "passes", and physical activity is being lumped into "motion".

As always, the SDK allows developers to implement Samsung-specific features, like the S Pen and MultiWindow features. Devs can download the new SDK right over here. Personally, I'm pretty interested to see what kind of apps make use of the new features. How would you folks like to see the fingerprint sensor and heart rate monitor used in apps?

Source: Samsung Developers


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Samsung SDK updated for Galaxy S5 features


That's weird I was going to say the same thing lol I was slightly annoyed at first but now that everything has settled I'm ok with it.

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I think Samsung had more problems with software than hardware. If they were gonna solve one Id prefer software. Hopefully they'll solve all problems for touchwiz and even though I don't like the design I like the direction they're heading. Maybe the S6 will have the best of both worlds.

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