Last year in Barcelona, Samsung managed to out the Galaxy Note 10.1 on the side of a building at Plaça de Catalunya, a day ahead of the official announcement. Looks like we'll have no such slippage for Galaxy Note 8, as Samsung's JK Shin apparently has confirmed a previous report to INews24 that we'll see yet another size variation at  Mobile World Congress next month. 

What we don't yet know is whether this 'tweener will be more tablet than smartphone, or vice versa. We'll be in Barcelona, of course, and you'll be coming along for the ride.

Source: INews24; via Engadget

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return_0 says:

Um… why is there an ad for the OG Note? And why does the Note 8 ad still show "Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1" at the bottom? This is odd.

IceDree says:

Because at the time of this ad , The Note II wasn't announced yet

tim242 says:

That's the ad from when they were announced. The 8 was photo-shopped for the article.

miwaca says:

Am I the only person who thinks this name is perfect for a Windows 8 tablet?

joonyboy says:

Yea you're the only one....

lightyear420 says:

I hope it runs Paranoid Android straight out of the box!! This really is the best option for a phablet I've ever seen. If they start doing something similar to that they would really start seeing more people adopt the phablet devices!

crowrb29 says:

I think with the size of phones now they ought to just permanently place the notification shade on the bottom. Like on paranoid android. Most phones just feel like small tablets...

richardodn says:

I'm sure with the 8" screen, this is aimed squarely at the iPad Mini. I expect it to try and one up Apple in just about every hardware spec.

spleenfreak says:

Give me the nexus 10 with one of the new procs Sammy was showing off and the note capability and I am sold!

Samsung's taking care of business no question.

black.rhino says:

I hope it is a portrait tab instead of landscape. I think 7.0-7.5 would suit the note line better.

Bruh-Man says:

8.9 inches ....Please!