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Word on the streeets of Korea today is that Samsung is taking another look at possibly getting an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update to the original Galaxy S smartphone and 7-inch Galaxy Tab tablet, after previously saying it wasn't going to happen. Hey, that'd be great. Sure would make a lot of people happy.

Only, does anyone really think Samsung doesn't already know if it's technically feasible to put Ice Cream Sandwich on the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab? Is it really possible Samsung explained why they won't get it without actually trying first?

Nah. If in fact Samsung's taking another look at things, it's because someone's finally starting to put a dollar value on the backlash received worldwide after it announced that its wildly popular 2010 flagship devices were being left behind. Never mind that year-old tech is still year-old tech (even if it is good year-old tech).

And keep in mind we're still talking about things on a global scale here. Even if Samsung changes its mind and figures out how to get ICS on the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab in a timely and economical manner, we have zero idea of what the U.S. carriers -- not really known for update expediency -- will do to their aging lines. After all, some phones didn't start getting Gingerbread until the last quarter of this year.

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Samsung reportedly re-evaluating getting Ice Cream Sandwich onto the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab


Yeah, this is crazy. Samsung needs to get it's act together. Year old devices should not be left behind, especially such a flagship device. You would think a great manufacturer like Samsung would have this kind of stuff nailed down.
Also, on a more general note, providers really need to streamline their process of getting updates out the door. I have been fortunate enough to own a DX and now a Galaxy Nexus, so updates have been fairly immediate compared to the rest of the world. However, my girlfriends Fascinate is still lacking, and I hate using her phone when I have to. While I see the need for providers to do their own testing, most are quite slow to market.

wait what year is this a phone already 2 years old already has its succer and 3rd version coming soon. sorry time to upgrade that old technology. any phone older then 12 months shouldnt see ics.

You're a fucking tard, pardon my French.

My Droid Incredible runs it's little port of ICS 'incredibly' well. See what I did there?

There's no excuse why the original Galaxy S devices shouldn't get an ICS update. Not everyone is chasing the latest and greatest, some people just bought their Galaxy S phones not that long ago because they were on sale, and they're very happy with their devices. If they're still sold, they should still be udpated.

I think offering up TouchWiz like was done with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 as an additional package, should be the route to go here.

I agree, we should have a choice. I thing Moto and htc should do the same. Google needs to get like Windows Phones 7, as in if Sammy and HTC want their apps on android, then it should be in the app store for us to download IF we choose to.

You're a fucking tard

Getting a phone upgrade is not a right, it's a privilege. Samsung never guaranteed ICS when any Galaxy S phone was purchased.

Not everyone cares about ICS, I am perfectly happy with 2.3 on my Epic.

When apps start requiring ICS then you will change your tone. Or the many security fixes ICS provides. Good luck staying in the stone age.

So 2.3 went from the latest and greatest to the stone age obsolete OS overnight? Genius

Never had any security problems with 2.3 so I don't see what I'm losing there and what apps are going to require 4.0 or greater? The ones that want to limit their market to less than %30 of Android devices? Genius

Calm down, 2.3 is still awesome and will surely be fine to use for at least another year. I'm due for an upgrade in June anyway:P

The sad thing is that not even everyone with a SGS has an official GB update (ironically Verizon is the only big US carrier...) And while 2.3 may not be the stone age now (you could argue that it is current given the only phone with it is the "google phone" that is by definition ahead of the pack by several months) it will not be for long. The big tragedy is requiring app developers to take into account a landscape where users are spread all the way from 2.0 to 3.0 on "latest" firmware with their devices, you will see less quality and higher prices, since this is part of the true cost of a platform that has so many "current" versions. If Android was just about "the phone" then sure there is plenty of wiggle room to argue that old phones don't need new software, but the Android Market is supposed to be for *everyone*.

Where did I say over night? Genius.

You honestly think there are no security issues with 2.3? I guarantee you with in a year there will be major security issues. No software is perfect. Genius.

Your forgetting that the Galaxy S line was only superseded by the SGS 2 a few months ago, lots of people bought an original Galaxy S line phone this year, some of the US variants like the Captivate or the Vibrant are under 18 months old. In a world of 2 year contracts, I think these phones should be upgraded is at all possible.

If they (and other manufacturers) would stop extending/corrupting Android now, they could "port" it a LOT faster and to more devices. With ICS, there are far less reasons to have things like Touchwiz, Motoblur, and Sense.

THIS. If you ask me (who would?) what Google should do is hike the activation fee for new android devices up for any device going live with less than the latest version (whether that is 2.3.7 or 3.0 may be left to debate) so that the carriers and handset makers have an INCENTIVE to get their shit together. Until then, the carriers are going to do what works for the bottom line which is to spend all their money on perfecting the new devices, while the "old" devices (more than 9 months since release) continue to wither on the vine.

What happened to that manufacturer and carrier alliance that promised to update phones for 18 months?

In response to "sorry time to upgrade that old technology," people in the U.S. are still under their two year contract until summer on the Galaxy S phones, so upgrading is not an option unless you buy without contract.

It's 18 months from the original release date of the phone, not the date of sale of the last device to a consumer.

They are STILL selling the Galaxy S phones new under 2 year contract (at an attractive discount) so yes the ICS release will have an impact to a LOT of people for a lot more than a year. Only the OLDEST contracts are done this summer...

That being said, it is really sad to see Android Central be so ho-hum about legacy updates. They didn't even bother to cover the embarrassing article on, they regard the SGS 1 as "dated" for being a year old, and the coverage of the Gingerbread launch for the Fascinate was met with "if anyone still uses that thing".

Listen up Android Central, if you have any weight in the Android world (and you want to have phones to keep writing about for a few more years) you will get your act together and start calling device manufacturers and carriers out for their abandonment attitude. This site needs to be for/about more than just the 1% of android users who are fanboys. Or, you can sit back and continue cheerleading bad decisions; pretty soon you will be the new

@moosc...any phone older then a year should see ics being that most people can't upgrade for almost 2 years due to carriers changing their policy. We shouldn't be left behind

My Vibrant just wants GB..... I run CM7 now but I would like to have GPS and a camera that works.

I can understand manufacturers deciding not to update older phones/tablets, but (unless I'm mistaken) these are/were the most popular Samsung devices of the past few years ergo more people with Samsung Android phones and tablets in the world have one of these models than any other? Thergo why not make these customers really happy and brand loyal? It's up to them. I recognize the technical and support headaches it would bring, but TW was their idea.

If it runs on the Nexus S, it will run on the Galaxy S. The problem is TouchWiz and whatever else Samsung does to butcher the look (and performance as a result) of the stock OS. If you really want it, just install a ROM...ICS runs damn well on my Captivate already.

exactly,my guess is majority of people that come to this site will use a custom rom and we know if ics comes it will come with tw so everyone is most like to use a stock ics custom rom anyways,and also from personal experience the general consumers who buy android dont even know what ics,example most of my friends have android devices ranging from htc to sony and yet when i told them have you seen ics guess what none of then knew what the hell i was talking about...also jsut cause ics is releases it does not mean all of a sudden gingerbread is obsolete or bad,if gingerbread works for you now then it will still continue working for,you are more likely to hit problems with ics as there are still likely to be a few bugs and not many apps are updated for ics...also when you buy a device you are noway promised that you will recieve the next update,at most you should expect update to the next update which the galaxy s did and even if you didnt you cant have a hissy fit lol my guess is that the general consumers dont by a phone on merit of whether it will get the next update a 18month down the line,i would say they pick the phone because it just works for them.

They might have gotten away with it if the Nexus S didn't run it, but since the NS runs ICS just fine and it pretty much the same phone and specs, that what made a lot of people piss. I'm sure they seen the backlash from all us GS buyers. Now we need to make them keep their word and call our carrier and make them approve this update. I said it last time and I'll say it again, if any phone with a 1GHz cpu and 512MB memory doesn't get ICS, we need to stop buying non Nexus android phones. Go to ISO or WinPho7. Don't let them make you spend more money on another phone so they can do the same thing again next year. A phone should be supported for as long as the carrier is selling it and a year or two after AND if the hardware can run it. STAND UP PEOPLE!!!!

A lot of folks I know feel burned by samsung's lack of software support. They vow they wouldn't buy samsung and haven't, on their upgrades they've bought Htc and moto. So while there's no money in upgrading old technology there is even less when you lose customer's loyalty.

Btw I'm rocking ICS Passion on my Vibrant and it's awesome, my phone has never worked so well.

Hey! Does everything work on it, as in video recording, gps and others? Send me a link of the ROM please.

Pretty much everything works but there are some stability issues. In about 5days of use I've experienced one random reboot and 6 app crashes. Also some apps like Facebook don't sync with ICS.

The GPS needs a manual tweak after the ROM install to work, but that is a ten min process with 100% success--i've only had this fix for 2days.

On the plus side this is the best ROM I've ever used better than what came on the original vibrant. My MMS works and multitasking was a joy to experience. One warning you will lose all data when you upgrade.
[ROM][21-DEC][4.0.3] ICS(Ice Cream Sandwich) Passion v8 *BETA* The IceCold Revolution

Hey! Does everything work on it, as in video recording, gps and others? Send me a link of the ROM please.

They have gingerbread for the Fascinate (Verizon) and Mesmerize (U.S. Cellular) already. Fascinate is eh03 and mesmerize is eh09

I-500 variant

The bigger issue is the carriers. Even if Sammy was to release ICS for the SGS, it is highly likely the Big 4 would adopt and provide it to their line up and risk their upgrade volume. The Big 4 don't profit from the phone purchase itself, but thrive on the contracts customers must sign to receive their upgrade subsidy. The only way this would be helpful is to allow the developer community to make ports a lot easier.

agree,why do you think the international version of the samsung devices have a date of when to expect ics where as the US variants dont,jsut as lg said yesterday that the carriers will decide whether to update to ics or not but my guess is everyone in the US will blame samsung just like they blamed samsung for the galaxy s US variants not getting gingerbread or got it very late,when in fact the international version was the 1st non nexus device to get the gingerbread maybe people need to start blaming the carriers and not the OEM's,as you can see from recent leaks of ics from htc,samsung and sony that they start working on the updates asap and even if they hand the update over to the carriers in early 2012,your carriers might not update it or will leave it till the end when android 5.0 is announced.

Samsung donated galaxy s2 handsets to cyanogen team to help them in their efforts to port CM7 over, if they would agree to open source the drivers for their phone components the guys at Cyanogen would have a much easier path for getting a fully fledged and fully functional port of ICS on the i9000 (Yes i know about teamhacksungs port, I'm running version 11 at the moment), this would allow those that want to keep up to date with the latest OS to do so without samsung having to do/spend too much money whilst the vast majority of users would be happy with gingerbread and touchwiz, for those that love to tinker... we would have a great option! not to mention Samsung would get huge cudos as they did when they originally donated phones to cyanogen team.
by the way my galaxy s contract ran out last month, but my wife has just this month taken a 2 year contract on a brand new galaxy S, so I do fee that whilst there is no justification for my whining that they have given up support for my handset... I can rightful get the ache that my wifes phone is high and dry when it comes to official updates.
p.s happy new year to all of you

I agree with other comments that Samsung should be more timely with their updates, and support upgrading popular phones for a longer duration. I personally like the TouchWiz (and Sense for that matter) enhancements, but respect others prefer the “pure” Android experience. For me, the TouchWiz, and Sense enhancements are an overall plus, not bloatware as others have expressed although I do respect their opposing opinion.

I have the Galaxy Nexus. ICS is nice, but there are some vendor enhancements that I miss on the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S, and Nexus One. For me, the ideal situation would be for the the vendor to include an extensive control panel which allows a master shutoff of all enhancements to enable the pure Android experience, and also allows the user to selectively turn on / off each enhancement. We would have the opportunity to tune our devices to keep features we like, and deactivate, or delete features we don't.

And some Galaxy S US models (ahem, T-Mobile Vibrant, ahem) never even got Gingerbread! Sad state of affairs. I ditched my Vibrant and my T-Mobile service and went with Verizon with the Galaxy Nexus. Couldn't be happier

I don't care about official roms, we already have customs AOSP build working very well (my favourite), Onecosmic the team leader even give links in his twitter for Vibrant and Captivates kernels for this build. He is working in ICS since his first SDK port in October.
Ppl take 15 min, read about flashing and backup and enjoy ICS and forget the customer support, the comunity (like this) is so far the bigger resource

I have my Galaxy Tab rooted running GB and love it!! Would I like to see ICS on my tab? Absolutely.

I didn't expect my Galaxy Tab to get ICS in the first place so if it does get the update then that's an added bonus. My Galaxy Tab is rock solid at this point and performs great so any updates to improve it is definitely welcome.

I gave up on Samsung/AT&T updates along time ago. My Captivate isn't a year old yet, so the earliest I can 'cheaply' replace my phone is in late October 2012. I'm on CM7.1(android 2.3.7) now so I will have CM9/ICS soon - long before AT&T releases 2.3.x, but when I do decide on a new phone I'll pick one with a vendor and carrier that supplies fast updates (yeah right) or has stable, well designed custom roms , or I'll get a non-smartphone basic featured phone that doesn't need updates. And I won't be worrying about battery life either. ummm.............

I gave up on Samsung and AT&T. My captivate was the worst phone experience I've ever had and only after putting CM 7.1 on it did it *finally* become usable. I'm not kidding -- 10+ minutes to "boot" and get to a point where I could use it without having to wait 30 seconds between screens (for really hard stuff too like dialing).

Samsung assured us that their Galaxy line would be different and they wouldn't leave everyone behind. Sadly I fell for it.

The other phone vendors probably aren't too much better but at least you know they're going to get at least ONE update and that their stock ROM's don't take forever and a day to load.

Bottom line: Apple iphones are kept up-to-date for 2 years...TWO! I know technology changes and I know apple conveniently leaves out features so as to "encourage" you to upgrade before they completely leave you behind, but at least they keep you updated. Android phone makers have to compete with that. HTC and Motorola I think do a fairly descent job.

I will never buy another Samsung phone again.

I guess they thought all they had to do was sell the device and that no service need be provided after the sale.

People are paying attention LG and Samsung, wake up !

Kudos to HTC for providing service after the sale, they do a decent job of getting updates out.


Updates are great and the ICS possibility is also great; but I wish Samsung would first fix their Galaxy phone:

1. Got the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (ridiculous name).

2. Once home (weak signal area but never a problem), my 3G vanished or was very spotty; dropped calls and dropped DATA signal on HOTSPOT.

3. I used other phones we have (IPHONE 4S; HTC EVO 4G Shift) side by side the Samsung-long-name and all but the Galaxy S2 had 3G without problems. (Sprint has always has a signal where I live, and that’s why we went with them)

4. Took the phone back within 14 days, and got the IPHONE 4S; no problems; DATA connection remains and no problems with HOTSPOT use whatsoever.

5. YET, still wanting that Galaxy S2 for a slew of non-Data reasons, I look still throughout the community to see if Samsung is going to fix the LOS problem.

6. I read for hours and hours on the LOS problem with the Galaxy S2, all the way back to 2011 (this is a March 9th, 2012 post). Many said that Samsung and Sprint deny or blame each other.

7. I called Samsung. “We’ve resolved that issue in December of 2011”; “It is not a problem”. I called Sprint: “We don’t know anything of this problem.

8. My GALAXY phone was up to date on software and all things DATA. It’s been to the SPRINT store for service, replaced by a brand new Galaxy S2, and had the same exact problems (I believe it to be internal to the phone because of other Sprint phones working just fine; i.e., antenna).

9. I still glance at the web sites to see if the LOS problem was resolved so I can get the phone prior to the 14 days of the IPHONE 4S return timeframe I have; but I haven’t read anything that tells me there’s a fix or it’s being fixed. I do read about
Samsung’s flagship phone not getting ICS update or a patch variation.

10. I just don’t see how a company can make such a wonderful and expensive phone and not address DATA problems that many are writing about; and keep writing about.

11. I’ve not owned a Samsung phone before. The HTC EVO 4G Shift was a good phone, and I had no problems with it. The IPHONE is ok, but I’m not really an ITUNE/IPHONE/APPLE type; but I needed a phone that works, and the IPHONE does what it’s supposed to for the money paid. (Like a Honda car; but bla in appearance and design and function; perfectly functional)

Hoping they work out the LOS problem...

Heres my beef:
1. Purchase the Galaxy Tab 7" for $1000 upon release in Australia, three months later it was reduce down to $400-LOST 60% VALUE WHAT THE!!
2. Had the 7" now for over a year and not a single update-STILL WAITING
3. Samsung claimed that it sold over a million of the Galaxy Tab 7", well you have a million of not so happy customers. Once bitten, twice shy-You've lost my business.
Now Im saving up for new Tablet-If I had a choice between a Galaxy Tablet 10.1 or an iPad 2-it will be iPad 2 hands down.

I have an iPhone 4, a new Macbook 15" and I thought Ill break from the Apple and purchased an Galaxy Tab-Big mistake.

Yet the money & time is spent on going to court with Apple, how about concentrating finding solutions to update these devices...


I don't know what your talking about because I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 32GB Wifi model in mid July. That's 7 months and I've already gotten 3 updates? It came with Honeycomb 3.1 then a week later I got my first update which was the TouchWiz UX update. Then in November or December I got the Honeycomb 3.2 update and about 2 weeks ago I got another update? I don't know what that update was for the only thing different I noticed was the Android Market was changed to the way it looks on my Galaxy S Infuse 4G. But then on Phonearena it said that my Infuse 4G was suppose to get Gingerbread like 4 months ago? So I don't know whats going on? The only thing I can Think of is because my Galaxy Tab 10.1 is with no carrier the updates roll out faster and with AT&T they don't????

I think carriers should allow yearly upgrades or only have one year contracts. If someone signs up for two years it should be cheaper. Its not like they would lose out on any money because EVERYBODY and their four year kid has a smartphone these days. So creating more flex room for the customers would keep them with newer shit and this thread probably wouldn't exist.