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If you were watching Samsung's May 3 presentation closely enough, you might have seen this before -- it's Samsung's (slightly odd, if we're honest) TV spot for the upcoming Galaxy S III, which the manufacturer's uploaded separately for the first time today.  In amongst clips of happy, attractive people jumping around and enjoying their phones, you'll spot a series of broad slogans alluding to some of the major functions of the phone. Apparently the Galaxy S III is the phone that "keeps track of your loved ones," "recognizes who you are," "follows your every move," and "waits until you're asleep."

Sleep tight. We've got the video itself embedded after the break.


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Samsung publishes official Galaxy S III TV ad


I agree, it's a weird smartphone ad, first they barely show the phone at all and second they make these generic statements about what the phone does without any examples, including the rather scary one, tracks your every move, if looked at in the wrong light lol.

Let's face it: it's a horrible ad. The statements you mentioned are downright creepy. It keeps track of your every waits until you're asleep? WTF?

I'm getting irritated by these manufacturers who are trying to out-Apple Apple in the marketing department and make very touching, eccentric ads that move and inspire people with piano music.

Just stick to the earlier commercials where we tout how functional Android is and how it can do everything your phone can do, but better....and more. Only the sheep care about being inspired by a damn piece of electronics.


Yeah this ad needs some work. I agree that a lot of these OEMs are trying to "OutApple Apple". This device is pretty slick and doesn't need the creep factor to sell it. Why not make it a more human commercial, showing how you can use it in everyday life?

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This is pretty bad. It's all about feelings and emotions. Are they marketing this to women? If so, make the phone smaller! And the hardly even show the phone or what it can do. That's the thing apple does so damn well, they showcase last years technology and make it appear like you won't be able to survive another day without it!

C'mon Samsung, your last campaign, the one for the really big phone, was much more exciting.

I don't like the wallpaper. Rippling water over a seeding flower? Why don't you make the wind blow on it and blow the seeds away.

Its sad that stuff like this bothers me!

creepy as hell... makes it seem like the phone is a stalker.... tracks your every move... waits till youre asleep......makes you file a police report after its defiled you

I've been in marketing for a fortune 500 company for 15 years. An ad like that wouldn't have made it past the first level of review.

Pretty sure the company that did the creepy lady ad for Pam Pre is responsible for the creepy phone ad for Samsung GS 3.

Having said that I do like the phone, especially the blue one. I do like the way all 4.8" of the screen is usable\viewable (thank you, capacitive buttons). The processor screams. I am reserving judgement on the screen until I can see it in person.

But in the end it matters little, since I won't be up for an upgrade until mid 2013, so I am holding out hope for the GS 4 (I currently have a Sprint GS2 and love it).

Fortunately it's not as creepy as the Palm Pre commercials, but you think Samsung would of taken a cue from HP and learned what consumers like & don't like. This is a good example of what we don't like...

Creepy adds
Unimpressive SW (can be fixed by a new launcher)
Pen Tile screen

I'm gonna wait until I can compare it against the HTC EVO 4G LTE, but I'm beginning to lose interest..

Yup! This definitely made me scratch my head, much like the old Palm Pre commercials. Did a bunch of marketing people really sit in a room and say, "Hey! We have an amazing phone here! Let's barely show it in the commercials at all!" smh

i dont blam Samsung. i know what they are trying to do. its like a phone trying to get to know you."being one with your phone" imagine that a phone knowing your habit. knowing your needs, your likes and dont like,,,, and lets face it im a geek and a good part of you guys are one to, this commercial isnt going to turn me away or any of you,,,,,im sure you guys read the ten page review g3 vs evo lte G3 is a better phone. so give them a break for thinking revolutionary.....thank you samsung for making a great product again!

Samsung makes great products with bad support.
IMO this ad should make more sense to us techies, i.e Alarm recognizes your voice when you say snooze. Overall I'm not impressed with the s3, I feel like it's more of a software upgrade.

Yeah, it's totally just a software upgrade, even though it comes with all the next generation hardware that other phones come with... yep, just a software upgrade. /sarcasm

Not sure there was a EVO to G3 comparison, a One X comparison maybe, which is pretty close I guess. But not sure why you feel the G3 is better than the HTC EVO LTE? The G3 doesn't even have a kickstand! :-) And the EVO has MicroSD, although it is missing the removable battery... :-(

Nothing creepy or bad about this ad. First of all it talks about and shows things that are deeply emotional... the things we humans value and crave. It makes humans(at least many of us) connect to what is being shown. It makes us long for these things.

Finally it shows the phone implying that it can bring us some measure of those things we desire.

Now whether the phone can deliver all or some of this I don't know, but I say the add is brilliant.

Um...No phone can fulfill all the claims this ad makes; nor do we want it to!

"Recognizes who you are" lol

Sign me up on the "What a creepy ad" list. If it does not appeal to us Android geeks - then Samsung really screwed the pooch on this one.

With that said - I want one. AT&T - hear me?

I really like this phone, from what I have seen. Sadly though, this commercial is horrible. Much in the way the Palm Pre ads were horrible (minus the freaking looking lady). Come to think of it, wasn't the Pre's shape inspired by nature as well? Wasn't it also supposed have been inspired by river rocks, or something?? Hmmm... I hope these are bad omens for the GS3.

All us phone geeks, on blogs like this, already know what the phone can & can't do. I don't think they are marketing to us.

Yes, the ad is different...and is a little bit creepy, but different is good and will drive buzz. When it starts, it peaks the viewer's interest...because they don't show the phone right away, you're wondering "what are they talking about" gets their attention. I think they are doing the right thing here.

Also, I'm sure this is just the first of many ads to come, especially since it will be promoted during the Olympics. Not to mention, every carrier that ends up with it will probably run ads on it too.

Frankly, they could advertise it in a pile of poo, I'm still getting it...

Really bad AD.. barely any video of the phone itself and just a bunch of random people. Sad really, this phone deserves a much better ad. Korean ads just wont cut it.

Turning ideas into a message that resonates around the world is not that easy. Thoughts get lost in translation (I loved that movie btw). What they are saying is exactly what I want my smartphone to do - but I have to translate those thoughts into what I know the phone does and that makes it ineffective. I really like that the screen won't turn off while I am reading it - that's a cool innovation, but translating that to "wait till you are asleep" doesn't work and so on and so on.

Not to bad, i get it and i am nowhere near the techy that i would like to be. However, they could have shown a bit more of the phone and its capability.