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Galaxy S4 Samsung's fastest selling smart phone, beating previous Galaxy models handily

As predicted last week, Samsung has pushed over 10,000,000 Galaxy S4 units out the door since the phone first became available on April 26. This solidly beats the previous record of 10 Million Galaxy S3s, which took 50 days and puts the S4 squarely at the top of the list for the years highest sellers, at least for now.

On behalf of Samsung, I would like to thank the millions of customers around the world who have chosen the Samsung Galaxy S4. At Samsung we'll continue to pursue innovation inspired by and for the people.

-- JK Shin, CEO and president of the IT and mobile communications division at Samsung Electronics

In addition to the announcement of 10 million units getting sold, Samsung has also said that we should expect more color variations of the S4 during the course of this summer. The new colors are listed as Blue Arctic and Red Aurora (pictured above), followed by Purple Mirage and Brown Autumn. The S4 will also be moving to 45 more countries over the course of the year, bringing the total countries selling the S4 to 155.

Source: Samsung


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Samsung officially moves 10 Million Galaxy S4s, expect new colors this summer


Still wish the black mist was more. ... black. More color variations will only result in more sales though.

It's just crazy how much Samsung is selling of these phones. I was in on the hysteria of the Galaxy S III last year, and after 10 months of ownership, the GS3 is the best phone I've owned, bar none. I played with the GS4 back in Times Square for its unveiling in March and its a worthy successor to last year's flagship. But 10 million? That's a lot of units. Apple and Microsoft and the like must really watch out, because Samsung is pushing forward the Android platform really fast and making it mainstream with its marketing machine Better than any other Android producing company (that includes you, Verizon Droid series!), and it isn't even close. The Galaxy S3 is like today's version of the Nokia 3390, meaning its all over the place. And the its sequel is starting to proliferate in the public, too. I just hope that Samsung can keep innovative focus on its phone and not rest on its laurels like other companies have done in the past couple of years.

Can't agree with you more. I myself recently switched from the iPhone 4s to the gs4 and am not regretting it. I use to notice people out in public mostly with iPhones in their hands, now I'm seeing more and more of the s3's, s4's and even the HTC One. I laugh when some one sees my phone and asks if it's the new gs4 and they are always amazed at the size of the screen and feel like their iPhone is now just a cheap toy.
I definitely made the right choice in switching.
Oh yeah, I dumped my iPad too and got the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

Cancelled my S4 order today. Screen is so dull. Unbelievable. If they make the screen bright like the S2 then I'll get back on board.

And ur point is what??? This is about the success of Samsung s4, nobody wanna hear u rant about why u don't like it and how u love HTC one.... S4 top dog get over it

Impressive data for Samsung. It's been a while since they managed to become Apple's most important competitor and now the Galaxy S4 is really making a difference on the market. Here is something we wrote about why it's such a good phone: . Overall the market is shifting and it's good to see great quality products being produced by different companies.

It's funny how some sites are reporting that they shipped an others are reporting they sold 10 million. Samsung needs to clarify this, then again, why would anyone boast about shipping 10 million units?

Shipping and sold is the same thing?? Go back to school. If I'm thinking what your thinking then, yes, they sold 10 million to the stores (carriers, Best Buy, Target, etc.) but, that doesn't mean that it was *officially* sold to a person.