Samsung Galaxy Round

Just in case you wanted a phone that was shaped like a Pringles chip

A mere handful of hours after press images of a purported curved device from Samsung leaked out, the manufacturer has released initial details on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Round. The device packs a 5.7-inch 1080p display just like the Galaxy Note 3, but this one has a not-so-subtle curve to the entire device that distinguishes it from other "flat" phones.

Samsung says that it has also developed new software experiences to take advantage of the curved design such as tilting the phone while it's sitting on a table to check notifications, battery life and the time. Throughout the interface Samsung is working to make the software feel more at home on a curved display, offering tilt-based interfaces for some apps. Hit the break for more pictures and video of the new device from Samsung's official blog.

Beyond that wacky curved form factor, the Galaxy Round is powered by a 2.3GHz quad-core processor paired with 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and a 2800mAh battery. We're also looking at a 13MP camera and the same Android 4.3 software experience you know from other Samsung devices. The overall dimensions of the Galaxy Round come in at 151 x 79 x 7.9mm, which is nearly identical to the Galaxy Note 3.

The device is exclusive to SK Telecom in Korea at the moment starting Oct. 10 in "Luxury Brown" with pricing set at 1.09 million won (about $1,015), with no details on a broader release at this point.

Samsung Galaxy Round

Samsung Galaxy Round

Samsung Galaxy Round

Samsung Galaxy Round

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Samsung makes Galaxy Round official, 5.7-inch curved display and all


Definitely one of those things you have to feel before passing judgement. It is actually making a bottom on the far side more accessible for your thumb.

But for me this phone is already too big for my liking. Hopefully this keeps advancng into a wrap around screen front and back on a 4.5-5" phone

"It is actually making a bottom on the far side more accessible for your thumb."

First, I assume you meant to say a button, not a bottom.

Second, wow, you people are gullible. Do the math please. This amount of curvature would bring the edges of the screen together by about 1 millimeter. At a rough width of 2 cm, that's about 1/20th the width your thumb. You would *never* be able to discern the difference.

And third, I have a beautifully curved invisible bridge that I'd be willing to sell to you for the rock bottom price of $10,000. And the curvature of the bridge means you'd be able to reach the side faster than a straight one... just think how great that would be!

If you're the type to keep the phone in your pants pocket, a curved phone like this (especially this size) will fit much more nicely, since it will kinda "wrap" around your leg.

Just a thought.

Pretty cool, wonder how long until this reaches the states. Though I do wonder about the longevity and fragility of the curved glass.

Posted via my GS3 with the Android Central App

Care to elaborate on that?

A curvature in a piece of flexible material will give said material some rigidity against flex, but it doesn't make the material itself any stronger. Now since we're talking about glass here, which isn't flexible in the first place, resistance to flex isn't really a factor.

Do you guys question anything, or do you just lap up whatever a company wanting to sell you a product tells you?

I don't know about the glass sitting on top of the screen, but the way the curved screens are made actually makes the screen itself *much* more durable. Not because of the curve itself, but because of how they build the screen onto strips of poly-carbonate substrate.

Don't really know for sure how well that translates into improved durability overall, since the glass is always bonded (ie: glued) to the LCD these days. it makes the screen look nicer, but also means that the entire screen has to be replaced if you break the glass.

Trade offs, I guess.

Looks like an interesting product. Glad to see their new flexible displays finally coming to market in a product. Hopefully one day the whole phone will flex, not just the display.

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It literally rocks? Do you understand what literally means? To quote Inigo Montoya, "I do not think that word means what you think it means."

I think he's using "literally" correctly in this case, which is rare these days. The phone literally rocks because it's curved and when lying on a surface it can rock. Of course he's being punny at the same time... Now my kids misuse "literally" all the time, such as "We were literally a million miles from where we wanted to be..."

Obviously you DON'T understand what literally means, otherwise you wouldn't have taken time out for that idiotic response...

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How is a curved screen innovative? Forget innovative, who would want a curved display? What purpose does this serve? It's pure gimmicks.

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Less prone to screen cracks when dropped screen first. That's all I can imagine it would be good for lol.

Yeah, but if this lands on its corners it will be MORE likely to break than a regular phone.

This is the wrong kind of use for this tech.


-Less prone to breaking
-It brings edge buttons closer to your thumb
-It reduces glare by reflecting light backwards
-It's inherently lighter
-It increases antenna signal reception
-The curvature places the glass under constant tension, which is tapped to provide supplemental power to the phone, increasing battery life.
-And it actually curves space so time passes more slowly while you're using it.


have you ever tried to sit down with a G Note in your back pocket?

trust me a curved screen makes plenty of sense...

Bringing this to market is great to see. This assures that the Note 4 will possibly be designed in this manner or plain and simple another product line separate from the Note products.

Either way you can rest assure that nobody beats Samsung period. They will remain KING in this space.

From my Galaxy Note 3 via Android Central App

"This assures that the Note 4 will possibly be designed in this manner or plain and simple another product line separate from the Note products." What crack are you smoking? This "assures" absolutely nothing. It's one product put out in only one country as a test market. *IF* it does well in Korea, it *MAY* come to other countries. What a retard.

"They will remain KING in this space." They all said Apple would never be beat too...

Since Samsung only makes monster screens, I guess in your pocket, if it even fit in there to begin with, it'd sit better on your leg if it were curved.

What i see from the photo, the curved screen would allow for a more natural fit on the face. Which in theory would allow for better hearing, easier to hold and viewing video would give an Omnimax feeling :)

Actually, I had the Evo3D and found being able to play 3D games pretty cool. The 3D camera was a lot of fun for taking pictures of the kids, too. It's currently sitting in its dock on my nightstand, since it pulls double-duty as an alarm clock.

Sometimes, the "gimmick" ends up being one of the best things about a device. Don't be so quick to write off a feature as "just a gimmick".

Being a flexable display, is the screen glass or plastic? And I wonder about the durability of the screen. Anyone have any thoughts on how a curved display is better or more functional?

Posted via Android Central App with the HTC One

I wonder about the durability of the screen as it's a plastic substrate. I guess we'll find out more as we get some reviews of the handset. It could be coated with gorilla glass but who knows.

LG claims that their curved screen is "shatter proof" due to the plastic substrate. I'm quite certain, however, that that does not count the glass cover layer.

One would think they would have to have a glass outer screen to avoid scratching. For plastic to be hard enough to resist scratching, it usually isn't very clear.

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Sheesh, when will people understand that things are always more expensive outside of the US when conversion rates are considered?

Those days when people thought the battery of nokia 1100(850mah) is a big one...nowadays 3000mah battery for a phone seems too small.. :D

The joke dude. It's flying over your head as I type.

Posted via Android Central App using the brilliant HTC One. Also I like bananas.

This is a step in the right direction for both Samsung and soon to be LG.
I am not saying there is anything wrong with the devices available right now, there are a lot of great ones. But it is also time for companies to broaden their horizons and explore something new.
5 years ago did you think phones were going to be the power devices they are now? What kind of devices will we have 5 years from now?
Personally I am excited for this. Not because I am specifically going to go out and get a curved phone, but for the fact that this is yet another step in advancement for mobile technology.

Posted via Android Central App on my Note 2!

No point in curving it this way. It will rock back and forth on a table top and no just no. This is not innovative. It's just ugly and impractical.

But it's hardly noticeable. It was one of the apparent selling points I was told about before I got it, but I really don't think it makes a difference.

Posted via Android Central App using the brilliant HTC One. Also I like bananas.

I am not going to get into the cost.
I am not going to get into the battery.

The screen is the point here. Screw the curve stuff. Lets take that material and use it on the screen and get rid of the glass. From what I have read today is that it is unbreakable.

How great would it be a note 3, or any other phone, that never has chance of breaking?

Besides that, I don't really think the curve is the way to go, I would rather see expandable side panels or maybe the screen on the back for notifications.

I am not saying the curved thing is a gimmick. Smarter men than we here are AC probably came up with some ergonomic algorithm that says this rocks. I personally prefer this curve to the LG curve.

But I wouldn't really want either.

The display is unbreakable because it has to be to curve. Its still covered in breakable, scratchable glass though.

Your understanding is incorrect. The display (the part that actually shows the image) is polymer-based. The COVER of the display is still glass.

How can you say it has to be unbreakable to make it curved, have you ever seen a lightbulb? Pretty sure you can make glass curved without it being unbreakable. I'd bet you any amount of money I could break the display .... 100%.

While Innovation is always good because you never know what it may lead to this is a little weird for me. Might be cool at some point but don't see anything that is "WOW"

I would say this is actually very innovative. I can see this being very useful for larger screen devices. The curve will allow you to reach the other side of the screen with your thumb a little better.

For those with a 5+ inch display device, hold your device and find where the farthest point you can reach across is with your thumb is. Then lift your thumb up slightly, and that's where the screen would be, and you'd continue to reach some more. Pretty genius.

Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a big screen though? I mean, the idea is to have more viewing area...I'd think curving it would make it look like it's basically the same size as a screen that would fit between the bezels uncurved.

Hmmmm, another interesting point. Well, if nothing else, this device is certainly getting the wheels turning.

My view... It doesn't look like a terrible device, but I'm not certain of any overall benefit this may provide for the user. We shall see how it fairs in real world usage

Posted via Android Central App

I suppose we have to wait and see how this plays out, but that's a very interesting point

Posted via Android Central App

It might make it a better fit in your pocket... who knows, people might use it and pocket it and really like using it. Guess that's why we have this website.

I was hoping for vertically curved like the Nexus, this one looks a bit strange to be honest. I guess it's ergonomic for holding, but doesn't match the contour of the face. Also I'm imagining it'll be a bit strange to adjust your eyes to that type of curveness which is more acute than the more subtle vertical curve of the Galaxy Nexus screen.

Is the bezel metal or fake chrome?

I agree... it doesn't seem like it would match the contour of one's face very well. Seems it would be quite awkward to talk on, especially taking into consideration the size and shape of people's faces are very different from person to person. I think it may be good for some and terrible for others, as is every device I suppose. But if the goal is to get the masses to purchase this device, they may be taking quite a risk here.

Either way, it'll be interesting to see what happens with this

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Hmm...curved screen must surely have some effect upon viewing angles...since so many people like to criticize Sony over "viewing angles", I wonder what they'll say about this...

From the ergonomic point of view, this may work well specially with people who like to wear tight trousers. The presence of the phone won't be so obvious. It may also fit comfortably in the hand...but aside from that, I see no point in this, whatsoever.

Well a few obvious benefits:

1) Would pretty much eliminate glare when using the phone outside.
2) Would fit in pocket more comfortably.
3) It looks kinda cool.

The opposite, actually. There would be more glare due to more angles of incidence. Turn left, sun still hits. Turn right, sun still hits. Might be harder to get it out of the sun.

Unless they came up with some kind of amazing anti-glare coating and the screen is matte.

actually no. Instead of the whole screen reflecting back at your eyes, only a sliver of the screen would reflect the light back to you directly, the rest would defract to the sides.

This would most definitely reduce "white out" when outside.

that concave shape will concentrate light in one nice blinding, ant frying line.

Posted via Android Central App

Only if it's a parabola, which it obviously isn't.

It would definitely help with glare though I'm not sure that's the purpose.

It's not round like a satellite dish sure, so it won't concentrate light in a single point but that curvature will concentrate light in a line alright, like a thermal solar collector for example. And since it's so shallow the focal point might be quite a bit far ... in your face kinda far.
Anyway, I would appreciate it if you don't try to ruin my dreams of frying insects with an android phone. Also, having a front facing camera will allow me to record it, how awesome is that?

Except that solar concentrators are specifically designed to focus all received light on a single point. The curvature of this is far too relaxed to do that.

Ridiculous in most ways if u ask me. Don't boost awesome technology when its not that awesome. Now the lg flexible display is intreging but curving glass ever so slightly fits samsungs marketing market if u ask me. Sad technology is so morw advanced than we actually get to see. So they can step by step our wallets. Its part of it and fun in a way. I guess you just gotta know which stages to skip. I just dont see much here, especially in the status quo samsung is in. Being tech gods ATM. Save ur pennies, more to come. My modo... wait till google announces something special with android phones.
There actually gonna try.

Part of me really likes this device. I have smaller than average hands and struggle getting to all sides of my Galaxy S4. If it were a little curved I might have a better time reaching things.

Does it have S-lag pre-installed? I bet it gets an update within a couple of weeks being released.

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All aboard the I don't give a F**k Express.

Seriously though, I want to like samsung devices again, I do. But things like this really don't do it for me.

I certainly wouldn't want a phone with such a distinct curve, but I have to admit, having the phone on the desk and checking your notifications by rocking it toward you would be pretty convenient.

Moto X has a curved back and shows time and notifications when you rock it on the desk.
Point: the glass does not need to be curved for this...only the back does.

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I like it. Looks like it will fit comfortably in the hand and the screen will be protected a bit as well. Should lead to less cracked screens.

Lol seems like everyone is too mortified by the curve to notice this or the LTE Advanced logo on the back.. Or maybe LTEA in Korea is old news?

Anybody else notice that the back of this phone seems to be advertising LTE Advanced..?

Curved screen or not it's still made of plastic...

(Start flame war in 3...2...1...)

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Monkey Plastic!

You know...instead of Gorilla Glass. I bet it's made by opposed to Corning.

I like this. Apparently though, this is uncool. When Apple invents the idea of it, it will be the best idea since sliced bread though.

Well, to be fair, Apple would at least have the courtesy to tell us why it beats sliced bread. Then at least commenters could scream about why they think they're wrong.

Currently we're all scratching our heads.

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I don't think so, it'll kinda wrap around your leg since the curvature is pretty wide.

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That's pretty cool. I don't know what purpose it serves though. But cool anyway.

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I don't understand why the screen needs to be curved. Not only that, the battery is smaller than the Note 3 and the price is over $1,000.

No thanks.

If this catches on I'm sure we'll see a lawsuit from Apple claiming they thought of it first. Apple will find an old crumpled up drawing that some designer of theirs tossed away years ago and use it as proof.

Posted from my rooted S3 via the awesome new Android Central App

They'll just hold a napkin with an iPhone drawing on it up from both sides so it bows in the middle and the courts will believe it's legit.

I don't see why this was a direction that was taken. I see this going the way of all the "fluff" features on the S4 that nobody finds more than novel.

LG apparently is going to be doing this too.

It seems that innovation is about coming up with stuff that hasn't been tried yet, and eventually getting something to stick when you throw it against the wall.

I just read on CNET that the curve of the phone is supposed to follow the contours of the human face.


Posted via Galaxy Note 3 on the Android Central App

Didn't the Galaxy Nexus have a slight curve the other way? I don't see a problem with a phone being released like this. But it shouldn't be the number 1 feature of the phone. Samsung is dropping devices left and right. It almost makes you think that they might not put a ton of effort into each device. Quality not Quantity. Not saying any of their devices suck, But I think that you devalue some of your products be having so many different flavors of them.

I am on my galaxy nexus right now (sadly). Slight curve top to bottom. Really not notable but makes sense for placement of the phone on the ear curving towards your mouth.

Posted via Android Central App

I used to have the old 'banana' phone from Nokia. Remember that from many years back? It had a slide out mouth piece that made it quite curved in the same direction as the new LG device. Of course no curved screen. But it was still cool and actually wrapped a little around the face when used as a phone. So I'd prefer that curve direction I think.

Hahahah, wow, after seeing a lot of flat, slate phones, seeing this feels really weird. Interesting move Samsung, I'd like to see where this is going.
Also how the heck did they fit the battery in there, it's so curved.

pushing the envelope. this is the power of an open OS. it drives innovation because you have multiple hardware vendors all contributing R&D and resources and new ideas to the platform.

Has anyone actually confirmed why all these curved screens are so popular? Seems like a gimmick to me.

Keep it secret keep it safe..... ø

Well I am assuming the curved screen is for the folks with extremely rounded Hine parts.... Think about it... It would fit in their back pocket better. Keeps the radius round

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Why are u all getting your panties/boxers in a bunch. If u want a curved phone go buy it. If u don't want it stick to your flat phones. No one is forcing it on u.

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Why are u all getting your panties/boxers in a bunch. If u want a curved phone go buy it. If u don't want it stick to your flat phones. No one is forcing it on u.

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How very smart of them to produce a prototype right away and show it off. Now everyone will think LG copied Samsung when they put out their curved phone.

Posted via Android Central App

Apparently everyone is missing the point about what this is all about. Yah this phone probably has nothing worth breaking contracts for BUT...the technology behind it....

Think about it this way...
-Flexible screens
-Upcoming cable/flexible batteries
-circuitboards getting smaller tech

-Wearable devices that have the same power as today
-Clear flexible displays for devices in your house.
-Smart houses with onscreen displays
etc etc etc etc

Its all about being able to put information in a small flexible device that can harness the same results as todays current bricks we carry around.

The notion of a quick touch status screen is nice - that would be useful. Looking back - the last time I saw curved glass it had a Pizza place behind it; the time before that it was a distorting mirror in some Mall. I know Samsung keeps throwing ideas at the notional wall of user opinion; perhaps this curved glass screen will bounce. Otherwise it seems utterly pointless.

Awesome A C

I have pretty big lug-holes, I can't imagine that getting my ear right into the earpiece at the center of the curve is going to end well... Pretty sure it would hit either side of the speaker? - Unless I forced it right in there but who wants to have to press a phone uncomfortably to their head?

A lot of places are reporting this as a 2.3Ghz Exynos processor, but that would make it a new CPU. I think instead it might be a snapdragon 800.

A lot of people are also reporting that it has the same faux finish on the back as the Galaxy Note 3 — visually this is clearly not the case. Either it is a different, more refined faux finish, or it is real leather.

This phone is looking for a Dell Venue to marry.

After it divorces the Nexus S, and leaves the N9 and Lumia 800 at military school.

does anyone know if this is compatible with ATandT radios (and unlocked)
Say i got it imported? (my friend is in korea)

I think all the confusion and (some) outrage over a very slightly curved form factor design is comical.

"What's the point?"
"Why not just design a fully flexible phone?"
"It'll rock back on forth on a table, millimeters at a time! Blasphemy"

This is the process of evolution. Baby steps. You start with a new idea and grow it from there. Design, ergonomics,

Credit the OEM's for trying something new. We didn't get quad-core processing with 5 inch 1080p screens immediately after the G1 launched. The same way we aren't going to get unbreakable, fully flexible form factor devices immediately following the Note 3.

So to answer the majority of these statements, the question is not why. It's "Why not?" Let's all get off our soap boxes and enjoy the ride, see where it takes us.

I for one, personally like the design.

I honestly don't think its a bad thing to try out new ways of doing things. Many great thing started off as an unusual idea that nobody really understood.
The point I'm making is, what kinds of progress can continue to come from this start?
That's kind da where I'm trying to foresee out of this.
Just thinking out loud.

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