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Samsung has never been shy about introducing outlandish new hardware, and so its latest high-end hardware for China shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. The Samsung SCH-W2013 sports a vintage flip phone chassis with up-to-date internals from the Korean manufacturer. Inside there's a 1.4GHz quad-core CPU, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, expandable via microSD card. The screens are both 3.7-inch SuperAMOLED dealies at WVGA (800x480) resolution.

On the software side, it's powered by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Samsung's TouchWiz UI; presumably both have been tweaked to accommodate the unusual form factor. Connectivity comes in the form of two SIM slots -- one for GSM, and one CDMA-flavored.

Even more outlandish is the fact that the W2013 is apparently designed for (and marketed by) actor and martial artist Jackie Chan. Engadget reports that the phone was unveiled at an elaborate charity concert, where Chan was on hand to collect his very own W2013. As for pricing, the phone is a luxury device, and so will reportedly run you somewhere in the region of $3,000 (yes, that's the correct number of zeroes).

Any takers?

Source: Samsung; via: Engadget


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Samsung launches flip phone with four cores and two screens for China


I so need one of these for my brother who I can't for the life of me get him on to an Android phone. His main gripe is that it has to be flip phone (start laughing now) but there are still people out there who like them.

Wow, the last flip phone I had was from LG like.... 6 years ago. I could see it filling a very niche market for the "older" generation here in the states. My parents both use a flip phone STILL.

I wonder if its really heavy. Two 3.7 inch screens. I take it that the other screen is revealed when the phone is flipped open. Neat nostalgic form. Great specs.

In before 5 megapixel camera.

Looks ok but it's going to have to be made of some special materials to warrant that value, unless it's partially a fundraiser phone for some charity.

Having a touch screen and a keypad on the one phone is a bit strange, it's like having a digital car driving system built into the rear passenger zone in a car, so you can drive from the front seat with the wheel or the rear with a controller or touch pad... so maybe it isn't touch screen at all.

my parents still use a claim shell flip phone. They're excited they get to upgrade in to a new clam shell flip phone. *eyeroll *

I find that price really hard to believe. 3000rmb, yes, I could believe that, but not $3000US. Even a brand new iPhone in China doesn't sell for much more than 4000rmb. My guess, as someone who lives in Shanghai part of the year, is that something was lost in translating this press release into English.

I have used some of those japanese flip phones back in 2008, and if you have never used one of them japanese flip phones(that looks almost exactly like the one above) you guys are SERIOUSLY missing out.

Japanese have the best phones in the market. Back in 2008(or 2009) apple JUST came out with the iPhone and it was considered the best smartphone around. But the japanese begs to differ, Japanese flip phones manufactured by Sharp, Panasonic and Sony back in 2008 had beautiful AMOLED HD display, 10Mpx cameras, touchscreen AND physical buttons, amazing speaker sound quality and so much faster than the iPhone 2G. They were YEARS ahead of apple or anyone else in the phone market.

Unfotunately, the phone is strictly locked to japanese networks and to unlock them requires an unlock sim (that you sandwich in between your sim card and the phone)
Even then, The signals weren't very good and it would drop randomly.

I am still praying for the day Sharp and Panasonic would come out of their japanese shells and start opening up to the wider market around the world.

Flip phones are dying in Japan too, everyone has gone Android-crazy. And while Sharp has tried a flipphone Android phone (Softbank 007SH) and a slider Android phone (Softbank and AU "The Hybrid"), they haven't caught on at all while iPhone and Samsung kept beating those hybrid phones on specs and battery life.

So now everyone is toting an iPhone or a Note, SIII, Fujitsu/Sharp/Sony/etc Android device, if they aren't still with their old flip phone and refusing to upgrade.

BTW, since April 2011, DoCoMo phones are fully unlockable (for a mere ¥3150 at a DoCoMo shop), including what few flip phones they still make, so it's possible to use them abroad without messing with hyperSIM cards.

Just saying though, the Japanese market is very very different now from 2008.

But all the cool features from those flipphones are making it into Android (thanks to the ability of manufacturers to modify the UI... :P ), including often some really badly-translated English, which I consider a feature (for humor) more than a bug! LOL

I'm with my Fujitsu Arrows ef right now with a 4.3" screen, water/dust proof, 13Mpx camera, mobile tv and wallet, infrared, the whole shebang, lots of custom software (heck it automatically adjusts the screen's color temperature based on my environment for the most comfortable viewing!). Sure I'm a bit behind in Android versions but it's so useful compared to stock Android...

For your last point: Panasonic and Sharp have tried selling Android smartphones to Europe without much success, Sharp is selling a lot in China, and they're planning AFAIK to start selling their Android phones in the Philipines too, probably elsewhere after.

Thats very sad to hear the japanese phones aren't doing so well anymore.
what are some features that are ported from the flip phones into android?

fujitsu has some cool phones too. I remember my sharp SH phone had LEDs notifications on each side that are an inch long and blinks in rainbow colours when you have a message. SO PRETTY! Good to hear the phones are fully unlockable now. I might get one as a collection when I get the chance.

I'm glad Sharp and Panasonic are reaching out. I love their TVs and nobody makes display look better than them (yes i'm talking about you samsung)

Yeah they still make a few rare phones with all those LEDs on the side.. But the future is with smartphones.

As for keitai features making it into Android, I listed a few in my previous post but here goes. Sharp and Fujitsu are leading the charge here, while others are mostly trying to make water/dust-proof smartphones.

- waterproof, dustproof
- oneseg and osaifu keitai (mobile tv and mobile wallet, for other readers who might not know)
- fingerprint reader
- 8, 12, 13 or even 16 MPx cameras
- sp-mode / s!mail / c-mail support, with full emoji support
- a lot of software features I haven't really made sense of because it's all in Japanese, but I assume they're ports of i-mode / ezweb / yahoo keitai apps
- on the Fujitsu side, a lot of focus on this "human centric engine", ie automatically adjusting the screen's color temperature based on environment, automatically detecting when I'm walking vs when it's sitting on the table so it can adjust the ringtone volume automatically and so son
- Sharp has their new Feel UX, they used to try to emulate the keitai UI a lot (especially on their Hybrid phones), but now they're going towards a custom UI, while Fujitsu is mostly stock UI + a lot of customizations in functionality
- high-end Fujitsu even have the thermometer and barometers that Fujitsu keitai used to have
- Japanese software is often clunky though, probably due to leftover habits/thinking/designs from the keitai days.. It's improving slowly, but I remove most of the Japanese software and use the Android apps I like to use instead (yay Android!)

Can't think of anything else off the top of my head for now...

No one bought the LG dual-screened phone, and it was WAY cheaper than $3000. No one will definitely buy this, no matter how many Samsung stickers they put on it.

It's a project made with Jackie Chan and Samsung for a charity event. The phone is worth no where near $3000. It is not marketed towards consumers, but to the people who were going to donate to the charity fund. Probably, mostly celebrities and CEOs.

Why do people feel the need to get other people to use the same type of phone they use?? Some people use a flip phone because that is all they need. Believe it or not, the "need" you see in your smart phone is, in fact, a convenience. You don't NEED to be able to send emails at any given moment or have something keep your schedule for you, or to play 'Angry Birds' on a whim. You can tell/show your friends and relatives the cool stuff your phone does, but don't try to force them into it. Stop making fun of people because they aren't "up to date". If their flip phone or (God forbid) iPhone does what they need, leave them alone. Not everybody values messing with technology like we do. Different strokes for different folks, now get over it.

The latest flip phone I used was the Nokia N90 back in 2005. It offered a couple of interesting features, especially the ability to transform into a camcorder with tilting and swiveling screen. It was a pretty powerful smartphone too and totally superior compared to the sad flip phones sold today.

It is very unfortunate that new flip phones and candybar models with classic keypads today is just outdated and antiquated (1.3 MP camera was impressing.... in 2003/2004).

There are situations where a classic T9 keypad is very handy - even in a smartphone and it is time for a manufacturer to release a decent model with the traditional style.

A new N90 would also be something that could be sold as the "camcorder phone". The positive thing with the flip design is that the screen can be pretty big and therefore compete relatively well with touchscreen candybars.

I would definitely consider a smartphone like this! Way back in 2006 I had the Sharp V903 I think was the model. And yeah it had great speakers and a great camera with a REAL 3X OPTICAL zoom!

That would be nice in 2013 to have a 4.2+ Jellybean Android smartphone that had a camera with a real optical zoom!

If the screens are 3.7" then this thing must be like 8" long unfolded right? This might be even more awkward than a Note to talk on