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Cases that replicate 'S-View' functionality will work again after fix

The Android 4.4. KitKat update is making the rounds to certain Galaxy Note 3s, but an unfortunate bug is causing issues with some third-party view covers. After the update began rolling out, users reported that non-Samsung covers that replicated the "S-View" functionality were not working after the bump to KitKat. This is naturally not an intended "feature" of the latest update, and Samsung has vowed to roll out a new update that fixes the issue, according to a statement given to Ars Technica:

We have currently identified a software compatibility issue with the Galaxy Note 3 update to Android 4.4 (KitKat) and select 3rd party accessories. A software update will be available shortly. We are committed to offering a diverse and reliable mobile experience for all customers, providing continued support and solutions for any issues that arise with product updates for both Samsung manufactured and third-party accessories.

This follows up on an initial assertion that the update had nothing to do with the incompatibility, but there's really no indication that Samsung has any reason to disable third-party case functionality. Those who already have KitKat on their Note 3 can be on the lookout for another update soon, and we can expect the latest code to be integrated into future updates when they make their way to other regions as well.

Source: Ars Technica


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Samsung to issue new Galaxy Note 3 OTA to fix third-party accessory support issues


OK so it was just a bug/mistake. Nothing to see here then, continue rolling out the Kit Kat update Samsung. Good to see them on the ball and fixing it quickly.

I know. Just wait until he finds out there's no Santa Claus or Tooth Fairy.

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You mean they got caught implementing an "F-You" feature. Guaranteed that's from day 1 on the Note 4/S5.

Hi after the android update the phone really sucks and freezes more than it works.i have official Samsung s view cover even post update it does not work many times.

Has more to do with the pins in the back. The Spigen case that I have is one of the ones that were affected and it does not have a magnet (not one to keep it closed anyway). Not exactly sure how it works...something to look up instead of commenting here.

Im amazed how fast Samsung found the error and already offering ota ;-) ("we didnt do it on purpose!")

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I'm sure it was on purpose, but nonetheless, they listened and retracted. Isn't that the way it's supposed to be?

If they were trying to "strong arm" customers, why would they apologize and vow to issue an update to fix it?

Samsung could have very easily said "sorry, we don't support 3rd party accessories and that's how it is."

and there wouldnt be a damn thing anyone could have done about it (except rooting). I am also sure that it would not have hurt sales of the S5 all that much either. People are kinda used to it with Apple.

why would they apologize and vow to issue an update to fix it?

Is this an actual question you're asking? Because they got caught and people got mad. If you think it's just a happy coincidence that the mechanism to do this has been built into their products and then all of a sudden they just made a mistake and activated it then I really don't know what to say.

If Samsung was guilty of this in the past, you would be correct, but as far as I know, they have never messed with 3rd party accessories. Plus it's not really their fault, the Samsung cases all use 2 things to trigger the s-view, 3 pins in the back plus a magnet on the front. If they should be yelled at, it's for making the s-view work with only the magnet at first, then all the cases and such would have had to have both things to trigger the s-view.


no not a "happy coincidence" but sometime you build things into other things because your already there. Might as well add it and not need it than not have it and want it.

An this is only a few cases. If it was on purpose, they would have done it across the board, car docks, stereo docks, etc

Bollocks. So u really believe that Samsung thought they could get away with this? Dude thats lame

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They actually DID say to just use Official Samsung accessories. The problem apparently didn't go away (imagine that) so they had to go to plan B, which is actually fix the problem.

Easy to perceive that was the intended purpose to cease the use of 3rd party flip cases. Is it logical no if you have read the statement then you of course would derive to the conclusion that it was indeed a bug. There is of little need or benefit to be sneaky. Samsung would before release just make it so that you had to use manufactures accessories.

This then would not separate them from apple who choose this path and tbh its in a way OK but will limit the audience for the product. Well at least that is how I personally see it, hope Samsung continues to allow 3rd party accessories and I'm sure they will.

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They probably added the ability to check if the case was a genuine case but forgot to specify what happens when the check comes back negative.

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If they would let it go for a few weeks, or during the US rollout, I would say the same as you.

They didn't. They are fixing it very early in the rollout and apologizing.

In addition, it seems as though it is limited to a very few accessories. Not all of them. If it was all of them (car docks and things like that) then yeah, they intentionally activated it and again, I would be fighting right there with you that this is BS.

This is just you hating to hate, which is your prerogative, but Samsung made a mistake and are owning up to it.

Why would anyone want a third party accessory? I have serious doubts that the third party accessories can beat the Samsung ones. I don't believe anything can beat a Samsung product. And that is the end of the sentence.

Not sure is serious or mocking Yarnell BUT of course I will respond.

My Slim Armor S-View case from Spigen is THE SHIZZLE! Nothing like it in the Samsung portfolio.

Well I use Wedge keyboard, wedge mouse and Sony smartwatch 2 with my Note 10.1. I wonder where is the samsung genuine keyboard and mouse and why genuine Samsung Gear isnt working with my Samsung phone. I wonder why I have so many times problem to connect my Samsung BTheadset with my Samsung phone, but Sony Smartwatch connects to it everytime I turn it on at the same time my btheadset says nothing until i turn the bt on/off couple times from my phone. As fas as I know, many 3rdnparty acc. are better quality, feels and looks better and they even exist!

Why on earth I would even want to be forced to choose acc. only from the same manufacturer? If I liked it, I bet, I would be the nicest Appleboy then.

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Easily. Take something like the Nexus 7. You can have an official case, which doesn't unlock the screen when you open it, for $50 shipped. Or you can have a 3rd party case, which DOES unlock the screen, for 10 shipped. One of those is not a good item to buy, and from your point of view it sounds like you'd rather spend more money for less functionality.

Article not relevant to US users... Have any US carriers pushed out KitKat?

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No but it is nice to know what your walking into

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So when will Samsung rectify the inability of root apps to have access to the ext sd? Can't backup my stuff on my sd card using TB Pro.

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

To all haters:

Whether it was on purpose or a bug, Sammy listened and retracted and/or fixed in a timely manner making this a moot point. IF it happens on the S5 and/or the Note 4, then yeah, there will be no disputing it that this is the path they want to take.

With that said:

Bring on the Extra Crispy Kit Kat!

Sounds strange that you are calling people haters when everyone just say what they feel, that if a company closes the market for accessories to purely them then they will not buy from a company that makes a monopoly.

As for whether it is a bug or deliberate. First of all an executive actually made a comment that backed up the deliberate stand when he said something akin to "If they want accessories then they should only buy from Samsung" when asked about the 'bug'.

The backtracking and fixing of this 'feature' is purely because of the less than positive reaction by customers, even long time, who said they would never buy another Samsung Product.

Let's face it, if it were merely a bug then it would have affected Samsung's own products as well but magically they all worked perfectly.

It will be interesting seeing whether they choose to 'lock' smart covers etc on their next generation of devices. Maybe they can blame that on a bug as well.

Yeah and you can call me a hater if you like, it's water off a ducks back. I am just saying it how I see it and if you see it as hating on Samsung then Ohhhhhh Well!

This is sooo Lame! Fixing a very minor issue with handful of kitkat users, when they haven't done anything to address the Wifi and Battery Drain issues with 4.3 ???? Why aren't they putting any emphasis on fixing REAL issues and rolling out Kitkat or 4.3 bug fixes to US carriers ASAP ??
Obviously they don't know how to set priorities.

I can't argue with you there. My S3 hasn't been able to hold a wifi signal ever since the update to 4.3 and the stock browser is kind of wonky in selecting a links.

This are the things that I think the 1520 misses. Those details like the S Pen, S View and those software improvements for the screen size. If I had to guess I would say Samsung disabled them, I mean, why did Samsung's cover keep working?

Ever since the update.. I'm having major issues with my S view cover! It constantly freezes, I constantly have to be rebooting cause the screen won't turn on when I open it and it freezes with half of the screen after I open. I hope Samsung addresses this issue soon cause I sure love my S view cover and I'm going to have to go back to my other cases in the meantime of an update! So sad and dissapointed with this Kitkat update.

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When Note 3 asked whether to upgrade to KitKat my Galaxy Note 3 which I had bought two months back in HongKong,
I agreed and it installed Kit Kat but with errors. Now it does not charge properly and always prompts to restart the device and has become extremely slow in charging. One of their authorised service engineers said it was the charging socket fault, and another at their toll-free number said it was the battery issue, and advised me to take it to a particular service station, and their also they do not know the nature of the problem and have told me to leave the phone with them for two days.
I request Samsung to do the necessary.

The Samsung Service Center had taken the phone three days back, on 03-03-2013 without giving a proper service receipt and have demanded cost of battery charging socket without agreeing to give receipt and Samsung India are declining my reply to their letter. Now my phone is at the mercy of fate even though it is only 2 months old, and Samsung India had asked me to leave it with their particular service center. Another of Samsung's service center had given me the same estimate within one hour. I regret that there was a mistake in stating that the phone was bought in Hongkong, while it was actually bought in Bangkok duty free shop

Now they are disclosing that there was no actual fault, and the error resulted in some wi-fi problem. But charging me saying it was for a spare part, this discloses the business ethics in our country.

Finally I had to shell out 2500/- Rupees after Samsung India asked me to give my e-mail info and then deleted its own e-mail and did nothing for the problem, simultaneously Parrys Tech, its service center which had not upgraded the Note three, claimed to have upgraded it without any proof and had wantonly taken part in the corruption of the software, and demanded the sum for the charging hardware, which if at all was affected by the the mischief of the Samsung service center. Samsung India remains behind the scene all the time, while giving a toll free line just for this fraudulent practice.