Samsung Infuse 4G

We were kind of hoping Keith Urban might announce it, but we suppose Twitter will have to do. According to AT&T's official Twitter page, in reply to @Drake_Heth (smile, you're famous now), the Samsung Infuse 4G is set to get its Gingerbread update in the next couple of weeks. And that's nary a moment too soon, with the prospect of the U.S. (finally) getting its Galaxy S II devices at the end of the month, and you bet your bippy they won't be running Froyo.

And we'll save you the trouble of looking it up yourself -- the website referenced in the tweet is AT&T's announcement that all of its phones released in 2011 will receive Gingerbread updates. Along with the Infuse 4G, that includes the HTC Inspire 4G, LG Phoenix, Motorola Atrix 4G, Pantech Crossover and Samsung Captivate.

Source: Twitter; via XDA Developers; Thanks, Colton!


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Samsung Infuse 4G to get Gingerbread this month, AT&T says on Twitter


The roll out better come with touch wiz 4.0. Atleast when my inspire 4g got gingerbread they put htc sense 2.1 on it. Good job htc. Hopefully Samsung areNT the type to leave their paying customer in the dog house. I hate when these companies make excuses just to force people to buying newer products. The same dirty tactic Apple uses.

It won't have TW 4.0. In fact, no devices unless they are in the GS2 line will have TW4 until Ice Cream Sandwich. Got my source from a reliable Sprint rep on XDA who knows a lot about the latest stuff.

I'm just annoyed that they're updating a newer phone to gingerbread and haven't even updated their older ones yet. I have a Samsung Epic, and we're supposedly getting the gingerbread update this month as well, but the Vibrant, Fascinate, Captivate, and Mesmerize deserve it before a newer phone like the Infuse 4G.

Yea.... The phone doesn't deserve it. You're right. It should have came with it in the first place! Lol.

It's the carriers slowing it down. Look at the international versions almost all have had gb for months. The carriers adding their garbage slow down updates.

Where is the update ? I talked with a tech person today on the phone she said she was going to send me a link to get the update im still waiting!