Update: Sources for The Verge have denied that this model is the Galaxy S III, saying it's "not even close to the final design," and adding "no leaks of the final design have been accurate."

Original story: If you've been following the stories of rumored devices within Samsung's 2012 line-up, you may be familiar with a phone with the product number GT-i9300. When we first caught a glimpse of this device in late March, it was rocking a buttonless setup, with software-based on-screen keys in the style of the Galaxy Nexus. But if the latest set of leaked images from ​Gizmodo Brazil​ are to be believed, then the phone may have grown a set of physical buttons over the past month. Photos have leaked today claiming to show the front and back of the device, and aside from the different button setup, they match last month's leaked pics pretty closely. Note the front-facing camera position and the trim around the device's corners.

The images are reportedly from a manufacturing source, which claims the GT-i9300 is a high-end product, with a 12MP rear camera (with dual-LED flash) and a high-quality display. It's also reportedly thinner than the Galaxy S II, but slightly heavier, with a larger screen. Whether it's Samsung's next flagship phone -- under the Galaxy S III name or some other branding -- remains to be seen.

As we discussed yesterday, we still know almost nothing about Samsung's next-gen plans. But all will be revealed at the launch event in London on May 3, and we'll be there to bring you full coverage of whatever's unveiled.

Source: Gizmodo Brazil; The Verge


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Samsung 'GT-i9300' sighted in Brazil, probably not the Galaxy S III


Looks like the phone is in case,
The phone is also insanely similar to a galaxy nexus if you look at the lines on the screen.

Could be the samoled hd galaxy nexus screen on a square case?

im surprised at how uncool Verizon has started to look. seems like all the other providers are getting some cool phones but Verizon just wants to push the razr, gnex, and iphone

Yea but that's their best sellers so far so they're trying to squeeze the cash cow and the g next isn't going to be exclusive any more so it makes since they're goes mg to push it while they got the only one in the USA ATM so go figure

I know man, I want this phone on Verizon so bad sooooo baaaaad. If they pass this one up I'm going to definitely make some calls.

Supposedly the 4212/4412 and up have LTE on chip.

It's a dim hope that it may just come Verizon's way, but it's no guarantee by a long shot. Verizon seems to have a hatred for Samsung, favoring Motorola primarily and HTC secondary.

But given the sales figures of the Galaxy SII and the anticipation for the SIII, it'd be silly for Verizon to pass up on it.

That's a little wink wink, nudge nudge to you Verizon... get the message?

Can't tell you why I know this - but that is a Samsung dummy unit! No doubt there's GS3 internals - but it's pretty common to put out internals/software to test in a dummy carcase to throw off the press. I have no doubt whatsoever, and the fact that it was taken with the screen off is a better indicator

home button? why samsung, why? and even if its a dummy case, they wouldnt put a home button on it unless it needed to be tested too

i love the home button,its why i got a galaxy device to begin with...all personal preference really and thats what is good about android,theres something for everyone.

I realize that we are looking at non-press shots, but if you thought the Evo LTE was ugly, this phone looks HIDEOUS! Why?! Why Samsung? Why would you make this?

"The Verge have denied that this model is the Galaxy S III, saying it's "not even close to the final design," and adding "no leaks of the final design have been accurate.""

Talk about a paradox!

No leaks of the design have been accurate, yet they can claim this isn't even close to the design. What?