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For all you folks whose Sprint-branded Samsung Galaxy Tabs have been languishing with Froyo for the better part of a year now (since it launched, anyway), your Gingerbread update is coming this week. Sprint's given official word of the update (unofficial word came last week), which begins pushing today. It'll be released in stages, with 100 percent of devices to be updated by the weekend.

Source: Sprint

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Floridadomer says:

First! Nothing here in Tallahassee, Florida.

Hmmmmm, Sprint? Figures.

rocktoonz says:


dskwerl says:

Woo, awesome. Maybe now is as good a time as any to back up my Tab.

dskwerl says:

Oh, I remember what I was going to ask: What are the odds of a manual install getting posted?

TyBec says:

Please change the title! I had a sliver of hope that my Bell Tab would be getting Gingerbread. Lol

Nothing in NY yet. Haha. I just rooted mine last week also. I was getting ready to put spacemooses honeycomb on it when I decided to look at my AC widget. Unrooted and waiting to see what gingerbread brings. Hopefully a change to this awful UI. I have the evo 3d and a nook color (phiremod cm7) and my gtab ..... The UI on the gtab is fugly.

slbailey1 says:

I want Gingerbread on my Verizon Galaxy Tab. But, I REALLY, REALLY want Honeycomb 3.2 on my Verizon Galaxy Tab.

eggypadua says:

Nothing in Philadelphia yet.

newboyx says:

I am pretty sure location has nothing to do with when you receive the update.

curney says:

Would love to know when TMO will be updating.

no1much says:

Im sure most people already know this but just going to say anyway so people dont get their hopes up.

When this gingerbread update rolled out here in the uk it was only for the gt p1000s not the gt p1010. That is, only the tabs with sim card slots not the wifi only tabs get the update, anyone have any news as to when us wifi peeps will get updated?

Droid Stew says:

What about the wi-fi only version? Will that receive any update to Gingerbread?

joba78 says:

Sprint continues its stellar job of keeping their most popular Android devices updated!

I can't wait to see the new, thin Galaxy Tab 7 this Fall! I may grab one for my wife!

Tom S. says:

Any word on this upgrade for AT&T?

onedunya says:

When will the wifi only version get Gingerbread, anyone?

rick9814911 says:

Does this mean well have netflix on our tabs now? also i have a sprint tab but im just using it on wifi(dont have any sprint service), will i still get the update?

Nothing in Oakland ,Ca yet. They should skip gingerbread and go straight to honeycomb. What they need to do asap is upgrade my epic 4g to gingerbread

dodger007#WN says:

Anyone know if a rooted tab on Sprint will get the update? Thanks

newboyx says:

It will most likely break root.

Floridadomer says:

I read on a Sprint forum that if you have WiFi on, it won't see the update. Just like when trying to get Sprint ID's. It has to be on 3G only. Not sure if this is true but thought I would throw it out there.

My wifi is always on & I just got upgrade to gingerbread.around 9pm pacific standard time. What are big differences between froyo and gingerbread? Aside from notification bar I don't see many differences

you can grab update file from here,Official Gingerbread Update File

teddy1971 says:

Just performed the update using this file from xda forums ( It worked great. Now I can use Netflix and Skype Video without issue.

SunYam says:

Haven't gotten the update just yet, hopefully soon. So what version is it suppose to be 2.3.3 or 2.3.4?