Samsung TouchWiz event

Samsung is holding a press conference to unveil the TouchWiz update for the US Galaxy Tab 10.1  August 3 at the Samsung Experience at Columbus Circle in New York.  They plan a live showing and full demonstration of the new TouchWiz for tablets, and will sideload the update on-site during the briefing, as well as for the general public afterwards.  It's not often that we would want to see a manufacturer UI placed on a stock Android device, but everything we've seen and heard about TouchWiz for the Tab 10.1 makes us think this will be a bit different.  The changes look like they add to the Honeycomb experience in a good way, both in the looks department as well as the functionality.  Besides the changes included in TouchWiz like the mini-apps and live panels, Samsung plans to bring a new Media Hub interface, the Kindle and Amazon Music Cloud player, Words with Friends, and a set of "Enterprise Mobile" solutions. 

While the press will be there checking out the demo and sampling the provided lunch, the public can get involved after.  Starting at 1PM and running until 6PM, you can bring your Tab 10.1 in and have the TouchWiz UI flashed by the pros at Samsung.  Samsung warns us that sideloading the update will wipe your Tab, so keep that in mind.  For the rest of us, and those who don't want to lose all their data, the OTA version of the update will be coming soon after.  If you're in New York, you should drop by and check it out.


Reader comments

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 major software update unveiled Aug 3 in New York


Finally, Italians got new TouchWiz why not in US yet! Samsung,step on Updates that is the only your weak point.

What concerns me is once the touchwiz UX update is released, how will that work when Google releases ICS? Does it mean the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will take forever to get ICS like the Galaxy S phones took forever to get 2.2 and now 2.3?

And which version of Honeycomb? Will this be built on what we're running now or the updated version?

Well from what they said previously is the touchwiz software is an optional update. But not sure if that affects future updates to 3.2 or ICS.