Galaxy Tab 10.1 keyboard dock

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 keyboard dock is a great accessory for a great tablet.  I'm not fully convinced that you can get any real work with a tablet just yet, but this has me thinking hard.  It's simple to use, looks good and brings one big think that touchscreen tablets are lacking -- a physical keyboard for fast and accurate typing.

Setup is a breeze.  Pull the keyboard dock out of the box, and plug your Galaxy Tab 10.1 into it.  If you're using a third party keyboard, you'll get a notice that you need to switch to the stock one for best functionality, and a handy button to press to do just that.  Then you start using it.


The keyboard itself is responsive, and the keys are easy to reach and after a few minutes you'll get the flow and feel like you're working with an Android powered netbook.  There's special function keys for home, back, menu and all the other special Android functions, as well as volume and brightness controls.  It's pretty much like the keyboard you're using on your computer, minus a dedicated set of number keys (some PC and laptop keyboards don't have those either).

It's weighty and the rubber feet and back panel keep it from moving while banging out e-mails or Tweeting, and there's a 3.5mm audio output to connect a pair of speakers of headphones.  The pass through port allows for charging and a connection to your computer or other Samsung accessories, so it makes for a nice all around desktop dock if you've got the space.

A tablet of any sort isn't going to replace my computer or laptop any time soon, but when i need to get work done on my Tab, I can do it much easier and faster now.  I wrote this blog post with it!  Hit the break for a couple more images of this one in action.

Galaxy Tab 10.1 keyboard dock

Galaxy Tab 10.1 keyboard dock

Galaxy Tab 10.1 keyboard dock

Galaxy Tab 10.1 keyboard dock

Galaxy Tab 10.1 keyboard dock


Galaxy Tab 10.1 keyboard dockGalaxy Tab 10.1 keyboard dockGalaxy Tab 10.1 keyboard dockGalaxy Tab 10.1 keyboard dock


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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 keyboard dock review


There seems to be a theme at androidcentral related to reviewing accessories that have been around for a very long time (ie > than a year). I'm pretty sure that anyone who wanted one of these docks already has one. Everyone else is either looking at the next gen crop of tablets, or simple doesn't want one (same for the EVO dock you guys recently reviewed).

Not only is this a little after the fact, but no mention of the transformer keyboards...

I don't think there needs to be a head-to-head with the TF keyboard, but to not mention/compare it at all is incomplete seeing as these are the two main options for people wanting a tablet that can do a little laptop work.


We reviewed the Transformer keyboards at the same time as the tablets. Which is to say, we did them both before they were available.

We've done Galaxy Nexus stuff as soon as it's available. Same with other devices.

Like I said, there doesn't need to be a full head-to-head compairision between the two, but I found the artilce lacking in that it didn't at least have a few comments comparing/contrasting this keyboard with the other main alternative, aka the TF keyboard.

A couple of comments highlighting areas where this one is superior to the TF keyboard and vice-versa, for example, would have been interesting to hear.


Thing is, this dock works with all the post-10.1 tablets (8.9, 7.7, 7.0 Plus) It doesn't work with the OG Tab 7.0, since it's too thick.

I'd like to see tablet keyboard with USB connector built on the side of the keyboard like you see in laptops. The Samsung proprietary keyboard is very limiting and a USB connector built into the keyboard would make it more versatile. Any company that's first to build it will have my money.

The Asus Transformer keyboard docks have the USB connector. It has worked fine for me for USB gamepads, mice, and flash drives/storage devices. It is a really nice option to be able to use a regular mouse with the tablet when you have the keyboard connected.

Products like this and especially the Asus Transformer have me seriously considering them as a laptop replacement. With an external DVD burner and a networked hard drive, what else would I need a laptop for?

Granted, I am issued a laptop for work to do work things. But 99% of my home computing needs seem to be covered by this kind of setup, and it would finally justify the cost (I want a good tablet, but don't really need one).

I felt the same way until I realized how difficult it can be to work with standard office documents. Maybe I don't have the right app, but for anything other than a plain text document it just doesn't work that well.

I have to agree with schwars1. We have an ipad, gt10.1, transformer, and two touchpads, but none of them are even close to replacing a laptop. tablets are toys. you can get some things done on them, but a laptop replacement they are not.

Depends on your use for a laptop. To me, a laptop was a mobile toy, and all my real work is done on a desktop. A tablet is a far more enjoyable toy. In fact, I'd say my TF101 is superior to my old laptop in every way, for my uses of web browsing, gaming (something my laptop couldn't do), news reading, movies, etc, and the dock allows it to have all the function I need.

If you use a laptop as your main working computer, than yeah, tablets won't replace that yet.

So I have a question. I have this dock and I love it. I will drop my Tab in there every few days to give it a quick charge but one thing I have noticed is that when I leave my Tab in the charger, say overnight, it will turn it off. Does this happen to you? Is this a feature I can disable?

Thanks for the review. :-)

I have to ask though am I the only one left that doesn't use a tablet yet? Between my ATRIX (waiting patiently for the quad core line up), bluestacks for windows and my laptop workstation (dock, widescreen lcd and the works) I have yet to justify the purchase of one. It's ok... you can confirm I'm old school.... lol :-)

Hey, in case anyone is wondering, the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 keyboard dock works perfectly fine on my Samsung Galaxy 8.9. Just has about half an inch on either side of the tablet

I personally love this thing. This paired with my bluetooth mouse make this almost like my laptop.

On the weekend when I have to do some remote work on our office servers, this makes it so easy. Emails and word documents are really easy with this too.

ATAST!! (And Then Apple Sued Them)
I mean look at it. It is white. And they make things that are white. Obvious patent issue here!

I use this dock for my 8.9. I have an issue when I plug my headphones into the audio jack, the sound continus to come out of the tablet speakers rather than the headphones.
Anybody else have this issue?
Other than that, I am very happy with its performance on my 8.9.

I agree with "jonyah" at the beginning of this thread. Quit writing articles just to say you have new updates. This is not news!