Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

As much as I'm sure we'd all like it if Samsung could send everyone a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 a demo unit, it's just simply never going to happen. That said, it's still nice to know that Samsung is thinking about those users and as such have now offered up an online simulator for folks to play around with and explore all the features the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 brings to the table. We still prefer going hands-on but we'll take what we can get.

Source: Samsung; via: Samsung Tweets


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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 gets an online simulator


That would be a great way to try it out if these companies weren't so inept as to display unusable demo machines. Wanna see what's in the Market? Add your account first. How's that Honeycomb Mail app? Add your account first. Try out Google Books? Add your account first. About the only thing you can do is play a sample game or browse the web if the store even set it up for Wifi.

Seriously, Android tablet manufacturers: if you wanna demo machines you should ship actual demo units and not barebones production units mounted on a display.

I thought I had found a smart Staples manager who set up a demo unit so people could play with it. Instead I think an employee was bored and entered all her account info and just forgot to delete it.

lol...what Honeycomb mail app? My Samsung Tab experience scarred me. Seriously, my Galaxy 10.1 did NOT have that email app on it. It had GMail only. Is that a new update or something?

Maybe you are looking on the wrong place, I set my Google and other email accounts first time I used my gtab 10.1, they both have they own email widget

While most stores suck at setting up tablets for users to really play with, I used to work at an OfficeMax and when the original Galaxy Tab came in, I created a google account for it and set everything up. Customers could use all of its features. I even set up the amazon appstore for it when it came out. And I wasnt the only one in my store who wanted to make sure it was set up properly.

does it simulate how the tablet doesn't reliably wake up when you push on the power button. cause that was like my favorite feature... right before i returned it to best buy...

I was either right in front of you, or behind you returning mine. Seriously, there were 5 of them on the counter behind customer service and the girl said "It is our most returned item at this time". What a POS.

I wonder if it can simulate the frustration of not being able to download an email attachment because "no program is found for this attachment", or when you finally do get something to download it "isn't there". Oh, it's there, but you can only see it using a file manager program! I could go on for days.

Wow. Never heard so much negative about a product im pretty happy with, i do wonder why samsung excluded the hc thumb controls in the browser though. That was a little upsetting. Everything else has worked great though.

I'm glad you're happy with it. Really. I liked the screen. The rest of it did not work as designed (hopefully it wasn't designed to crash constantly, not allow you to download certain attachments, hide files for fun, lock up and not reboot, and not let you path an application to open a file if you choose to place it in folder x instead of folder z) and even Samsung says they rushed it because Honeycomb 3.1 had just been released.

Of course, my personal favorite was buying something online and after entering my CC number and CVV code and clicking "Complete Purchase", (and being warned not to click it more than once) the browser would crash...Did it three different times. Thank you, whoever is to blame for that one.

Strange...the simulator shows the tablet being able to go to the market and download an app without having to do it twice to make it install. Ok, I'll quit. I loved the screen, but the tablet was full of bugs. I don't know how people can overlook and accept that many because if it was your cellphone or laptop you'd be on here raising 10 kinds of hell.

Calling this a simulator is a misnomer. I would say interactive tutorial is a better description. You can't actually make any sort of use of the device, all you can do is click through a few pre-made step by step flash pictorials.

One more complaint about the Galaxy Tab 10.1. I still doesn't have access to google's movie rentals through the marketplace. The fact that they have given first preference to the Motorola Zoom first, particularly the Verizon version, seems suspect to me. I have doubts if this will show up on the device at all.

I actually contacted android support about this issue, and their answer was way too vague to give me any confidence that this would be coming soon, if at all. Not to mention that other services like Netflix, and Hulu Plus may never arrive on this device either.

If you go to you can get the movie tab from there. I go there alot anyways cause i can send an app i want to my evo, tab or both.

Nobody has mentioned having to download an app twice to get it to install around half the time....All of these issues aren't minor niggles...They add up to the fact that this device shouldn't have been released yet. How would you like it if you bought a cellphone and it had all the issues posted above? Why should this be any different? Yes, I'm sure these issues will all get fixed eventually, but it's crap that I paid $500.00 to be part of their "test group". I'm glad for those people who enjoy their tabs, but I wasn't one of them unfortunately. Loved that screen though!!

I've had the tablet since day one. I've downloaded numerous apps without any issues at all. The tablet has never crashed on me. I've downloaded several attachments and they can be found in the widget called my downloads so they were never hidden. My only issue was having to set up my pop 3 email as imap but once I set it up it was placed under its own widget separate from gmail. Oh and I did return mine back to Best Buy. I exchanged the 16 for the 32gb.