Galaxy S5

Major carriers and high-street retailers already offering registration pages

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 is official and there's bound to be a ton of people out there that want to know where to get one. Samsung announced April 11 as the grand release date for 150 countries and some of the UK carriers and retailers are starting to show their hands.

Honestly, if it wasn't available on all the major carriers and usual retail sources we'd be more surprised. But it's always good to get an early heads up, especially since we're about six weeks out from launch. At this point EE, and Vodafone have posted registration pages for the Galaxy S5, as have Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U. Three has also confirmed its intention to carry the new phone.

We'll keep updating as and when more sources and information becomes available.

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jimbo says:

A little patience with hands on comparative evaluation will be rewarding.

novahob says:

It sounds like O2 are carrying it too

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Anon8154066 says:

Send them back and inform Samsung that this pish is unacceptable.

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Giffgaff as well

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martinp86 says:

Three UK have also announced they will be carrying the S5

Three have got a "Register your interest page"

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masterpfa says:

No thank you these have already confined to my Spam folder.