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The rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime and its supposed insane 1440p screen haven't stopped swirling, and now we've got a report of a release time frame: June. The report, which comes from the South Korea's Asia Today, says that the Galaxy S5 Prime is looking at a June launch, and that Samsung intends to focus solely on the European and American markets.

The Galaxy S5 Prime is already reported to carry that QHD 1440p display and fancy new Intel-provided LTE. While we can't confirm (and Samsung would no doubt talk their way around) that June release date, it does seem surprisingly soon for a higher-powered version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 to come on to the scene. It was just earlier this month that the Galaxy S5 launched — a three month gap between the two could cause all sorts of customer sentiment issues for Samsung, not to mention eating into sales of the Galaxy S5 from those buyers that have a need to have the latest gadget. That said, we have no idea how Samsung would price this device Prime, though a profit-padding premium of the Galaxy S5 seems all but certain.

Source: 아시아투데이 (Asia Today); Via: SamMobile


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Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime might be launching in June


It does seem illogical, but I am interested in seeing if it comes to fruition. I am planning to upgrade from my S4 in June. Still undecided between S5 and M8. This may make a difference.

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No its smart for them, let the sheep's buy the S5 they just released then let those same sheep buy the same exact Phone in metal. Very smart, passes everyone off but smart

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It's still kind of a dick move to do that when so many people will have bought the regular s5 thinking that it's the best that Samsung has to offer only to be surprised by the Prime version a few months later...

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reminds me of the Droid Razr then months later the Razr Maxx came out...

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By now, people should know that if you are an early adopter of a gadget, there's a high chance something better will come a few months later.

Unless you buy a galaxy note, they tend to hold their own at the top tier for a good year or more after they are released

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Actually no it isn't, how many versions of s4 are there? and they were all released in same year. Not only that, but the fact everyone was talking about 2 versions of the s5 before release and after release, stating that there is a s5 and a s5 premium version, it was widely speculated that it would be released towards end of spring, and that is pretty much falling into place with that. Also u would have to be a fool to think that was the best samsung had to offer for 2014, considering the fact that the note line is always the best.

I would expect the S5 prime to be priced along side the N4. Blame the bigger screens of the iPhone 6 for Samsung staking the deck.

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Bigger screens of the iPhone 6? We don't even know for certain that the iPhone 6 will have a bigger screen (the rumor of a bigger screen has been floated around before the last 2 iPhone releases, and both times ended up to be false). Not to mention that Samsung already has the (relatively) popular Note series with a giant screen (full disclosure: I'm a Note 3 user).

I can't see a *rumor* of the iPhone 6 having a bigger screen really making much of an impact in what Samsung has likely been working on for close to a year.

If you are going back to the last two iPhone releases, the iPhone 5 did have a larger screen than its predecessors, just not a huge screen.

True, but it was repeatedly rumored that it was going to be much larger. At the time, 4.3"-4.7" was quite popular. There were a lot of people disappointed that it was only 4".

Point being the iPhone 6 is going to have a huge impact on the smartphone market. Samsung needs to run as much interference as possible.

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I don't expect it to have that much effect on the market. Those who are already Apple faithful will suddenly start extolling the virtues of a larger screen, despite the constant drone of how bigger screens are "stupid" and others will just laugh at the situation. I don't think the addition of *just* a bigger screen will cause a significant shift in smart phone share.

Is this possibly meant to keep LG from gaining traction with the G3 launch? The G2 has definitely elevated LG's name in mobile and I've heard a fair number of people excited about it

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I'm also guessing that's the case. 2 1440p high-end flagships competing with each other. The smartphone market is becoming more and more competitive.

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In America if most carriers decide not to carry this and instead carry the original GS5 it probably won;t be very widely available.

Why would they ? Every model The carry costs them money and resources. Unless it's an exclusive they would rather have fewer phones that sell well.

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I have a GS3 that is now 2 generations old and it's not obsolete. It is not the latest and greatest but it's not obsolete, so your GS5 certainly won't be obsolete.
I can see how early adopters of the GS5 would feel a little bit upset, but maybe they will do some sort of upgrade for the early adopters?

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Assuming this actually happens. Believe it when you see solid proof. So far this is mostly rumors, wishful thinking, and easily fakeable benchmarks.

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I dont think this is even true at all..I mean come on..if this phone was indeed come Samsung didnt make it their GS5 and leave it as just that..if it has this higher end screen then why didn't added that on the GS5 with have now..I personally dont think Samsung would take such risk to pissoff all the new GS5 customers who just bought the phone..I mean they still trying to sell as much they can GS5 before they come out with the Note 4..I dont think they want the headache..I bet is next year the GS6 will have the new higher display. .I dont think is gonna happen in 2014.

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This will be really shitty of them but in the end won't do anything but give a few of us something to be bitter about forever. It won't hurt sales and we won't stop buying from them, despite what some of us will say.

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Well, this is another piece of evidence for giving a device some time to "settle" before buying. I didn't do that this upgrade time, having bought an S5 at release, but I will say I am very happy with the S5 so far.

If this S5 Prime is similarly priced (e.g., $199-250 on-contract), but with significant spec upgrades, I think a lot of us S5 owners are going to be a little bit miffed.

People will say there are always newer and better things on the (near) horizon, but typically not from the same exact manufacturer, using the same (basic) flagship name.

I expect it to be a tad more expensive and basically cater to the group that cares about the build quality a bit more.

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This is the first time in a couple of years that I didn't buy the device at launch (I still don't have an S5). Now, I may hold off to see the Prime, since I am still undecided on where to buy my S5 from.

It better be a big difference between the 2 devices or Samsung is going to be missing out on sells.

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Of course it will come out. I didn't wait on my Upgrade and got the s 5 on April 11 th. Who knows for sure and I guess we will continue to see rumor after rumor from now until June! If this new device is actually true.....ugh Maybe I'll learn to wait someday. With that said .....why not just make that the 5 with all the enhanced specifications? Obviously it's too late now. Dam you Samsung! :)
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All rumors at this point. The story is very vague in details. The story says a June launch but that it can't be confirmed? Oh, it was " though a June launch date is something that cannot be confirmed at the moment".

Couple of things:

If this ever does come to fruition, and that's doubtful... a ton of prototype devices get made and tested before a final product is launched, I'd wager a guess it'd be launched as the first "Galaxy Pro" phone rather than a Galaxy S - this aligns it with the more expensive/premium Galaxy Pro tablet series

Secondly, even if this device does get released - why on earth would it end up on American shores, for two reasons:
1) The Galaxy S just was released and is seeing amazing sales results - what sane carrier here is going to want to cannibalize sales of devices they already have in stock?
2) Logistically, you'd have to launch this thing alongside the G3 to make it make sense - otherwise, you're snubbing the GS5 adopters (unless there's an inhouse "upgrade" program, which seems unlikely. That's a lot of work to get done in a very small amount of time for a device that doesn't even have an official announcement. The other option is to release it later - which makes even less sense, as it'd be competing with the Galaxy Note (4?)

And third - why the hell would anyway want this? Look, I'm all about improving screen tech - but this thing is a half breed the likes of which has "failure" written all over it like we've never seen before. Let me explain what I mean by that:

1) A 2500*1440 device would likely be paired with both a Snapdragon 801/Exynos equivalent (you can go on and on about whatever brand you like better - but they compare pretty closely on specs and power consumption) along with a what? 3000mAh battery? I have a Galaxy Note 2014 running a 2500*1600 display with a comparable to Snapdragon 801 processor and a 9000mAh batter - the average battery life is about 8 hours...a smaller battery is going to last what - 15/20 minutes?

2) Google HATES high resolution displays. Go ahead, sneer and jeer at that remark - I'll point to the Nexus 10 as an example of just how much they hate high resolution displays - nothing is written to take advantage of the screen space, Android itself doesn't like the resolution (as can be seen in native menus/drop downs) and even if you're not counting on support from Google - Support from app developers in the playstore for apps that support higher resolution tablet displays is non-existant (if you have a tablet with higher than 1080p - I'd love to hear of some tablets that support the screen size well), and at the end of the day - even the Google Now launcher handles that resolution terribly.

So now you have a device with terrible battery life that not even Google cares about in terms of support - what a winner?

At the end of the day, if this ever gets released - I can see it being a limited run product to mature the display fabrication process. Think the same thing that was done with the abortion that is the Galaxy Round or (/shudder) GFlex.


If this device is real, do you really think they are going to call it the Galaxy S5 Prime? There has been rumors for a while now about Samsung coming out with a Galaxy F series. This very well may what we are seeing. And yes it will probably be a S5 with a higher price tag and specs. I don't think they will call it an S5.

I agree. It makes sense to give this device a unique name as was mentioned earlier maybe Galaxy Pro. There is room for a higher level device now that the s5 is basically a common, every man's type of phone. This new one could be priced higher and be more of a niche device with a premium build
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What if samsung calls it the Galaxy S6 just to go even more toe to toe with the iPhone 6? I could see the headlines... "Battle of the Six's" it could be the war that finally seals the iphone's fate...

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I'm very patient right now, my first Jump with T-Mobile isn't until July 18th, and I continue to be very happy with my S4.

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I'm sick to my stomach! I just bought the galaxy s5 15 days ago!!!

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Just enjoy your phone and dint worry about it. Your phone didn't just become less of a phone because this MAY come out this summer.

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I say it's going to be the Note 4. No way they release a better "prime" version of the S5. A) didn't their CEO come out and say they wouldn't do that and B) Holy shit it would pass people off. I'm not a Samsung fan, but if I was and I just bought an S5 and then this happened? That'd be the end of our relationship.

100% Total dick move on Samsung, but it's ALL about money and they will make a shit load more of money by pulling this. I have a rooted S4 and couldn't wait for the S5 and thought the prime would be announced with the regular S5 and was pissed when it wasn't..... But I waited because of the rumors and the regular S5 is exactly that. .. Too "regular" so I went with my gut and hoped for a "Prime" These companies don't give a crap who they piss off.... Their still gonna make more profits with a "Prime" than no "Prime" and won't lose enough customers over it to hurt them. BOTTOM LINE.... It's all about $$$ As long as their Making it we don't mean crap. SAD....

This is why I dont like Samsung. Dont get me wrong, they make some great hardware BUT they also release a zillion variants in rapid fire succession of a model. Not fair to consumers spending $500+ on a phone and then have it hardware revised just a couple months later like that.

Thank You B Posey.. (a few post up from me).. THAT'S AN HONEST RESPONSE.. and I feel for you brother.
Yes.. Of Course it's going to have a Premium over the cost of the standard S5.. That's only fair to all of those who have/will spend $650.00 on their newly purchased S5.. An All Aluminum Frame, 2K Screen ( to compete with the LG-G3 & IPhone 6 )
and most likely, a bigger battery and possibly the Octacore Processor ( Big-Little SoC ) for better battery management.. should cost $50.00 more.. but it still will SUCK for those who would not have cared about spending that extra $50.00 for what's sure to be One Hell of a Cell Phone in Samsung S5 Prime.. Something told me this Video had some truth to it..:-)

Man that would piss me off. I was following this phone way back when the s5 was the one rumoured to be metal and have the qhd screen. Price was no option, and I would have easily paid a more expensive price for a premium s5. But the phone came out and they were adamant that there was no prime model, so naturally I went with the s5. If they come out with the phone I wanted 3 months after the s5, I'm done with Samsung. I have so much Samsung in my home, but that would be a huge slap in the face. If it does come out, Samsung should at least give S5 owners access to a special trade in deal.

Played with the Galaxy S5 today. Really awesome phone, but I'm really waiting for the Note 4- can't come soon enough.

I'd rather have 1080p RGB than a 1440p PenTile screen. Easier on the GPU, RAM, and battery and doesn't have the fuzzy effect from PenTile.

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