Galaxy S4 zoom

16-megapixel camera/phone hybrid priced at £442.80

Hot on the heels of the Galaxy S4 Active, the Galaxy S4 Zoom is about to become available in the U.K., through independent retailer Clove Technology. Clove is expecting its first stock of the device tomorrow, July 11, and it's priced the device at £442.80 inc. VAT (£369 exc. VAT.)

That'll get you a mid-range Android smartphone with a mid-range point-and-shoot camera strapped to the back of it. The Zoom packs a 4.3-inch qHD SuperAMOLED display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 CPU, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and most importantly, a 16-megapixel rear camera with 10X optical zoom. For more on the Galaxy S4 Zoom, hit the link below for our hands-on feature.

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Source: Clove


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Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom arriving in the UK SIM-free tomorrow


I like this phone... sorry, I meant camera... no wait, Android device....

Just one question.... will I look like a dork if I use it for voice calls by holding it up to my ear? :( (when I don't have my Bluetooth headset with me)

Is this a thing? Do we really need an Android camera or any mobile / camera combo?

Has anyone ever seen a Galaxy Camera in the wild?