Galaxy S4 KitKat

Wider rollout for Android 4.4.2 on Samsung's 2013 flagship

At Mobile World Congress last week we were somewhat surprised to see a bunch of European Galaxy S4s on the show floor running new Android 4.4-based firmware — and now it appears Samsung has deemed the update ready for the masses. This morning we're seeing reports from GS4 owners in Poland, Malaysia and the Philippines indicating that over-the-air updates between 350 and 400MB are now pushing out, bringing Samsung's 2013 flagship up to the latest version of Android. Other countries, too, are sure to be included in the initial rollout.

As we saw in Barcelona last week, there doesn't appear to be a whole lot of outward differences between the new firmware and the old Android 4.3-based ROM, besides the presence of new, white status bar icons. And certainly we're not yet seeing any of the visual changes from the Galaxy S5 trickling down to older Samsung devices. Nevertheless, KitKat brings a bunch of system-level improvements from which S4 owners can now benefit.

If you've got a European or Asian Galaxy S4, now would be a good time to check for updates. Be sure to drop by the commends after you're done and let us know if you're seeing KitKat on your device.

Source: Antyweb (Polish); XDA; Thanks, Tom!

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Got mine just this afternoon in the Philippines. :-) Keys on keyboard seem to register different letters tho. Only sometimes I mistype. Instead of letter P, it shows letter W.

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Hi Sir Kloyd,

I'd like to ask your note 3 csc? i also tried to check updates in my note 3 but still no kitkat available. :(

Sorry forgot to mention that mine's a Galaxy S4...

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Network: Globe Telecom

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BLCoyote says:

I got it in Denmark during the weekend.

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silverfang77 says:

Where the hell is the American update?

jkayakj says:

Sprint already did theirs.. So I assume it's the carriers holding it up

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Andro10 says:


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btswein says:

AT&T did theirs, too!

taino375 says:

I got mine this morning in NYC.

taino375 says:

I got mine this morning in NYC.

When is England getting it? I've had mine for 12 months now and I'm on the ee network, does anybody know?

Posted from my 2013 nexus 7, yeah baby!

Jay Holm says:

How can anyone have the S4 for a full 12 minth? I got mine before it was available in stores, ordered it over the phone, and received it 4/29/13, I don't think the S4 was available last year in the beginning of March.
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Ok maybe under 12 month, but you get my point lol

Posted from my 2013 nexus 7, yeah baby!

Paul Inwood says:

Would be nice to have eta on update for uk

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Paul Stamp says:

Try checking now - my Vodafone UK S4 is currently downloading a 360mb update :)

Paul Stamp says:

Yup - Kit Kat now sat running happily on my S4.. not that there's much indication of anything having changed besides the version numbers and the white notification/status icons!

Nascar1449 says:

I have a vodafone based phone, GT-19505, but I'm still not getting my update. I've been waiting so long for this update.... COME ON!!!!!!!!

kpatel90 says:

Paul, I'm also on Vodafone UK and have the S4 but I still haven't received the update. Any ideas why? My brother is also on the same network and has the Note 3 and he's received the update. Strange.

Nascar1449 says:

I'm still waiting........

Seij Blanco says:

Just got mine (+63 PH). So far so good. Battery usage was optimized. Overall graphics is superb! No keyboard bug for me. However, no major ui changes such as user profiles and other stuff. And surprise! I manually installed the Google Experience Launcher, and I'm having fun with the "Ok Google" voice command! Hope there are more updates to come after S5's landing here in the Philippines soon.

Daniel UK says:

Nothing on my unlocked using Virgin network in England note 3.

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barondebxl says:

Can't believe my LG G2 AT&T got kitkat before them. Amazing. Congrats to you guys!!!!

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Dar Dee says:

Got it! Downloading!

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Dar Dee says:

Thought I'm the only Filipino here...

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I'm also from the Philippines but why on earth my note 3 still don't have updates available for Kitkat? I'm so jealous! :(

vinsensyosep says:

I can't find the update for asia region :(

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Wth is a Google Experience Launcher? Just updated my S4 to 4.4.2 here in the Philippines. Minor changes only not too though except for the music album art lockscreen

iamjasoncid says:

Will s4 mini duos get an kitkat? Thanks

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Juusmi says:

Available in Finland too!

A lot of people in Romania (Orange network) have received the update for about two days now.

No big chages, notification bar icons are white (and for me a lot of smearing on the screen, something I haven't seen with 4.3), and some minor performance improvements. Touchwiz remains the same...

Alun Bridges says:

4.4.2 has caused a few devices to drop frames while playing HD content, has anyone noticed it on the S4 ?

alexvf says:

Just tried to update my Galaxy S4 and so far nothing new. Still on Android 4.3. I'm in Portugal.

Does one of you guys mybe know when this update is coming to SA?

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coasteering says:

UK s4 ee, mine updated last night at 2200 gmt :)

UK S4 ee update still waiting I have been checking every day ota update and nothing

Gothsteve says:

Still waiting for s4 on ee. I assume it was ota?

xajimx says:

Hi everyone! just joined in because I'm quite curious what will happen to my phone if I update it to kitkat. I bought my phone back in Malaysia and I'm currently studying in UK, does anyone know if it will update just fine? I'm quite unsure whether it will get locked afterwards or something. would really appreciate some help, cheers!

Still waiting here in Poland, sent Samsung an email and they said they didnt have any immeadiate plans to release
KitKat at the moment. So still on 4.2.2