Galaxy S4 Black Edition

Faux leather must be expensive with the Black Edition costing £500

Since the Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Edition first emerged, we've been light on details as to where it would be available. It's successor, the Galaxy S5, is just around the corner, but that hasn't stopped Samsung bringing the Black Edition to the UK. With a pretty shattering price of £499.89 to boot, and exclusivity at high-street retailer Phones 4U.

Despite looking all sexy with its faux leather back, the Galaxy S4 Black Edition is still the same basic phone that's been with us about a year. We'd expect to see the Galaxy S5 for sale anywhere between £500 - £600 when it goes on sale, meaning the Black Edition is priced way too high. Faux leather must be expensive in these parts.

So, if you want one, you can get one. But at that price it's hard to recommend it to, well, anyone. Pay-as-you-go reduces the price of the phone by £10, but then you also need to buy a minimum top-up, so you're not saving. You could of course get one on contract, but again, it'd be tough to recommend it over waiting until April 11 for the Galaxy S5. Thanks, Samsung. But no thanks.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Edition available in the UK with eyewatering price


Wow that's expensive! I wonder who would want it... black is nice but with the Note 3 already out and the S5 a month away, why do this now?

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They probably trying to capture the uninformed ie people who don't know about the s5 coming next month. It's still the same price contract wise as the rest of the coloured s4. Most likely to drop in price after the s5. S4 technically is still there flagship device. If only they had this version from the beginning. Just took off my case and that back really is very glossy and slippery

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Yep, most people just see contract price ie it's "free" for x amount per month. Don't know anyone that hasn't got a phone on contract

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Come on guys, that's just mean. You know Richard got banned. Don't kick him when he's down. Period!

Edit: Wrong Richard.

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I don't think you have them over there, they have to be imported

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Can we buy the faux leather back for our original s4's? I prefer it over the glossy back.

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I'm pretty sure it will be available on eBay very soon. You can already got different types of backs for the s4. Also makes sense Samsung to make an official black back available for those who may accidently break there black s4 back

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I had the back of my SG3 covered in matte black vinyl and it looks great and provides more grip

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The official price was the same here in Sweden when Samsung Sweden announced it. They said it would cost 5500 kr when the original galaxy s4 was down at 4100 kr at most stores..

But when it got released the Black edition actually cost 4300 kr in stores.. So yeah.. I'm guessing it's something similar there.

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When I saw "eye watering price" I was thinking the other way. Sub £200.00 would be interesting.
Comment was right I think saying they are taking the proverbial out of the uninformed or lazy buyers.
I saw today that Sainsburys supermarkets mobile are claiming a great phone deal on a Moto G at £24.00 for 24 months with 250gb data. Gee thanks. 8gb one too I think. All £129.00 worth.

A lot of people, more and more, buy outright but not from phone stores obviously.
I bought my factory sealed local region N9005 Note 3 for £450.00 in early December. Not boasting, they are going for less now.
So a tarted S4 at £500.00 is only going to pull in the uninitiated, and there may be many sadly.

Have you seen the data and exchange deals in the US.

Rip-off, greed-driven Britain has never been more true.

Maybe the people who will buy without a thought annoy me more though. Some can well afford it of course and won't care.

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Actually to be fair, whilst our Sim-free prices (and most electronics) are higher in the UK, our contracts are dirt cheap compared to the US, the guys there get hit weather they take a phone on contract, or go sim-only. Pay as you go is also expensive as well.

4G contracts seem to be trying to copy the US carrier model at the moment, and not the good bits

Thanks for that. I got the impression from older threads that many US buyers got good tarrifs as well as mega data allowances, great no quibble exchanges, early trade ups, family plans, low unit cost etc. Though of course that won't be true across the board. I don't know anyone there anymore and am very curious so I may raise this later. You may have caught the data usage on Note 3's thread since December. Really hysterical downloading. They haven't kept the thread up.
(Don't know how these comment replies work)

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Wow taking the piss aren't we Samsung, I'm sure their will be fake faux lol available on eBay for a few quid and slap that on your S4 and done.

Samsung thinks the world is full of Muppets mind you Hmmmmm lol

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Wow, just hope that nobody gets duped into buying one of these without know all the full facts. GBP500 is a complete rip-off for a year old phone with a slightly different back. Also, will it be given a new model number or will it still be GT-9505? If it's different, don't expect to get many updates, you'll probably be in the wilderness after a year which is terrible for a phone this expensive. At £400, this may have been a good way to get through the phone stocks.

A small positive is that Sammy seems to bring out devices at high initial prices, then they seem to drop fairly quickly which is good for those who can wait. The flipside is that that nothing holds its value. I bet you that by next year, the resale value of this phone will be under £180 with trade-in even less.

One thing this does do is confirm that the S5 will not be "cheap" which means that people have every right to criticise the lack of genuine progress in this new model. I'm in no way a Sammy hater but I don't feel that the S5 is good enough upgrade from the S3 (let alone the S4) to warrant such a high price.

I can only hope that the contract prices for the S4 Black (and the S5) are priced much more reasonably.

Hope but it won't happen. Sammy UK know we are going to run out and buy it. They price it against the iPhone which is also a massive rip off here. So the only thing we can all do is just not buy it.

Says the guy with a note 3 .....

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Kind of odd if the S5 comes in about the same price, but if it comes in £100 more then it makes more sense.

sounds and looks like scumbag samsung just trying to profiteer in the uk,again.
i would'nt give 500 for any three samsung devices,let alone a manky plastic one thats already a year out of date.
there will always be some sad/mad sammy fan boys who will buy it,mostly drug dealers,they being one of the few groups still making plenty of cash.

I wasnt gonna give you props because you hit all the major talking points. Then you went and actually spelled Samsung (instead of samsuck or something like that). You did however manage to redeem yourself by linking Samsung to Drug dealing, so hats off to you.

Your still wrong and apparently Samsung did something horrible to you or your family at some point.

This makes me wonder... if a old phone with 'faux leather' is this price, what will the reported 'galaxy f' phone be pried at, inits aluminum glory?

The link provided is for an i9500 Not an i9505 so you are not comparing like with like !
Handtec are selling the i9505 black edition for less than 400.

That Sainsburys Moto G £24 pm 'deal' was for 250MB inclusive, not 250GB. But you all got that, right.

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There are a few on eBay going for much less than £500 which is where I bought mine. However it is still running Jelly Bean 4.3. Anyone know when this version will get an upgrade to KitKat 4.4?

Why not give customers a chance to order the back cover regardless of the colour of their respective front?