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Before the holidays, an OEM extended battery kit surfaced for the Samsung Galaxy S3, initially going on pre-order at a British retailer. While that same retailer is still taking pre-orders for the item without an expected shipping date, Amazon Germany has gone one better. 

According to the item's listing on, the Samsung Extended Battery Kit will become available on January 5. Pricing is relatively consistent with earlier reports, coming in at €39.90, slightly cheaper even than the expected RRP of £40 (€48) in the UK. There is no word yet on if/when we can expect to see wider availability of this. 

Additionally, click on past the break for a quick video -- in Slovenian, and you'll want to spin on to about 1:05 -- which demonstrates the extended battery and replacement battery door. The best news? It doesn't seem to add much additional thickness to the phone. 

Source: Amazon via All About Samsung


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Samsung's Galaxy S3 extended battery to become available Jan. 5, in Germany at least


Hopefully, when this battery is eventually released in the U S., at least the phone won't look too thick. Now I have to hope Insipio with make a nice case that is compatible with the thinker shape of the phone with this battery.

What is all the hype over this battery? Gorrilla Gadgets has extended life batteries for the S3. I have the 4500mAh NFC battery on my S3. Yes it's thicker - but after using it a while I like the feel over the stock slim back. Battery lasts over 2 days with moderate to heavy use. AND it's a lot cheaper @ $27! No I do not work for GG.

It's the official extended battery with an official OEM battery door. Some people don't like to buy third-party stuff. Look how many people buy Apple branded accessories for nearly 10x the price.

Not saying I would get this. I thought the thickness would only be a little, but it looks like it's nearly double the thickness with the extended battery. I'd rather just get another regular spare one. The most I've ever gone somewhere without a charge is like 8 hours. Besides, what is the point of this extended battery if it dies and you have to put your old one in, are you going to carry the original small battery door as well?

I've had terrible luck with generic batteries for every device I've owned and tried. I'm a bit tired of wasting money. I'd rather just buy the OEM in the first place since that's what I always end up doing in the end.

Gorrilla Gadgets is so cheap because they use bad materials for cells. Samsung here is using good cells - that's why it costs 60$. That's a normal price. Look at Mugen's 4600mAh [HLI-I9300XL] battery. It goes for 87$ which suggests that they also use good quality cells. Unline Hyperion, Gorilla Gadgets and similar, who just make money out of cheap batteries.

It will be interesting to see how many S3 owners jump on this battery option and sacrifice thinness for long run time. Personally, I'd make that switch any day, as phones manufacturers are sacrificing functionality for excessively thin phones.

The idea that you should have to charge a phone every day is something we have been conditioned to expect, but its really kind of silly.

And apparently it only adds 1.1 mm of thickness. If I owned an S3 I would be seriously considering this.

You and I are far from the only S3 owners who have been waiting for the Samsung wireless charging. Announced in May of 2012 and Samsung still has not delivered on their promise. Someone in Samsung product development needs a good swift kick in their rear with steel tipped boots. (Hey Jerry maybe you should pack your boots for the trip to CES?)

Maybe Phil & Company should spend some of their time at CES pushing the Samsung higher ups for some answers? After all, isn't that what journalists/bloggers or whatever you call yourselves covering this industry are supposed to do (ie ask questions and get answers)?

I have no issue with charging a phone everyday, I just want it to get through the entire day. Why has this taken so long to be released? How many phones do they need to sell so accessories will be made, over 30 million not enough?

What's the point. This is just very disappointing! Why the heck can they not make a higher capacities battery that doesn't require an extended case. Screw you Samsung!

are you really serious? do you think that samsung is just putting filler in some of the battery? I assure you, if samsung could fit more capacity in the same space, then they would just do that, but they cant because they have already maxed it out, which is why all larger capacity batteries are physically larger thus needing a extended battery cover.


I got an EZOPower 4000mah extended battery that rates out at 4300mah for $27 shipped, and that was back in August. I'm not gonna pay more for less just because it's a brand name.

I'm willing to bet this '3000mAh' battery lasts longer than that one. Batteries can be measured a number of different ways and some of them can have very inflated numbers.

I bought the 2000mAh extended bat for the GS2 last year. It delivered superb results, almost 60% more endurance yet only 2mm more depth. So do consider this option. It could be well worth it.

The only downside is some cases and car mounts will NOT work with it. But at least Samsung allows you the option of a second or larger battery when many others don't!

sooooo true! I'm glad that samsung gives us options (unlike HTC and the like). I'll def be buying this battery as soon as it's available in the states.

The little bit of thickness that a 4600mah battery adds, or even a 3300 mah, is not a big deal to me for the added convenience of not having to be near an outlet to charge these battery sucking pigs. I hear people say they get a day out of their S3, I don't get close to that if I'm using it like I normally do. I wish they came stock with a battery that just lasted that long. 2100mah might sound good, but obviously it's not nearly enough for a phone that can kill it in a matter of hours under normal use. Normal for phone geeks such as my self & others. But I do love my S3!

I'm glad to see that Samsung is offering this extended battery. But many of us have already purchased third-party batteries and, from the feedback I've seen, we're pretty happy with them. Personally, I have a Gorilla Gadgets 4500mAh battery/case combo, w/NFC, and I'm consistently getting around 40+ hours per charge, with heavy use on Sprint's LTE network. Cost was $24, but they've had it on sale for as low as $20. If this new Samsung battery had been available when I purchased the S3, I definitely would have bought it. However, I'm very happy with my choice.

This is not Slovenian, but Slovakian or perhaps even Czech. Quite disappointing this stereotype is still present since the Bush sr. times ...

Read the German source link. They claim it's Slovenian. If you don't know either for sure where it's from (and you sound more educated on the matter than I) then what chance have we got? :)

My GS3 battery last for about 2 days with Normal use. And one with Heavy. Why another battery would be needed amazes me. What are you doing?? Sitting on the phone all day?

I think a small extended battery like this is a great idea. But I would not buy it unless there were some thin tpu or surface case available to go with it. The best solution would be to combine a battery and case into a single unit so no back cover was needed to make it the thinnest possible.

I have had my Verizon Galaxy S3 since August 2012 now and I am loving it.
Battery life has been great with the standard battery.
I use the power saver feature, and leave wifi enabled. I turn off BT when not in use.
I sync 3 accounts, I can go from 100% charge at 830am to 18% by midnight.
For a phone with this size screen that is very impressive.

I tried using the phone with the power saver turned off, and it took a battery hit of only about 2 hours less. The phone is still plenty fast and smooth with the saver feature enabled. Great job Samsung !

I think the only bad part about this extended battery could be that what ever case you bought for the GS3 might not fit becuase of the added extra bulk i don't know i'm just saying

Could be worse. They could treat you like Apple and make you replace the whole phone when your battery wears out... I personally would buy this extendo battery given the excessive use my phone gets. It has virtually replaced my pc for the majority of tasks.

I'm from Slovakia /SLOVAK REPUBLIC
And video is in SLOVAKIAN!!! Slovenia and Slovakia is two different countries. And the languages are different as well. And I'm going to buy this bigger battery coz I'm getting piss of by charging my phone during day.

I bought a 3200 battery that is an original size so I can use my ballistic case. It was $45 and has NFC. I was following a thread on XDA about a 7000 size battery, currently too big for me lol. The thread on xda: world's biggest galaxy s3 battery. It has NFC too.