Galaxy S3 on 4.2.2

Lock screen widgets, re-vamped settings, driving mode and more

Samsung has a track record of bringing key software features to older phones with major firmware upgrades, and it seems last year's Galaxy S3 is about to see such an update along with Android 4.2.2. Leaked firmware obtained by SamMobile brings the international Galaxy S3 -- the quad-core Exynos-powered GT-i9300 -- up to Android 4.2.2, and adds many features previously reserved for the Galaxy S4.

New features include a familiar array of lock screen widgets and unlock effects, new display modes, a re-tooled quick settings area in the notification pull-down, a new driving mode and an updated version of the S Voice assistant app. Some of the headline Galaxy S4 features like "Air view" hover-touch abilities aren't included -- that's because they're dependent on the S4's internal hardware.

SamMobile has published the new -- and very much pre-release -- firmware version I9300XXUFME3 online, and it comes with all the usual warnings associated with using unfinished software on your phone. In addition, it'll increase your binary counter (the difficult-to-reset counter telling you how many unofficial ROMs you've installed) by one, even though it's marked as an official Samsung firmware.

If you want to live dangerously, you can find the download and installation details over at the source link. If not, you'll find video after the break.

Source: SamMobile


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Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.2.2 firmware leaked with Galaxy S4 features


I wouldn't necessarily call it "difficult to reset". Just search online, you can find the answer rather quickly. There is risk involved, as usual of course.

I just off off line with Samsung about the L710 (Samsung Galaxy S3) And there still saying their is no upgrade for the phone to 4.2.2... Thats is for the S4. Yet, you can manually root your phone and download the package onto your phone and pc. WTF. is going on???

I would like to know more about this as well! I doubt that it does, but if it did, I'll keep my $249 in my pocket and keep my S3. That's really all I'm upgrading for, waiting to see how this Active pans out first though.

Continued support is why i'm not updating to the S4. Hopefully the US Carriers provide this update. Otherwise, I'll wait for the custom rom.

I tried to flash and did not brick it but I did not get it to work. I got three fails in Odin and it still boots up properly to the original firmware.

I'll wait til the official OTA or Kies update. Messing around just takes too much work and as stated, risk.

Multi-window works just fine on my install of this.

Make sure you enable it in the settings under the My Device tab then Display.

I'm not sure if there would be a need to convert these to English, these are carrier specific apps (for the most part).

I have 3 widgets (excluding the clock) on my lockscreen now. Have you tried wiping and re-flashing?

Let's see how long it takes to arrive on Verizon's network. I will wait patiently. I'm still amped because I'll finally be able to use those DashWidget Lockscreen widgets that I currently can only use on my Nexus 7.

Now the waiting game for Beans to incorporate some/all of this in his ROM for the Note 2. Stoked to have the locks creen widgets I've been using on my Nexus 7. God bless the dev community!

I still use an GS2 and recently got the OTA 4.1.2 update, which feels very nice (now that power use has settled down, because I am back to normal usage patterns again). Bare in mind I started with 2.3.1 so things really have moved on.

It will be interesting to see how far the update path for the GS2 and Note 2 gets supported. If Samsung keep firmware updated on their devices for at least 2 years from actual launch, it would give me more confidence in buying a Sammy device next time I update.

Nice! I hope the OTA update doesn't take too long to get released officially. I'm not gonna mess about with this leaked firmware. ;-)

With this leak??? I got three fails on Odin. Are you using cyanogenmod?

If you got this leak to work can you please tell me how?

Technically this firmware is only for the International Version.

Hi, After installation of 4.2.2 on galaxy s3 i9300 other application are installed with different language. Can you please let me know how to change the language for those application

Does anyone know if this will be an OTA update or via Kies? I'm curious how much better my G3 can be, this thing rocks as it is

Yeah I'm with At&t and I'm hoping I'm not waiting forever :-! My S2 is still on ICS and to me it now SUCKS......... I've seen T mobile G2s with jellybean already WTF At&t. And please no Kies for this.

Has any one tried this ? i want to know? what if i flash this rom and then official update gets released then how will i update it :O ? and i live in pakistan so ? uh which region is this for? what if there is no sim tool kit or bla bla? so i need help?