Samsung Galaxy S Pro

You'll have to excuse the upside-down picture, but what you see here reportedly is the Samsung Galaxy S Pro, with a mondo-QWERTY keyboard and a heavily skinned Android OS with TouchWiz 3.0 (same as on the Galaxy S), all headed for Sprint. Icons for Sprint TV, Sprint Zone and some other video on demand app are present, as our a plethora of alternate buttons on the keys. No word on if and when we'll see this guy launched, but remember that Samsung's having a little shindig at the end of the month, so we'll be on the lookout. [Android Community]


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Samsung Galaxy S Pro looks to bring QWERTY Android to Sprint


Looks to be under 4" to me. I like how EVO screen takes up most of the real estate of phone. It's really surprising to see new phones coming (even iPhone 4) where the screen is only about 70-80% surface of phone. EVO screen seems to be over 90% surface of phone.

If you bought it from Sprint, you still have a thirty day window of opportunity to exchange the Evo for a new device.

Unless Sprint waits a loong time to release the device, that is.

I bought one of the Google I/O Evos, so no refunds. Part of the reason I bought the I/O Evo was for a situation exactly like this: I wanted to keep my upgrade eligibility intact for a high-end qwerty device. That, and I can't get the full upgrade rebate until October anyway. But damn, this device looks sweet.

Yea, although I want an evo I loves my Moment and at least half my good phones have been Samsung products the other were Sony Ericcsson walkman phones.

Looks like this could be my daughter's first phone! Now I must go and Google if Samsung's Android overlay is on the same plain as HTC's.

From what I hear it is not as good but I don't think it really matters that much because it's still Android. HTC's widgets are the biggest difference which are pretty awesome. If you don't care for widgets that much then they are about the same quality.

I really would have preferred the one without the keyboard. I guess there is no reason to keep waiting. Good bye Hero hello evo.

"bring QWERTY Android to Sprint"...

The Moment, still my favorite Android phone to be released, brought QWERTY Android to Sprint about eight months ago.

Been wanting an android phone for awhile now on sprint but have been waiting on a newer phone to be released. I didn't go with the Evo cause $10/mo. for a college student is steep on top of what I already pay so I'll be bummed if this phone has the same monthly charge.

If it's a 4G phone as reported, it will likely require $10 fee.

I hear this phone may not do OTA updates. Not cool if true.

Doesnt matter i bought my evo out right so i'll get this as my business phone in october no matter when it's released.

I was really hoping for the Galaxy S to come Sprint-side. Seeing a qwerty makes me happy though too :-) Thank god they didn't put the space between the v and b keys, gave it a full number row and made it look a little less iPhone-ish. Is that a front facing video camera?

Count me in on this!

I really hope it's true and I really hope it DOESN'T do 4G so they can't pull that BS of a $10 fee. I'm probably wrong though.

This is meant to sound calm and neutral:

Will someone explain the big deal of the $10 fee? Is it monthly or one-time? Isn't it just for 4G users? Even if it's monthly, I don't see why everyone is up in arms.

Blackberry users pay $30/mo extra just for the "privilege" to use RIM's networks. And from my research, Android is far superior to Blackberry in every regard.

I'm just honestly confused because my current reaction to every "but I have to pay $10!" post is to reply with "Stfu whining baby." I just thought I'd ask and get my facts straight first though.


Good questions. So the reason people are upset about the $10 "premium data" charge is this. Sprint charges $69.99 on basically all their smart phones, from Blackberrys to Android to WebOS. This plan includes unlimited data, texts, any mobile any time, and 450 minutes for all other phone calls to landlines. That is a sweet deal in my opinion. The reason people don't agree with the $10 is because, yes, it is a reacuring monthly charge and, yes, everyone that owns the EVO has to pay it whether they live in a 4G area or not. So if you own the EVO you have to pay $79.99 a month which is still a good deal compared to Verizon or ATT, but not as sweet as before. Where you can't go wrong though is Sprint's family plans though. Just $20 extra per line on the data plans. Compare that to Verizon's and ATT's $40 extra per line for data phones.

Let's hope it has at least a 4" screen. Just get rid of TouchWiz and it would be the best Android QWERTY slider out there in my opinion

Im quite sure its coming with that $10 charge seeing as how its most likely going to have 4g and video chat and everything else that evo has besides that great OS skin called SENSE lol but hey no matter what its not that bad and who knows they might lower it sooner or later

Dang, if this didn't have TouchWiz or whatever on it I wouldn't give a second thought about buying it. It would be in my hands the day it comes out. The only skin that should be accepted is Sense. Other than that skins shouldn't be allowed

Hmm, I just got the Evo a week ago, and now this comes out. If it has the exact same CPU/GPU combination as the regular Galaxy S, I may be switching. I recommend everyone checks out the benchmark on the Galaxy S, 55.7 FPS on Neocore!

I was looking at some of the other pics on android community and it appears that there is a camera button!!! Heck yes!

I think I'd drop my evo for the galaxy s. The dimensions just seem a bit more friendly for my hands/pockets. Seems like it's too similar to the evo for sprint to pick up though.

I was really wishing this would hit a network that can let me use this phone on Rogers. I would have bought this as my first Android phone for sure. The only QWERTY option I have is the Milestone but I would like something newer than that.

YESSSS!!!!!!! I hope (but it probably won"t happen) this phone comes out at the end of the year, since that'll be closer to my March 2011 upgrade date. A 4G Android "world phone" would be a better option for me though.

hey doe anyone know when this phone will be released? and i have the everything family data plan so i have unlimited everything so if i got this phone or the evo do i have to pay 20 or 10 dollars for 4g if im the only one who would be using 4g out of my 3 other family memebers

MAaaaaaaN F' this phone! i wanted the moment 2 which apparently is this, but im not paying $10/month for 4g when there isnt 4g in michigan. my upgrade is next month too, damn....i guess im gonna stick with the original samsung moment.

Sprints John Taylor on the EVO...."If you buy the Sprint 4G EVO, you have to pay this $10 charge each month. This is specific to the device. It's not related to whether you are using 3G or 4G. It is required if you have the phone.

Because the phone has a faster processor, a huge 4.3 inch screen and an 8 megapixel camcorder/camera, we expect you will be using a lot more data than you would with our other devices. "

So since this has less than a 4.3" screen, less than a 8 mp camera should we expect to see this BS Premium Data fee?


This may be a silly question to you people, but i`m wondering... if this phone has 4G, is it still possible to use the 3G network?? I am kind of new to all this hitech...