Samsung Galaxy S III S Voice

Being able to talk to your phone and have it talk back to you isn't necessarily a new feature, but it's certainly been made popular with Siri on the iPhone 4S. And in some brief testing today on the Samsung Galaxy S III, we found it to work pretty well. We're going to wait to give it the full what-for when we're out of the demo environment and on the mean streets, where seconds count when you're finding out whether it's raining out, where to hide a dead body -- or how much wood a woodchuck can chuck.

When not chucking wood, S Voice does such menial searches as voice dialing, sending text messages, searching contacts, find navigation routes, records memos, adds to your schedule and can set tasks, among other items.

But, really, it's all about the woodchuck.

We've got some hands-on video after the break.


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Samsung Galaxy S III S Voice demonstration


SpeakToIt on my crusty 2 year old HTC Incredible answered both questions also.

The second (the "woodchuck" question) it answered with:

"All I know is that Chuck Norris would chuck twice as much."

HTC Incredible + SpeakToIt


So does the Galaxy S II, and all it's variants, but it's not S-Voice, you can't ask it a question and expect an answer. ;)

I imagine this is just an apk that we will be able to get ahold of and put on the Galaxy Nexus, wouldn't we? Same with the whole front camera keeps screen on while you are looking at it thing?

My thoughts exactly. The S3 seems like it has a software polish over the S2, nothing more. It would have been better if they just brought the whole software to the S2. Maybe some devs will do it for us. From what I know, the S3 has no special hardware over the S2 (besides quad-core), so the S2 should be able to handle all these just fine I guess.

You're right. Oh wait, the other one.

Better camera sensor. Zero shutter lag 3.something frames per second.
Bigger battery -- better battery life
720P screen
Channel bonding WiFi
Bluetooth 4.0 - low battery consumption
Two extra sensors
RGB light
Gorilla Glass 2

It's a very sizable upgrade.

I like it. Will be a hard choice when replacing my Evo 4G. Wonder if the S Voice is using Vlingo. I tried the Woodchuck test on Vlingo and got the very same answer as in video. So, just wondering.

Just asked my speaktoit assistant on my GSII - he said "All I know is that Chuck Norris would chuck twice as much" LOL - Try it!

Voice Actions passed the test too and gave both the reference to the tongue twister AND an actual estimate of just how much wood a woodchuck could actually chuck in a given time frame!