Leaked video claims to show 4.6-inch, 720p display, quad-core 1.4GHz chip encased in temporary plastic shell


Update: The original post on Tenhte.vn seems to have been pulled, but you can still check out the embedded video (and photos) after the jump.

​Original story: Behold, the Samsung Galaxy S III! Only, it's probably not the Galaxy S III we'll be seeing in London on May 3, as it seems Samsung's taken to encasing demo units in a temporary plastic shell to to keep the final design of its next flagship top-secret. We've previously heard, as others have, that the earlier purported images of the Samsung "GT-i9300" were in fact final hardware placed inside generic plastic chassis to protect the phone's finished design. And that seems to be exactly what we have here, in the latest leaked images and videos from Vietnamese site Tinhte.

​Tinhte's video provides a fairly thorough tour of the (dummy) hardware and software, and there's a selection of photos to back up their claims, too. In terms of specs, here's what the device seems to be packing --

  • A quad-core CPU running at up to 1.4GHz with 1GB of RAM
  • 4.6-inch SuperAMOLED 720p display (320 DPI) with on-screen buttons
  • Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich with TouchWiz
  • 8MP rear camera with LED flash, 1080p video recording
  • 16GB internal storage plus microSD card support
  • 2050mAh battery
  • NFC support
  • MicroSIM card support

A worthy spec list to be sure, but nothing too surprising, if it turns out to be accurate. Much of the mystery of the Galaxy S III -- or whatever it ends up being called -- now surrounds that elusive final retail design, which so far has remained hidden behind chunky plastic exteriors. Rumors of a micro-arc oxidation finish persist, but with security around the device likely to be even tighter following this latest leak, we might now know for sure until we see this thing in London on May 3.

Check out the photos and video for yourself after the break.

Source: Tinhte

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'Samsung Galaxy S III' sighted in leaked video, hiding in plastic dummy case


If this is real its the typical standard cheap plastic slab phone...HTC one series FTW...EVO 4g LTE. It could be fake to throw you off from what it might really look like just like they did with the iphone 4S.

It's real, it's just in no way at all the finished SIII, don't worry, those specs are just placebos to get the phone running, only the base factors within the hardware is what's being tested.

The real SIII will be a beast, not a mid range phone like these specs suggest.

They're hardly mid-range specs, they mostly match the One X / EVO LTE, the only way it actually surpasses those (arguably the current benchmark) is if they've truly managed to ramp up production of a quad core A15-based Exynos w/o nobody knowing (thus beating their own predictions by a good 8 months).

In all likelihood it's just Tegra 3 or a similar A9-based quad core design tho. I seriously doubt they've crammed an A15-based quad-core into a phone this early, they weren't expecting them on tablets before the end of the year, much less phones.

A lot of people seem to blab on about quad core this or dual core that w/o realizing the differences in design/SoC tier.

thank you... i will take a duel-core A15 over a quad-core A9 all day. i am starting to think the only reason people want a quad-core processor in their phone is so they can brag about it. functionally it isn't that big of a deal. why isn't it that big of a deal? the S3 processor in my EVO 3D (A8 duel-core) runs this phone very well. i remember when i first got it i was bloooown away with how fast it switched between applications and handled web browsing. The S4 is said to benchmark twice as high as the S3 (from what i have seen so far). I can more than live with that. i dont need to brag to people about what my phone has inside. What can be seen from the outside will speak for itself. Bring on the EVO LTE!... i knew i would still want that phone over the GS3 even b4 i saw that what the GS3 had to offer. Super LCD2, kickstand and camera button alllll the way!

If this is mid-range, what is high-end? An ARM version of Xeon or something plus 8GB of RAM and 1080p screen and 41MP camera?

Dude stfu with this build quality. I don't give a f@ck what this phone is made of as long as it t performs better than the one x and I can guarantee that it will. First to Market quad core tegra 3 and ur getting all wet. Pssh look at tegra 2. Samsung ALWAYS kills HTC in performance. Tell me what phone in htcs line up can even beat the gs2 besides the one x or one s?

Considering Samsung's phones are always released AFTER HTC, then it would make sense. Every phone released after the others SHOULD be better in spec's and performance.

You have no idea, do you? There are absolutely no guarantees that a quad-core Exynos + Mali 400 will best a dual-core Snapdragon S4 + Adreno 225. In fact, I fully expect the HTC One XL (Snapdragon S4) to outperform the Galaxy S3 handily given what we know about their respective architectures. The HTC One X (Tegra 3) is a different story and I expect it to be comparable to the Galaxy S3 given that they use the exact same architecture save for the GPU.

Exynos 4412 is based on the A9 processor and is supposed to be coupled with Mali 400 (the same GPU found in the Galaxy S2); Snapdragon S4 is based on a completely new OOOE architecture with a deeper pipeline and higher IPC, and is coupled with Adreno 225 (comparable in performance to PowerVR's SGX543MP2 found in the iPhone 4S).

The fact that the Galaxy S3 is quad-core is completely irrelevant given the dearth of multithreaded apps available on Android. Even the OS isn't capable of utilizing that many threads at this point, making the push for quad-core processors even more pointless. It's nothing more than an arms race at this point, just like the MHz race before it. Give me Snapdragon S4 or Exynos 5 any day of the week over a quad-core processor.


its samsung somehow they WILL make it better even if its older architecture. there #1 for a reason. i dont know how but somehow they will crush the competition. its F@CKING samsung u cant touch them

Seems like Samsung took a page out of the Automotive industry's playbook as they commonly mask new model designs to keep them from the spying cameras. As much as this is frustrating to us; it's a brilliant move on the part of Samsung. I'm surprised it too so long for one of the companies to do this.

Hahaha Burn . This phone will be all about the design so sammy better bring it . We already have enough specs that the software is still not talking advantage of. Hopfully touch wiz also looks better.

Yeah, I'm kind of glad to see them doing that since it means they may have something beyond the typical plastic case. The in-hand feel/percieved build quality is one aspect of samsung phones I'm not a huge fan of (along with their sometimes wonky GPS... although that seems to have improved recently).

Please don't fall for the whole "higher megapixels equals better pictures" thing because it's not always true. What you want to focus on also on is what is rarely mentioned is the camera's optical sensor.

I really feel like this can't be real. I mean other then a Quad core processor, what is really setting this apart from the other phones that are already out there.

This looks like a Galaxy S2 HD LTE to me.

What's setting this apart? Not much. It's just samsung keeping up.

The rumors about the SGSIII were just out of control to the point of being stupid. 1080p, 12mp, exynos 5 series... none of those were realistic.

Regardless the quad-core should at least bring samsung up to or a bit better then the tegra 3 quad core and the snapdragon S4 dual core from a performance standpoint.

Except it's more than likely just running Tegra 3 inside... Samsung and Texas Instrument were both developing A15-based dual core SoCs for phones and neither was expected to deliver them by mid year (if they managed to deliver in quantity this year at all).

I'd be very shocked if they managed to ramp up production on a new Exynos part w/a new GPU this quickly, I'd be even more impressed if it's got LTE radios integrated.

Even Qualcomm cheated a little with the S4 and just re-used an old GPU that's simply clocked twice as fast, there will eventually be an S4 variant with a next gen 3xx series GPU tho. If Samsung doesn't have a new Exynos up their sleeve they better have an impressive shell to showcase this, otherwise it's mostly matching the One X / EVO LTE spec for spec.

I suppose it's possibly they could use tegra 3 since samsung will use a SOC from just about anyone.

However, I'd expect they would use their own exynos 4412... an A9 based quad core SOC that's roughly equivalent to the tegra 3 (and isn't a radical design upgrade over the exynos chip in the SGSII... outside of the addition of 2 more cores).

The a15 based exynos 5 chips are a good 6 months out or so since it's a new architecture.

The 1080p rumor was not only unrealistic, it was utterly stupid. Nobody needs close to 500dpi (I'm guestimating here) on their phone, and nobody in their right mind would waste money producing it when 720p puts a 4.7" device clearly in the "retina display" zone (hate the term, but it's what everybody knows).

I'm happy with these specs, 4.6in screen good size, not
tooo big, BOTH internal & external expandable memory. Internal for apps, external for music & pictures, battery has so, so capacity, sure would be nice to know if the battery is removable though.
Oh, and NFC, glad to know that's onboard!

According to the pictures posted just after the video, the battery is, indeed, removable.

Can't wait to see what the final design turns out to be, pretty pleased with these specs. At least until someone puts it through a bounty of tests and the like.

lol how are these specs worse than the nexus please explain and also this test unit is from december so anything could have changed from then to now...we know how samsung likes to change things last minute.

I personally need more or should say expected more. 12mp camera i want that, 4.8 inch screen i want that, 2500 mAh battery i want that and must be removable. Seeing it next to my GALAXY NEXUS makes me feel good but i wonder how much better real is as far as real world usage. They should've had at least 1.8 ghz and added more ram. I'm sure LTE and Exynos will work together well Samsung will be the first to actually have a quadcore Lte device on a carrier here in the states instead of dualcore snapdragon s4 that will appear on At&t with the One X Sprint with Evo 4g Lte and Verizon with the Incredible 4g. Meanwhile that design better be real good or it will be GALAXY NOTE2/JOURNAL on Verizon for me i want the bigger screen. Plus i am sure the next NOTE will have the same specs if not better they both will have ICS anyway..

You know there is more to a phone then trowing specs at it. Hints why a certain fruit phone is so successful.

FYI more megapixels =/= better

I'm unimpressed. Isn't much of an upgrade from my Galaxy Nexus. I was hoping for a little more RAM and a bigger battery. Wondering if the screen is still PenTile or if it's Super AMOLED+.

Yes, this is my main interest - is the screen superior to the Nexus. I'm going to assume the camera will outperform it. It'd be hard to choose this over the Nexus if the screen is the same tech.

Also - more than decent REMOVABLE battery and still thin - thank you.

4.6" screen...if true, then the SGS III will not be in my future. I like my SGS II, but even at 4.3" it is almost too big for me.

I don't think you'll see much difference between your sgsII. Your SGSII is 16:10, this will be 16:9, though the screen is bigger that space comes in the height. That extra size is taken up by the menu buttons and requires less space on the phone for those. I haven't gotten the calculator out and compared but I wouldn't be surprised if the actual screen size minus virtual buttons will be smaller on this compared to the sgsII

It will all depend on the bezel size. Although the total area of the Galaxy Nexus screen was comparable to the SGSII 4.3" screen + capacitive buttons, the Galaxy Nexus has a HUGE bezel around the top and bottom of the screen that made the phone way larger anyway. So they didn't really save real estate by using the onscreen buttons.

Alex says Micro Sim support but the photo shows the sim card slot and it looks exactly the same as the old one,.

Cant see where its Micro Sim ?

Check the image of the back of the phone, with microSD card and microSIM slot. The card that's being used is a microSIM, not a full-sized SIM card.

As a Galaxy Nexus owner, it's going to take a significant hardware upgrade and vanilla android to get me to upgrade. I couldn't be happier with the GNex.

Honestly they aren't trying to get people who bought a high end phone within the past six months to upgrade again.

This. All these people saying, "This is just a little bit better than the last phone that came out! Super lames!" Of course the phone is going to be an incremental upgrade! It's an incremental release! If they came out with a new phone only as often as they came out with video game consoles, then you could complain that there wasn't enough improvement since the last generation. Calm down, people. If it runs better than the last one, it's a worthy addition. Stop thinking pure specs like they're not apples and oranges.

Couple of things to consider

1. Look at the bottom left and right of the device, see the tape over the flashers, it's the same that we saw on the brazillian leak, meaning it's definately a dummy unit being sent to multiple connections

2. See those screws on the back of the device, those aren't daisy pins - it's holding a smaller finished display frame in a bigger case - dont' know what that means for final size and heft, but there may be a smaller variant possible (if that's a final display unit - which i kinda doubt, given that it's a dummy unit and those usually have their own displays)

I did not comment on this, I was never here



If these are the specs it needs to have a super amoled hd plus display. Then my guesses will have been correct. I thought they would not have an sd card slot though.

This makes me all the more excited for the new evo. Leaving out the finish i am guessing it will look like the gs2. And the big argument for the new evo is that most people put a case on it so really who cares what it looks like.

Also how is this different from the gs2 that has an hd screen?

Samsung Galaxy S IIS. I don't believe in karma, but if ever there were an excuse for it...

Really, it's a parallel. The 4.6-inch screen is basically 4.3 inches with on-screen controls instead of hardware buttons; we had the same resolution or better in earlier Samsung models. And the only other major improvement is the quad-core processor, which like the iPhone 4S, made a big difference but was consciously ignored by critics trying to minimize the importance of the update. What Apple didn't do in screen size it did with the camera (which is better than the S II's) and graphics.

I'm not saying it won't be a good phone, but what it tells you is to look at the whole picture of a phone to decide if it's a meaningful update, not just to obsess over looks, or whether it's bigger. Big leaps in performance matter.

"Really, it's a parallel. The 4.6-inch screen is basically 4.3 inches with on-screen controls instead of hardware buttons; we had the same resolution or better in earlier Samsung models."

Even if the vertical limit were the only one stretch, it'd still be a 16:9 ratio with a higher resolution that previous smart phones (excluding the EVO LTE - which is on par), so it's an improvement in display - hopefully with a better display even than the Gnex - though, we'll have to wait and see on that

"What Apple didn't do in screen size it did with the camera (which is better than the S II's) and graphics"

I'd argue that - not in tech specs/white paper information - but anecdotally, I can tell you that images produced form my GS2 (sprint variant if that means anything to you) are better than the images produced by my wife's 4 - and she's a MUCH better photographer than I am (I can never get the baby's eyes open dammint...smile..and..open your eyes!)


It's a definite improvement, but a bit of the lustre has been lost now that we have the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, and a number of HTC phones also do 720p. I do hope like you that it's bringing a non-Pentile display.

As for the camera, compare the 4S, not the 4. The 4S is a huge, huge improvement over the 4, and I've shot with both it and the Galaxy S II (and Note). Very sharp, great color accuracy, wide aperture, surprisingly good in tougher lighting conditions. The S II is good, but there's just that much more punch to the 4S.

Having said this, we don't know if it's exactly the same sensor in the i9300 or if it's actually an upgrade at the same resolution. If the latter, then it'll have matched Apple.

I'll wait until the May3rd launch before I make up my mind. You people are freaking out over "maybe" and "possibly" specs from a source you have no idea if you can trust. smh.

Tinhte accurately leaked the iPhone 4. Apart from possible case changes -- and I'm worried a lot of people are making too many assumptions that the case will change -- this is the next Galaxy S phone. It's not a mid-range phone, it's a flagship, and some of the specs are identical to last year's.

The case/tape or whatever it is could be covering capacitive buttons. That would be awesome. Then that big screen wouldn't need to have space designated for the nav buttons. This could just be an early ROM with the onscreen buttons. That's a huge htc advantage here. All the screen is for the screen not buttons.

@ Snoopy Android: +1!!!!!

It's best to be sure about the specs. This is going to be Samsung's flagship smartphone for the next 12 months their going to want to +IMPRESS+

How is this any better? The galaxy note is still the top dog.i figured it would have a better screen 720p. I wonder if vzn gets this now or later.still looks like the rest.

After seeing this my first impression is leaning towards EvoLte. That Touchwiz is so bad I can take it, Sense 4 is SOO much better looking that TW garbage. It senior looks like a senior citizens phone, all colored and oversized icons. Blech. Cant wait for the announce.

To those nitpicking touchwiz. You can d/l a launcher you know! I have Go Launcher EX. Works quite well. Very, very versatile!!!

Meh Meh Meh. A nice upgrade for those with an S2 but pretty underwhelming if you've bought a phone in the past six months. I'm over benchmark queens.

you mean worthy upgrade if you have an original galaxy s . This isn't going to perform any better than a gs2. It may have a better CPU but it's also pushing 720p. The only thing people will notice is the sharper screen.

In theory it's probably not gonna perform much better on daily tasks (unless they shock everyone w/an A15-based quad core rather than an A9-based quad core that just adds cores to the SGS2 design)... Realistically it's gonna have a lot more GPU accel going on out of the box than the SGS2 US models which are all still waiting on ICS AFAIK, so it's gonna feel faster in that sense even w/a higher res panel.

It'll probably have an improved GPU either way, which would only really be noticeable in games and most games are still coded to the lowest common denominator so that's a wash.

A15-based dual core phones can feel faster under certain demanding tasks, but again it's not an earth shattering difference. It's probably just as large a difference as going from the original single-core A9 designs to the dual core SoCs that dominated last year tho (and still live on in some newer phones like the GNex).

In all honestly, I think smartphone SoC design might be on the cusp of plateauing for the average user in the next year or two... Meaning it'll keep advancing but not everyone's gonna be doing things that take advantage of that extra speed or extra cores.
Things like microSD, battery capacity and whether it's removable, build quality/size, camera buttons, NFC, and displays will continue to be big differentiation factors tho, and no one has the perfect mix yet.

Just no innovation. I am an Android fan, yet somehow we have to wait for Apple to drive Android's future.

How is Apple driving anything?

They're behind in adopting more modern UI/software designs (change scares people and they've always striven for simplicity over functionality)... And I don't see anyone imitating their weak double-glass-surface antennagate-riddled design, because it just wasn't very smart to begin with.

Sure it looks pretty, but that's about all it's got going for it, and somehow they get a pass on the HUGE bezel around their puny 3.5" screen when nobody else in the industry's rocking a bezel that large (relatively speaking).

No LTE yet, no size choices (there ARE small Android phones, even if the majority are low-to-mid-range models), no keyboard options, questionable antenna design and a fragile tho sleek shell that's been in use thru two model years now. What am I missing?

They went thin before thin was in I guess? Yay.

Edit: The one worthwhile thing they did push long before anyone else is high res panels (first on the 4, now on the iPad), which is great, but it's also largely mitigated by the tiny 3.5" display so w/e. Android phones are now up to par in that regard, we just need manufacturers to stop focusing on larger models so much.

At 'least HTC debuted a decent 4" alternative alongside the X, even if it's "only" qHD. When they manage to crank out a 720p 4" display that might actually be the ultimate sweet spot... Tho I've gotten might used to 4.3" and 4.7" w/capacitive buttons in roughty the same size looks sweet.

Apple is driving a few things, although you have some points.

1. "Pixel-free" display density, which you mentioned. Took Android makers about a year and a half to catch up.

2. AirPlay. If you haven't used it, you won't realize how much DLNA and UPnP suck. There's generic "look for content on the local network" media sharing like DLNA/UPnP, and then there's being able to push a video on the web browser (or in a third-party app, or...) to your TV in two taps. AirPlay mirroring also means you can show exactly what's on your screen in real time.

3. Camera quality. HTC and Sony are getting there, but the iPhone 4S is the textbook example of how you're supposed to do a smartphone camera. Outstanding color accuracy, sharpness, depth of field, and speed.

4. App ecosystems. Android is technically more capable, but let's face it: developers usually prefer writing for iOS first and give Android the leftovers. Apple was the one who popularized the self-run app store, and it's been much better at encouraging developers to do more as well as making sure users are encouraged to pay for apps they like. Android still has that hobbyist project vibe, and I know a lot of developers that refuse to offer paid apps (or any apps) on Android because it's either too complex to support or they have a fairly logical belief that their app will be overlooked or rampantly pirated.

5. Accessories. The reason that almost all speaker docks, in-car audio systems, and the like are for iOS is because Apple not only thought about it in hardware (the dock connector) but worked it into software. It was incidental with Android, and that Android@Home project is nowhere to be seen after almost a year. The lack of a consistent placement for USB ports has meant that you either get lowest common denominator gear or accessories that are only useful for one phone generation.

And on things like LTE, size choices, and keyboards? Remember, the iPhone makes up more than half of Verizon's smartphone sales, where every 4G Android phone combined represents just a third. If premature LTE deployment, bulky keyboards, and oversized screens mattered to actual, everyday people, you'd see that in the sales numbers.

One of the best statements I've read in a long time. I'm a Android guy, but I'm not gonna pretend like Apple isn't the best to do most if not all great things for a smartphone. They were the first of many and Android is still playing catching up.

My biggest thoughts are Camera and Audio. Apple has always had the best camera, and audio (iTunes) from any smartphone, period. It's taken 2 -3 years for HTC, Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola to catch up, and even still, there are not in Apple territory.

It's funny how Android manu's are trying to get on Apples level yet they don't make phones for there OS.

I love Play Store, but App Store has better (get them first) apps. While we have to wait, but the App Store ecosystem is much better on iOS. Can't deny that.

To be fair, higher pixel density screens have existed before iPhone 4 came out. iPhone - iPhone 3GS were small 480 x 320 displays. HTC and Samsung were making higher 800 x 480 resolutions as early as the iPhone 3G era. And then after 2 1/2 years, iPhone upped the ante with their display. (Because retina display is just a fabricated name) They were playing catch up, too. So, it isn't like they were that ahead in that regards.

Camera, I definitely agree with.

Accessories, definitely, again. Even workout equipment like treadmills, bikes and elliptical machines have iphone jacks.

One thing you forgot is that iPhone is SMOOTH. Comparing an iPhone 4 to a One-X, you can see the smoothness when it comes to screen sensitivity and movement. Compare how well pinch to zoom works on it with a much higher spec phone like the Galaxy S2, which isn't bad, but doesn't measure up. The only OS that is as smooth (possibly smoother) is Windows Phone 7.

Mind you, I love Android but I'd be an idiot to say iOS sucks. It doesn't. It's amazingly uniform and fast. It has a good sense of consistency, which counts for a lot. The only phone that does it better, again, is WP7. However, that being said, the OS look is kind of antiquated. It used to be cool 4 years ago. Now with people doing different things, having a grid of icons lined up in panels is not all that interesting.

1. If Apple is behind, than Google is even further back. ICS takes a couple of components of iOS, like the action bar for example. Apple has always used the top bar function for options or features in there apps since they lacked a menu button. Now Google is doing / told devs to do the same for ICS.

2. There antenna bezel design is patent I believe, that's why nobody has done/copy it yet and they don't fill like paying up to Cupertino. Yes, there screen is small, but in the end, it works for them (due to the crazy pixel count) and it works for all there apps to carry over to new iOS updates/phone, so devs don't get frustrated (like us) who have to worry about various screen sizes when it comes to making our apps compatible for all android devices.

3. No LTE is correct, but it's coming this year. No keyboard options? Plenty in the App Store and Cydia Store. Plus, iPhone has one of the best, if not the best stock on screen keyboards for a smartphone. Antenna gate has passed and been over, design is coin toss, everybody opinion is different, but the design is one of the best for a smartphone, looks highquality and sleek compare to the millions of black, drab grey - plastic covered Androids.

4. Yup, they went thin first, and all Android manu's follow. Sounds familiar, it's a trend. Apple does it, Android follows. It doesn't happen nearly that often in vica versa mode. While every Android manu is playing "lets out size our competition", Apple is keeping it cool with 3.5'. I don't agree with there size, and it will be upgraded this year, but I like the fact all stuck to there guns for all these years, it really helps devs and the progress of iOS apps.

I'm an Android guy and dev, but I'm not gonna pretend like Apple sucks, or is weak, or they haven't done any significant in the smartphone game. They're the best and it with reason, and hold some pretty damn impressive merits. Apple doesn't wait for Android to make a move, Android waits for Apple. All smartphone manu's WAIT for Apple. Watch Apple closely, it's not the other way around.

Apple has changed the game, period. Android is STILL playing catching up. The iOS ecosystem is the best and one of the reason why Apple still is in reign and can sell a 57343143 trillion billion iPhones in a weekend.

That's fucking nuts.

1. I personally prefer the menu button, to be honest. It just worked everything all with one button.. now it can be in one position in one app... another in a different app.. and so on. But whatever. Just my ipinion.

2. Screen size is important now. And while the current model is fine, most people would be a damn liar if they said they don't want it at least a little bit bigger. Android upped the ante there in a big way.

3. WP7 has the best stock keyboard, IMO. And Android's Swift Key X is probably the best third party keyboard of all time. You could literally rewrite an entire essay by re-clicking the keys. Btw.. no JB/Cydia argument, please. That is for losers who are basically admitting "We don't like what iOS is giving us, so we're taking things into our own hands, even though it's clearly against what Apple wants." Thankfully, Android doesn't have that limitation.

4. iOS has the luxury of milking out every update as far apart as they can. You can't deny that iOS introduces existing capabilities way later on down the line. How long did it take iOS to get wallpapers? A decent notification system? Copy and paste? Video camera? See where I'm going here? Android, OTOH, had all of that right from the go. So, they don't need to "play catch up" : It's already there.

I think Apple WAS definitely ahead of its time 4.5 years ago. Now it's just another player in the ongoing show that is the smartphone market. Android does what Apple doesn't by giving users power over their OS. And bigger screens/better hardware. WP7 gives users the absolute best in social networking, map and search features and a truly original UI. What is Apple doing now again? None of those. So, while Apple is a strong player today, it is NOT the best by any stretch of the imagination unless it's what you're specifically what you're looking for (same could be said to all). And it certainly isn't a leading example everyone is following. The fact that iOS5 is basically Apple becoming more like Android with it's notification system should be indicative of the fact that platforms borrow from other platforms.

Btw, iOS has Final Fantasy Tactics. When Android gets that, we can talk about Android having a comparable app store. Right now, though? No contest.

I think you answered your own question mate .. announce it ages ago with no hype built up over potentially small changes? Wouldn't sell as as well

I wonder how long it will take from "show phone" to prime time product? In any event, it looks like the phone for me. Coming from a DroidX, the specs look AMAZING! Can't wait till my upgrade in September :-)

OMG I know... Why is Apple the only company that seems to be able to announce a product and release it a week later? I'd even be happy with a two or three week wait. But just look at the new EVO. They announce it and then we have to wait months to get it. It doesn't make sense.

This phone...looks really really boring. If this is it then im totally not looking forward to it. Under the hood is pretty good though. I did expect a much bigger battery.

Ahhh the design, the thing that people seem to over look when it comes to the Evo 4G LTE, but it's one of the most important aspects of the phone.

I hope its up there with the One X but in a slim shell. Offer it in white and that soft blue and ill join #teamsamsung.

When you say "people seem to over look [sic] when it comes to the Evo 4G LTE" do you mean people are ignoring the design because of the specs?

If so:

I don't understand what's wrong with the design. I love the evo kickstand, and I also like the metal body that provides more stability than a polycarbonate shell. Polycarbonate may resist cracks better than plastic, but a shell that can't prevent torque does very little to protect the innards of the phone.


I apologize for misunderstanding you. Would you clarify?

Guys, take a deep breath and forget about the rumored specs listed here. This is a PROTOTYPE, and it may not be indicitive of the final product! Until SAMSUNG themselves say what is going to be in the phone, DON'T PANIC! The announcement is only a week and a half away! PATIENCE!

I need Quad Core!!!!!!!!! I have Facebooking, tweeting, talking, texting, playing a game all at the same time on one tiny screen hooked up to dual monitors! Not to mention i need to edit videos and all those other processor intense apps!!!! Dual core cant do this and i don't own a laptop!!!!

You cant expect more than an incremental upgrade of the GS2. Samsung updated the three things they needed to; screen, processor and battery. The GS2 was such a beast anyway, how much better can you get? The GS2 is still the best (Second if you love the X) Android phone available today. We are quickly getting to hardware top off, meaning that any upgrade will be incremental. I was just in Korea yesterday and at the airport I was looking at the GS2 HD. That hardware is georgous. If the GS3 is similar to that I will be smitten for sure. Still, going to be tough to be an early adopter of the GS3. I will probably hold off until all the ROM modders move over. I dont think I can give up my Wanamlite ICS.


It's DEAD easy to say "that's not very impressive..." but I think it's better to put this in a more relevant way...

So let me say this...

I'm in the UK, with T-Mobile UK, and my Contract Renewal passed on 14th April. That means I could upgrade to a new handset six days ago.

And being on a high price-point monthly tariff, I could have the HTC One X in White or Black, for free, on either my current tariff, or by converting to the new truly ALL inclusive Full Monty 41 at £41 a month.

And I did not rush out and do so, specifically because I knew the Galaxy S3 was "coming".

So all I will say is this, but I say it in complete sincerity...

IF, and indeed, people rightly say, for now, it is just an "if", these ARE the true specs or near enough, of the impending Galaxy S3, then not only will I be hugely underwhelmed, but more importantly, and harking back to the relevance I mentioned right at the start, I will be giving SERIOUS consideration and likelihood to opting for the HTC One X anyway.

Like I say, "let's wait and see..." is prudent (though its not like me to hang on to an upgrade I can have right now like this).

But if that IS the Galaxy S3 specs, then looks like I'm going back to an HTC Device.

Finally, for those saying these specs are no mid-budget phone...

Nope, sure they aren't. BUT, they are nothing to specially distinguish itself from the now current King, the HTC One X, which IS what Samsung needed to do, and moreover, for those of us already owning an S2 running the new ICS, is this anywhere near a significant enough spec increase, to make us go out and buy it..?

Remember, the SIM free cost for this will be extremely high, or to do it on Contract like many will, £41 x 24 months, amounts to £984 over the two year life period of the contract.

So for those defending these specs as being "High Tier"...

1) Are they sufficiently high spec to blow the newly crowned King (HTC One X) out of the water, as the S2 did with the competition on it's launch... Nope. No chance.

2) Are they sufficiently high enough, to warrant a new (expensive purchase) for those already with an S2

3) Do they amount to £984 worth of added spec over current S2's, given this will be the UK Network ownership cost for lots of people wanting it with no upfront cost. And again, nope. Not.

The camera is unchanged in spec from the current S2 (albeit, it might be the new low power BSI Sensor developed in house by Samsung, though nothing here alludes to that. In any event, we REALLY expected a 12Mp upgrade here).

The Screen, per those stats, is Pentile Matrix (no Super Amoled Plus mentioned). If it really is Pentile Matrix 720p, akin to the Galaxy Note, then that alone is MORE than enough for me to get the HTC ONE X, and I'm sure LOADS of others will be sorely disappointed learning that (The Screen Technologies Thread on this very site, and the close up of screen images using the various technologies, is more than enough to settle that debate. The HTC One X Google Chrome logo has lovely pure smooth colour patches in the logo, whereas for Pentile, it's as pixel apparent as it gets -grrrrr). Indeed if it is Pentile Matrix, then technically, given the missing pixels, the pixel density is NOT 320 per inch at all, as stated, and the 312px density of the HTC One X with it's Super IPS LCD2 screen is much higher spec!

The Processor doesn't even compete with the 1.5 GHz Quad Core of the HTC One, let alone blow it away! Grrrrr

The RAM is unchanged. Not that that's a deal breaker or anything, but it could have been upped anyhow.

16GB means its exactly the same as my S2 - what happened to it being 32? Again, no upgrade at all there for me...

No. I TRULY TRULY TRULY do hope all those Specs are pure poppycock.

As if they are not, I'm sorely sorely disappointed, hugely underwhelmed, and off to HTC for my next phone, it would seem.

...But let's just wait, and see, and above all, PREY.

In the photos of the back of the phone you can see the curvature of frame. You can also tell its color is blue which is consistent with the 'two color option' we've heard about. This is likely the real deal.

Again, THIS device was put together last december.
Must be an early test unit.

NO WAY we should believe all specs are same in final design.

Meh I kind of feel like i'm past the point where I'm beginning to care about the CPU & GPU the more and more I read about it all.
The apps aren't there bushing the boundaries yet so whats to even utilise all this new power? Yeah A15 will save battery life and perform tasks faster & efficiently but if its already fast enough to be smooth then who cares what extra power you have?
Give me a smooth ICS experience, a nice screen, good battery life, good radio and is aesthetically good looking and i'll be happy to use its meant to be, a phone.