ZOMG!! Is this the Samsung Galaxy S III???

Who knows. But at the very least it looks a bit more legitimate than the past few alleged images to have emerged online. The screen capture above appeared on Reddit this morning with little in the way of supporting information. However based on the dates and locations shown in the render, there's already rampant speculation that the Galaxy S III will be unveiled in London on May 22, tying into the build-up to the Summer Olympics (of which Sammy is a big sponsor). No doubt it's possible, but it's still a bit of a stretch based on one image of questionable veracity.

If it is accurate, though, we could be looking at a phone with the usual physical/capacitive button setup, a 16:9 display, ICS, TouchWiz and a physical camera button -- none of which is particularly surprising. The presence of a metallic trim similar to that of the Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy Note 10.1 is interesting to note, too. If nothing else, there's way less wrong with this image than other purported Galaxy S III pics. Though that doesn't necessarily mean it's legit.

The logo you see in the bottom right belongs to Weber Shandwick Worldwide, a large global PR firm. Samsung uses a whole bunch of PR agencies around the world, so it's entirely possible these guys are involved with promoting a future Samsung device. It's also entirely unconfirmed.

We're sure to hear more about Samsung's next big thing as the Summer approaches, so keep it locked to AC for all the latest.

Source: Reddit; thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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'Samsung Galaxy S III' pictured, May 22 London unveiling rumored


looks ok to me.... but who knows.
you don't have to be like that to Alex though.
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oh come on - it was meant in good fun. i always see "Doobie" when i see his name. do the kids even call them "Doobies" anymore? i'm a Gen-Xer. that's what we called them back in the day. i didn't partake. i stuck with beer instead.

How do you just know its fake!? I'm looking at this pic on my white epic touch and it almost looks like a picture in a picture! I also have a tab 10.1 and the silver edge looks really cool I think. This could easily be the real deal.

>I'm looking at this pic on my white epic touch and it almost looks like a picture in a picture!

there's your clue. ever hear of Photoshop?

This is the same old low def Galaxy S II with a silver trim and the same old 4.3" screen.

The Galaxy S II HD came out last year with a 4.65" HD screen. Would their new flagship be such a let down?

Look at the giant Galaxy S I button. This is a 2.3 device at best. It is not designed for ICS.

My guess is that someone did this to try to discredit Samsung.

That's why when Sprint US Version comes out(If they that there time with the Nexus Release) I'll root it to death.

Few things to note here:

First, Weber Shandwick is a reputed PR firm. They have worked for Samsung in past (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weber_Shandwick). From what I read, they represent Samsung in Germany.

The date -- 22nd May is around the same time when the torch relay will be held. I think it starts on May 20. Samsung is the major sponsor for this Olympics. Perfect time for Samsung to gain attention of the world!

The photo looks like to have been taken from a screen/monitor. It shows those usual jaded lines.

There is some area in top-right where the "photo" seems to show black background. It's as if whoever took the photo covered more area and then deleted rest of the photo. This shows (http://i.imgur.com/6QpN4.jpg) dual speakers. If it's fake, somebody went through a lot of pain to actually do this.

Normally all fakes are made too elegantly or just too good to be true. This on other hand looks "different".

EDIT: http://img36.imageshack.us/img36/2455/editedmn.jpg

Something a bit inconsistent to me are the date and time formats...

In the UK we usually use a 24 hour clock. This says am and pm after the times.

If the Event is at 7pm in the US then that could be between 22:00 and 00:00 here in the UK depending on 7pm being eastern or western time.

That's pretty late!

EDIT: but the temp in C means its more likely to be the UK as don't you guys in the US still use farenheit?

If this phone has a front speaker on the bottom - that would be huge for me. I never understood why the speakers are always on the back - aside from the look, it seems strange to watch a movie and have the sound directed away from you.

IF it's real it looks better then anything else I've seen... but as it's been said many times:

Until it's officially announced, it doesn't exist.

Until it's "Official" or I see a hands-on vid, I won't hold my breath.

Here's a though! A good PR firm is going to generate buzz about a product before its launch. With a product like the GS3, what would generate more buzz about a product than having the die hard community arguing over it?

You may consider that Samsung or their PR firm is "leaking" these images to build awareness of the new device and create a buzz around it. They would certainly get many more sales if there was a buzz about a phone that people are waiting 6 months to own.

And it appears that whether the leaks / renders are part of a plan or not, it is definitely creating quite a buzz and conversation in the Android community!

If I was going to 'create' this thing in photoshop I'd use a screen of the note (5 across), button and look of S II and the bezel of the tablets....

Does anybody else thinks its very iPod Touch-ish
if its fake someone went through allot of trouble to make such a cool design

If its real, kudos to Samsung, sexy

That is definitely fake. The side profile shows a two-tone design with the front half being white and the back half being a darker shade. The angled-front profile shows the front area being white and being surrounded by a darker shade of bezel which presumably stretches all the way around to the back. Not to mention the button configurations aren't consistent.

So either they are showing two different versions of a GSIII or it's another stupid render.

That's a great point...the guy further up that posted close-ups shows that the white part is inset down beneath the metal bezel on the front of the render, yet the white very clearly protrudes significantly from the metal bezel on the side render. As before, definitely looking fake...although they are at least getting harder to spot!

The dark half is the front side. See the camera bump on the back (white) side? All you can see of the front side is the trim.

button configs aren't consistent?
what do you mean. you talking about the power and volume?
volume rocker on the GNex is that low too.

Everyone seems to be forgetting the Galaxy Tab 10.1N redesign for the German market, which lends its credence to this render making it more probable than possible...It is a perfect miniature 10.1N replica which would avoid any Apple patent suits for the international markets. I can't wait!!!

So not even Samsung is going to go in the way of soft keys? I guess it'll just be a Nexus phenomena. Although I thought I remember another OEM making a phone with on screen soft keys. Can anyone remember what it is?

Oh, and Samsung will never ditch Touchwiz. It gives them brand recognition, so they want to be consistent with the UI. However, hopefully they integrate at least most of the holo UI elements

I think all these nonsense we have been having about the S3 of late is bullshit. For one, though the image above itself is a massive fake. Look at the side profile view, and compare with the front view. The front shows that the metal bezel protrudes from over the phone to the front. Yet the side profile shows that the metal bazel/back meets the front at the half-thickness of the phone.

Also, I don't for one moment believe the S3 will carry a 8MP camera. The "sample shot' we saw just a few days back is too blurry and low quality for it to be in the S3. S3 is gonna sport a 10-13 MP camera I believe.

And also I think it will meld together the design of the G.Nexus (contoured back) and S2. Surely the metallish bezel will not be there!

If it's real, then goodbye iPhone, and hello numerous lawsuites from Apple for Home button.
I like how it looks :)

Yeah, this is ridic samsung. One home button? On my 5th android phone but damn Samsung, you don't need to follow into Apples design.

I don't really care what it looks like as it's very unlikely its going to look rubbish regardless of all these leaks and fakes. I care about what specs it'll have, as I want to know if it's worth ignoring the One X now I am due an upgrade!

I like it! Also the timing of May 22 is good for me. That may make it available in the USA by June or July and my current contract expires in August. I would change providers to get this one, if the specs are good. I want one with high resolution screen, at least the current 8MP camera but higher would be better, and Gorilla Glass II. Of course, at least ICS but it would be a crime to introduce it with less. I currently have the original Samsung Epic 4G. To have real 4G available (or LTE) is a must also. That is a serious issue I'm having with Sprint service, now. I bought the Epic because I was told 4G would be available in my Dayton OH area, SOON. Now it is NEVER.
I am not currently happy with Sprint but they could make it good for me with some better phones and actual high speed service.

I also like the specs of the HTC One X and would switch to that except only AT&T seems to be planning to offer it. I will NOT switch to AT&T. T-Mobile maybe, but not AT&T.

It's two different phones. The one on the left shows an all white front at the bottom while the one on the right has chrome at the bottom.

It's fake. That or Samsung's marketing company use the wrong photos.

If its quad core, has an 8 Mega pixels or above camera, has an SD card slot, has NFC chip, and removable battery, then I'd consider getting it. Anything less and I'll get the HTC One X.