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Whatdaya get when you slap TouchWiz on top of Ice Cream Sandwich on an original Samsung Galaxy S II? Something that looks very much like TouchWiz on top of Ice Cream Sandwich on an Original Galaxy S II. The enterprising folks at SamMobile managed to score themslves an early Android 4.0 ICS build for the I-9100 (that's the original international version of the GSII). And just like with thie jump from Froyo to Gingerbread, we're not seeing any huge differences in UI. After all, it's TouchWiz On Top™.

Where you do see a little bit of a dfference is in menus, of course, as well as with features like Face Unlock. Check out the video for the whole thing, and hit the source link if you're up for some experimental flashing.

Source: SamMobile; thanks, Romeo!


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Samsung Galaxy S II (I-9100) Ice Cream Sandwich ROM leaks out


Amen... i hope HTC's ICS build for this phone helps with how buggy it can be. it goes through spurts of being slow, unresponsive and carrying out tasks that i didn't tell it too. it is an awesome phone, don't get me wrong, it definitely needs some work though. i am not the only one with these problems, am i?

No, my girlfriend's Evo3D constantly freezes. I've done a software restore multiple times but after about 2 weeks it starts doing it again. It really needs better optimized software. Hasn't has any kind of software upgrade in months. Was thinking about just selling it and getting a GSII.

What is needed is for manufacturers to LOOK WITH NEW EYES at Android and realize that ICS (4.0) has most of the extra stuff that their bloated/buggy Touchwiz/Motoblur/Sense stuff does. So there should be no NEED anymore to butcher up the stock Android so much.

It would mean much faster release times, a more consistent look and feel across all devices, easier support, and lower costs. EVERYONE would win.

If they want to personalize it for their company's look and feel, then just release a preinstalled but CHANGEABLE theme for 4.0- with branded logos, wall paper, maybe even icons. And preinstall some REMOVABLE bundled apps. It really isn't that difficult.

I guess I can keep dreaming.

Definitely not a fan of the look of TouchWiz as it appears to be a little too childish(?) with the bright colors and balloon lettered font. It's amazing how they can bury Ice Cream Sandwich under the custom UI. If you didn't know what to look for, you'd never guess it was underneath there.

remember this is really early build and we wont see the true implementation of touchwiz with ics until touchwiz 5 is released and we aint going to see that until the gs3 is released.

Early build or not, they took everything about ICS that I love to look at, and chocked it full of TouchWiz, TouchWiz5 or not, I could care less, they need to maintain more vanilla aspects since Android actually looks really really good now.

TouchWiz has never impressed me, in fact it's never been more than an annoyance and it was the main reason I hated my Fascinate.

I agree. Just can't seem to get excited about this. I was hoping Touchwiz would at least look a little more like ICS. I know its a leaked early build, but still.... doesn't give me that excitement of getting something new that I usually get with a version update of Android..that Nexus S is looking sweeter everyday....still love my GSII right now tho,,,,

The OEMs "have to" shove their overlays on top of the OS, at least in their minds, because they think it gives them a differentiation and competitive edge. Some would argue that HTC Sense helps them sell more phones than the others' overlays do.

What's the big deal anyways? Get ADW or Launcher Pro from the Market and get rid of that touchwiz look and feel. Doesn't the latest ADW have an ICS look/feel about it now anyways? (I use LP). If not, someone will come up with something that does sooner than later.

It has nothing to do so much with look and feel, while I personally think it's hideous and tacky, TouchWiz and Sense are both guilty of playing the incompatibility game. So many apps are unusable on an HTC Sense ROM or a TouchWiz ROM because of changes behind the scenes, in the frameworks. Sense is good, I enjoyed it for a while after getting the original DINC, but soon became annoyed with the bluetooth incompatibilities and such.

The big deal is that while a custom launcher changes the look and feel up front, it's like putting lipstick on a pig. I want to see OEMs attack ICS much more like they do with Honeycomb than Gingerbread. I want to see stock elements, with slight variations in the UI. Basically a package of widgets and applications unique to an HTC or a Samsung phone to give it their own touch of functionality and style, without completely ruining what Android is in it's purest, and best form.

This is exactly how I feel. There is nothing that any manufacturer skin offers that I can't find an app on the Market to do if I want it.

I wish the manufacturers would just put their skins on the Market as an optional download. Make Sense free if you have a HTC device, but available as a paid app/widget package if you have a phone by any other manufacturer. Same thing with Motoblur, Touchwiz, etc.

Or they can preinstall it if they want since the majority of users don't care about a pure Android experience & might like what it offers, but at least make it able to be uninstalled for those of us who don't want it on there hogging resources.

i dont mind tw that much but they didnt show 2 features i use on my vibrant running ics. Creating folders on your homescreen and swiping away notifications in the notification bar.

I agree. I'm running ICS on my old Desire and if those two features are removed when the S2 gets updated, I'm looking for a vanilla ROM or putting my S2 up for sale.

What did they do to my beautiful ICS. Goddamit, I wish there was an option to turn off the custom skins.

I think we would be kidding ourselves if we believed that manufacturers won't include the only thing that differentiates between them and the competition. Would be nice if they give us a choice but they won't so I'm glad my Sensation is rooted!

They can do that with themes and some preinstalled apps. It doesn't have to be something that corrupts and digs deep into Android. ICS 4.0 has most of the features of Touchwiz/Motoblur/Sense now, so we don't need or want that crud anymore!

I think we would be kidding ourselves if we believed that manufacturers won't include the only thing that differentiates between them and the competition. Would be nice if they give us a choice but they won't so I'm glad my Sensation is rooted!

Well congrats Samsung you've managed to completely slaughter the look of Android once again. You should really just stick to making HARDWARE and leave the software part to the people who know what a good UI looks like (Google).

Well that rules out Touch Wiz for me! Never been a fan. As far as skins, I'm a Sense guy. I know everyone hates it and downs it but it's always done well for me. The Rezound is awesome! Now I'm getting the Nexus, no doubt there! I expect a lot more from HTC than this poor rendition from Samsung. Sorry...

There are a lot of Sense fans, including me. I've got Sense 3.0 on my Thunderbolt with the BAMF rom I'm running, and it's the only phone of the seven I have (yeah, seven, sheesh) whose overlay I haven't hidden by installing Launcher Pro. Pretty slick. My Nexus S has ICS and while I haven't put a 3rd party launcher on it yet, I don't see what's so special about the ICS UI to make everyone so enamored of it.

Quit crying. You know someone is gonna port the ICS launcher just like they did with Gingerbread.

im just happy i see ICS on a GSII. Touchwiz was ok on Gingerbread. Let's face it...Gingerbread was ugly compared to ICS. But with ICS, Touchwiz is just offensive. I'm sure the developer will fix this one way or another. Also, I wished he showed us more of the new ICS widget on this video.

Happy to see ICS on the GSII, even if it is only the early stages.

Touchwiz definitely does take away from the ICS visual appeal. I'm sure that final versions of the release will be a lot different than this early one though.

Worst case you can always flash a custom rom without the touchwiz UI.

No ICS App & Widget draw?
No Settings option with the notification bar?
No ICS Keyboard? and I bet there's no option to choose it

some time later

...When will the elementary school use of colours come to an end. I'm fine with Nintendo doing it but not on my phone.

Now my options are to custom launcher the touch wiz away or to root my phone and go for cyanogen 9.

Hopefully this is just an early test and they will come back at us with something adults want to use.

Good catch, widget toggle in apps drawer and settings in notification bar, 2 other things i also use that are definately not there

The sprint SGS2 has the ability to use a "stock laucher" so I would imagine that to be the same case when it gets updated to ICS.

I'm not much a fan of the UI's but honestly you have to think beyond being an Android geek. 90% (made up statistics) of customers would be super pissed if their ui got changed without it being their choice so I won't be surprised in the least when my Epic touch gets updated to ICS and the ui has a familiar touch wiz feel to it.

lol how does this look EVEN MORE like ios...its the same touchwiz that was on gingerbread...also clearly samsung are doing something right with touchwiz,otherwiise there galaxy devices would not be doing so great..personally dont think this is how its going to look in the final build...remember people if you dont like skins then buy a nexus device,its why the nexus device exist for peple like you who do not want skins

They still use the worst dialer and message app I have ever seen.
If i could replace messenger and dialer with default apps I would be happier but TouchWiz has made me dislike Samsung phones.

I replaced my launcher withing minutes of experiencing the horror of the TouchWiz launcher.

The default messenger kind of blows too. Anyway, there are several in the market that are better, Handcent and GO among the top. Once catch, you have to replace your launcher to effectively use a replacement SMS app, becuase the idiots hard coded the message icon to the TW app instead of invoking the current set as default messenger, and they don't let you replace dock shortcuts. I don't mind the dialer, it has some nice features once you get used to it.

you can replace dock icons..go to app drawer press menu click edit and drag the app on top of the dock app you want to replace...annyoying when people say tw cant do something when it obviously can.

Seriously why are people complaining about TW on ICS? If you want the full ICS experience GO BUY A NEXUS or run CM9!

This is how the OEM's differentiate from each other by creating a customized UI. Can't be that bad since the entire Galaxy S and S II lines sell like hot cakes at a fat camp.

That's very true but if we expect less we will be given less.

I'm often a custard short of a pudding/dessert but I believe the power of our community has a lot more sway than we assume it has.

Dare to dream :)

Except that

1) CM 9 does not exist yet
2) When it does, it will not support all phones
3) And it will not support all hardware on those phones which it does run
4) You void your warranty
5) You will have no support
6) It can go horribly wrong and brick your phone

Look, rooting/ROM'ing is fine for some people, but it is not a panacea. There is no NEED for companies like Samsung, Motorola, and HTC to hack up Android anymore. ICS 4.0 gives most of that functionality missing from 2.X. They can simply preload some themes and apps and be done with it!

Solution is simple for those that want ICS pure, BUY A NEXUS and stop complaining about the OEM's UI's. You may get them to change a tweak here or there but the OEM's are not going to drop their custom UI.

Personally I enjoy the variety of the UI's. If I wanted one stock look I would go to iOS and be like the rest of the sheep.

Yeah it takes away from anything new ICS brings to the table, but this is probably an early build considering it's basically just the latest TouchWiz slapped on top. I'm not too worried about it though since I don't have an S II and would rather wait for a vanilla ICS phone to hit. Either that or wait for something to get hacked for a close to perfect device for me.

This is still a very early build.

Don't forget how easy it is to get a stock homescreen on a Samsung phone if you prefer that...

I wonder if the ICS launcher is installed on there too...and if you could just clear defaults and choose the ICS launcher instead of the TW launcher......thats my hope. No that doesn't fix all of the TW infestation but most.

It's not the end of the world, but I guess I was expecting something a little more like the look of ICS. I fail to remember an update to Android, doesnt necessarily mean an update to the manufacturers UI.