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It's long been rumored that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 would be headed to US Cellular. And now, thanks to USCC's ESN system, it looks like the Galaxy S II is headed that way as well. Neither device has been officially announced by the regional carrier. But given the depth of its current roster of Android smartphones and tablets, it's probably just a matter of time.

Thanks, anon!

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veteranmina says:

Sweetness finally something shows up

Wokisan says:

I don't have US Cellular anymore but at my work everyone else does and my boss has been going on and on about getting the GS2 for about a month now. I've never seen him so psyched about a phone. Our US Cellular account rep told him to hold off replacing his current phone (cracked his screen) until January because that is when they would be getting the S2. Can't wait, he's been all over my Galaxy Nexus asking questions about

veteranmina says:

Funny thing about ICS is that my Samsung Mesmerize has ICS already before the GN came out (rooted).. runs pretty smooth besides a few things.

barmace says:

I am so happy that I could cry. What am I talking about I am crying...:) Lets hope we get it soon

BBtech3632 says:

It will be here in March/April. Trust me :)

Glad to see USCC getting more top-shelf Android devices.And USCC is pretty hands-off when it comes to adding bloat.Just compare Verizon's Fascinate to USCC's Mesmerize.

MediaFeener says:

f---in finally..that's all I can say

SteveIowa says:

Thank you Phil! This bit of news, makes waiting so much easier. I called a few stores to see if it was available to order yet (knowing it wasn't, just testing/confirming) Once I got a Rep to look it up. The first words out of her mouth was: "Oh Wow!" Praying it turns out to be the Sprint Spec'ed version. Here's to A Wonderful 2012!

As a proud Mesmerize owner, this is great news! My question is, will it be LTE?

yoe-yoe says:

Six lines up is the R930. Anyone know what that one is?

SteveIowa says:

The R930 could be a 'Droid Charge' like phone. With a slide out keyboard I believe? Single core processor. Old tech. Which has been on USCC's inventory sheet since Before the Repp. So I think this was the earlier phone they were testing, to put on the LTE network. It must have finally passed?