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It's been a little while now since we first heard all about the additional colors the Samsung Galaxy S3 was to become available in. Indeed, some of those colors we saw first hand at IFA 2012 in Berlin, but news of their availability globally has been a little thin on the ground. News from Verizon today is that the black and brown versions of Samsung's hit handset will be coming soon to Big Red. 

A sign up page over on the Verizon website is live now, and while there's a distinct lack of pricing information, it would be hard to see a color change warrant a change in price. If you've been holding out for either of these, be sure to keep an eye out for release information that will no doubts follow soon. 

Source: Verizon


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Samsung Galaxy S3 soon available in black and brown on Verizon


I would definitely be interested in a black GS3 if the rumors of a similar spec'd SGS3 Mini don't pan out or it doesn't come to VZW.

At first I was like, "Who would want a brown phone?". Then I remember that the first Android phone I had was a brown G1.