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Back at IFA 2012 in Berlin, we went hands on for the first time with the Samsung Galaxy S 3 LTE. OK, so it's a Galaxy S 3, and it has LTE, nothing too extraordinary. However, what we did find on that demo unit was a fully loaded, fully working build of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. We'd seen leaked builds -- and gone hands on of course -- but Berlin was the first time we'd seen it out in the wild. 

Now, over in Singapore, Samsung is preparing to launch the Galaxy S 3 LTE from the end of September. Good news for them, but better news for everyone else is that the LTE S 3 will come out of the box running Jelly Bean. Which, is extra good news for potential buyers of the British LTE version on EE -- which it seems will come in the lovely shade of Titanium Grey -- as it further shores up talk of the device having Jelly Bean at launch in the UK. 

The Singapore S 3 LTE will be the quad-core Exynos based version, complete with 2GB of RAM. This is of course different to the US version which packs a dual-core Snapdragon S4 under the hood. 

Oh, and do you have room for some more potential good news? Seems Samsung Singapore also announced the Jelly Bean update for the non-LTE version in October. It isn't surprising though, we know it's pretty much ready for release, we're just waiting on Samsung to flip the switch. 

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Samsung Galaxy S 3 LTE heading to Singapore, packs Jelly Bean out of the box


the EU LTE version, the i9305 offers support for LTE on 2600/1800/850/800 MHz (so far known as Samsung is yet to release the full specs)
AT&T uses Band 17 (700MHz) and AWS (1,700/2,100 MHz)

so far no AT&T freq. are included

That's ok. As of this weekend, my Verizon LTE S3 is also running Jelly Bean :-)
Rather well, I might add.

That's a release done right. I suspect the US versions will see updates some time in October, the latest by November. Although, I'm not counting on Verizon.

I would import this regardless of if it could run AT&T's LTE bands. I just want the Exynos Quad core AND the 2 gb ram..

In the meantime, things are messy if you use both Hangouts and Google Voicemail. Ever since Hangouts, whenever I receive a call on my mobile and I do not answer, it fist rings on my Hangouts desktop for 4 rings, and only then it rings 4 more times on Google Voice voicemail.. In some cases it takes 9 rings before it gets picked up by voicemail.. Why would it ring on my desktop????
Logging off fixes the problem of ringing on my desktop, but it still take 9 rings to go to voicemail..