The colors! There's a Samsung event on for June 12th (that's next week!) in New York City, with the promise of "tab into color." Reading between the lines that can only mean one thing to us: Samsung's finally going to unveil their long-awaited Galaxy Tab S range of tablet with AMOLED displays.

And now there's a preview video that's, well, a spinning tablet seen edge-on with lots of color. As one would expect from a saturation-happy AMOLED screen. Oh, and there's a look at a black slab tablet from the front, but it's all dark and mysterious like on the colorful background.

Tune back in next Thursday, when we'll be live in Madison Square Garden to see the latest from Samsung.

Source: Samsung (YouTube)


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Had a friend ask me about the Galaxy Tab 4. I get so lost in all the Tab Samsung makes. I was confusing it with the Note but got it corrected to her

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What bezels? You can barely see the tab, and what you can see looks to have the same tiny bezels that are on all tabs these days.

I like the "saturation happy" AMOLED screens. You can always turn saturation down, if you don't like it, but you can't turn it up beyond it's limits.

We all know they'll all have the same specs as last gen, which had also had the previous' gen specs, which in turn had the specs of the first gen... In all honesty all they ever change is the numbering.
In any case, I'm still waiting for a 1080p or 2k G Note 8.0.