Galaxy NX

Android-powered 4G LTE mirrorless camera retails for £1,299

Around a month after we first got wind of the Samsung Galaxy NX's UK pricing, the Android-powered mirrorless camera is now available to purchase in the UK. Brits can pick up the Galaxy NX from outlets including Jessops, PC World and Currys, where it's available with an 18-55mm OIS kit lens for a whopping £1,299 ($2,033). Of course, the Galaxy NX is no ordinary interchangeable-lens camera -- it's also packing 4G LTE connectivity, a 4.8-inch HD display and a software suite including Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and Samsung's TouchWiz UI.

If you want a professional-class Android-powered camera, this is where it's at for the moment -- but it's not going to come cheap.

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Source: Currys, Jessops; via: TNW


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Samsung Galaxy NX now available in the UK


Like Samsung's build and image quality, but why not tether a WiFi camera to your LTE phone? And lack of articulating display removes one of the most useful features. The Panasonic GX7 will kill this being it costs less and does more.

>"If you want a professional-class Android-powered camera, this is where it's at for the moment"

I wouldn't call that thing "professional" class. It is not at all in the same category as a full-frame Sony Alpha 99, Canon 5/6, or Nikon FX

Exactly, and you can get some of those for the same price or less than the GNX.

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I'll stick to my Sony alpha usbotg connected to my OneX and Asus fonepad

Asus Fonepad and Android Central App

For that kind of money, you can get a nice entry level Canon or Nikon DSLR, with an external, pro-quality flash, and a pro-quality Tamron or Sigma lens. OK, so you won't be able to instantly post your pics to Facebook right from the camera, but you'd have a rig good enough to do pro-quality work. If you tell me you have to have an android phone rigged to a camera to be able to do instant photo-editing, then you are not looking for "pro-quality" as no professional (or even any decent hobbyist) is going to be doing their editing in any current android app as opposed to using photoshop, or some other PC (or Mac) based tool.

Now, if you told me this would be in the $500ish range, to compete with a basic Canon Rebel series DSLR with the stock lens, I might be willing to compare.